Dec 27, 2010

Glee Quote of the Week

"I guess my plan kind of sucked."
"No, this is good. No more secrets. Everything is out threre, all the feelings... And that's better, right?"
"Yes... Better."
"Good. Okay, let's work on your ballad. So what is it?"
"I honestly love you."

Kurt Hummel and Finn Hudson / Ballad

Dec 22, 2010

We need a little Christmas...

And this is where we get it from! (This music goes very well with gift-wrapping.)

Dec 21, 2010

2x10 A Very Glee Christmas / 'nuff said

 This episode post comes a bit late, partly because of a busy week, partly because of a lack of inspiration. Even though I love Christmas and I love Glee (I guess that one you knew already?), the Christmas episode of Glee wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be. It was just a bit too casual and predictable. Anyways, by no means I disliked it. Christmas is full of glee this year!
 In the episode, Sue is on a mission to cancel Christmas, at least for the gleeclubbers. Duh? She sabotages the teacher's Secret Santa project and goes all Grinch to flatten everyone's holiday spirits. The other main stroryline puts Brittany in the centre again (yay!), as we learn that she still believes in Santa. Duh? After she asks the mall Santa to make Artie walk again for Christmas, the clubbers unite with Beiste to preserve Brittany's faith. Also, Rachel tries to get Finn back (duh?), but he's still resisting.

Wacthing Finchel apart in quite refreshing for a change. After all, they had time to play a happy couple for a whole half of a season! And anyway, I bet they'll be back together by Valentine's Day, so I wouldn't be too worried. But I guess it'll take a few more ballads from Rachel before Finn softens. Merry Christmas, Darling was a little boring anyway, though the auditorium looked beautiful! Last Christmas worked very well in the context. I bet they broke Finchel up just so that they could fit the song in the story, haha.

I find it almost strange how much I like Brittany and Artie as a couple. They're sweet and I don't miss Tartie (or whatever Artie and Tina's shipping name is) at all. Brittany is awesome, and even though I have to admit she's in her element when she just drops around random comments, I like that she got an actual storyline again. The scene with her and Beiste the Santa was great. I think Beiste just might be my favourite new character this season. (Blaine's not bad either, but I'll get to that later.) She kept Santa's promise and made Artie walk! How sweet is that? (And that Transformer-like machine thingy is actually real!)

Sue the Grinch is definitely one of the highlights of the episode. Sue and Grinch are basically one and the same, and I wonder why she didn't paint her face green before. And as we could expect, in the spirit of Christmas, just as she thought she had ruined the holiday for everyone, her icy heart melt in a way which we can only call a Christmas miracle. And to save the ending that was in a serious danger to turn too cheesy and happyhappyjoyful, she fired arguably the best line in the episode ("I thought you hated the holidays." "No, I just hate you.") Good old Susie.

Speaking of highlights... Oh baby, it might be cold outside, but after watching the scene with Kurt and Blaine I'm perfectly warm from head to toe. Since I had seen the clip beforehand (here's more praise for it), I was most excitedly looking forward to seeing what will happen after the song. Well, there was no kiss, obviously (though I bet it crossed the mind of at least one of them), Blaine only stated that Kurt was much better than the girl he will perform it with will be. A stereotypical female would overanalyse that comment and draw some interesting conclusions, but I'll restrain myself.

When Blaine exits the room Mr. Schue shows up, and Kurt tells him that Blaine is just a friend, "but on the upside, I'm in love with him and he's actually gay. I call that progress." Aw, Kurt. So we got a confirmation. Now we only have that Blaine kid to figure out. But, without going to overanalysing, I'd say his thoughts can't have been totally innocent when he asked Kurt to rehearse a song like that with him. Why not rehearse with the girl? Ah Blaine, you're so busted. You sneaky fox. I'm excited to see how the relationship will develop... Personally, I'd like to go dig around in Blaine's closets, because I need some skeletons. He's just too perfect now. Kurt deserves more than that. (More than too perfect...? Aw, anyway.)

 Random thoughts:
- I can't believe the teacher threw a shoe at them when they were carolling. Come ON, I like that song!
- Brittany to the mall elf lady: "To be honest, I don't understand the difference between an elf and a slave." & "Just know, you have rights."
- My favourites of the gleeclubbers Christmas wishes: 1) Lauren: "I want Puckerman to love me, because he's a fox. And sweet potato fries." 2) Mike: "I want Channing Tatum to stop being in stuff."
- A band member had a line! Wohooo! The guitarist who's hair is like a cute mop says: "Should we like, leave?" Go, mop hair boy, go!
- Will's ideas for Sue's Secret Santa gift: 1) A dog robot 2) A soul. Awesome.
- Brittany about her gift to the homeless kids: "It's a dollhouse. At least their dolls won't be homeless."
- That final scene didn't strike me as sweet and emotional as I expected. And I think I know why: no Kurt! Gee, why? He's still part of the family, right? He better be somewhere on the couch by the fire cuddling with Blaine, otherwise I'm just not swallowing this.

Aww, the glee of Christmas. What is not that gleeful is the fact that Glee is now on a hiatus, and we have to wait until February before the next episode. NOOOO! Oh, I'll make it. I'm a big tough girl. (Insert a trembling lower lip here.)

Dec 20, 2010

Somebody to Love music video

As far as I know, this is the only official Glee music video. It's pretty cool, taking us back to the very beginning. Remember when Quinn was pure evil, Brittany didn't have any lines and Kurt was only there for the comical relief? Ah, good times. Not that the times are currently bad.

Glee Quote of the Week

"I thought you hated the holidays."
"No, I just hate you."

Will Schuester and Sue Sylvester / A Very Glee Christmas

Dec 19, 2010

Day 31 – A song for this time of the year

(It's Day 31! The last day! Has it already been a month? Oh well, it's been fun. To conclude the meme I came up with one last day of my own, and as Christmas is less than a week away, I have the perfect excuse to babble about this AH!-dorable scene.)

Baby, It's Cold Outside was my absolute favourite moment of the otherwise disappointing-ish Christmas episode (of which the post is on the way...). The song is playfully flirty and romantic in a very nice old-fashioned way, and I like that they're going so old-school with the relationship of Kurt and Blaine. And even though the anticipation is killing me a little, it's quite nice that they're taking it so very slow. Just think about the day when they finally share that first kiss! (And it's bound happen, right? RIGHT?)

The scene is so warm and cozy, and aroused quite a few smiles and awws in me. Blaine is very charming to say the least and Kurt is brilliant, playing the role of the girl, who's playing hard to get. In the full version there's a line "Gosh, your lips look delicious", and I know I'm not the only one who was a bit chagrined it was cut from the actual scene. Oh well, anyway, Chris Colfer and Darren Criss do a very nice job here, and I've been playing the song and watching the scene over and over again. Lucky for me, the song is considered christmassy, so I can blame my actions on the holiday season, hahahaa.

I ought to say no, no, no, sir - Mind if I move in closer?
At least I'm gonna say that I tried - What's the sense in hurting my pride?
I really can't stay - Baby, don't hold out
Ah, but it's cold outside

Dec 18, 2010

Day 30 – A song that you want to dedicate to your best friend

To Sir With Love is the perfect choice here, assuming that your best friend is Mr. Schue. Haha. Well, let us assume that he is, because there's no way I'd leave this song off the meme. This is so damn beautiful. They even made Sue freaking Sylvester cry! And I don't blame her. I also love to see Santana's cold, bitchy mask come off for a second and get a proof that there is a human being in there somewhere. And no need to mention (though I will anyway) that Kurt's sailor look is awesome.

(I can't decide which part of the lyrics to quote, thus the whole song can be found below. Hurrah for Mr. Schue!)

Those schoolgirl days, of telling tales and biting nails are gone,
But in my mind,
I know they will still live on and on,
But how do you thank someone, who has taken you from crayons to perfume?
It isn't easy, but I'll try,

If you wanted the sky I would write across the sky in letters,
That would soar a thousand feet high,
To Sir, with Love

The time has come,
For closing books and long last looks must end,
And as I leave,
I know that I am leaving my best friend,
A friend who taught me right from wrong,
And weak from strong,
That's a lot to learn,
What can I give you in return?

If you wanted the moon I would try to make a start,
But I, would rather you let me give my heart,
To Sir, with Love

Dec 17, 2010

Chris Colfer: "I'm kind of an action star."

For the love of Chris, can someone stop being so adorable?? In this E! interview Chris talks about the nomination for the Golden Globe, Blaine, future prospects and the guest stars of his dreams (which I'm very strongly rooting for, too!). There is also a little invasion by Lea Michele, and it's kind of ridiculous how well the cast seems to get along. Also, the interviewer is just great! Why aren't they all like that?

 "Been kissing any boys in private school uniforms lately?"
"Not here."

"Calm down, perverts!"

Day 29 – A song you sing when you’re drunk

Bad Romance is one of those songs that make me go embarrassingly crazy on the dance floor when the DJ is kind enough to put it on. On one particular evening I was out with a friend and had just arrived to the club. It was quite early and there were no dancers yet, but when this started to play we literally ran to the floor and put on a show that must have been, eh, a joy to watch. I remember us singing the 'I don't wanna be friends' part with such gusto and devotion that our voices probably topped Gaga's. Haha.

In Glee this is one of my favourite group performances. The costumes only are so insanely awesome! And how about a round of applause for Chris Colfer for prancing around on those heels? Respect, man.

I want your psycho, your vertical stick
Want you in my rear window, baby, you're sick
I want your love

Dec 16, 2010

Glee cast at the 2010 Hollywood Style Awards

Here's Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Jayma Mays and Chris Colfer (who was just nominated for SAG award along with Jane Lynch - second nominations for both of them this week, I'm so insanely thrilled for them, especially for the one who hasn't won an Emmy yet) at the Hollywood Style Awards. Don't they look just faaaab? They do, kind of.

I'm no Kurt, but I think Lea's dress is a bit odd and Cory's choice of outfit is boring and the colour Jayma is wearing is not the pretiest one, but I guess that's just fashion. Chris, however, looks very cute, but I'd probably say that even if he was wearing... um... Snap, couldn't come up with anything witty. Oh hey, I know! Even if he was wearing an ugly weird orange shirt like the one he's wearing here. (And, yeah, still the cutest thing ever! Not thanks to the shirt, though. Just thanks to Chris being... Chris. Aww. Marry me.)

Day 28 - A song that gets easily stuck on your head

The week I watched both the original and the Glee version of Rocky Horror Picture Show, I had Time Warp stuck on my head ALL THE TIME, day and night, until I almost felt like listening to some Finnish rap music to get it off my head. (Didn't use the measure of last reasort in the end. I wasn't THAT desperate.)

The lyrics of this song make no sense, but then again, RHPS in itself kind of doesn't. It's super catchy and I'll probably be constantly humming it for the rest of the day. Again...

It’s just a jump to the left
And then a step to the right
With your hands on your hips
You bring your knees in tight

Dec 15, 2010

Day 27 - A song from a character you dislike

 (Sorry for the terrible video quality.)

Okay, let me get this straight. If Terri had ever sung one song, she'd be here. Quinn is alright. But not my favourite, and she sure has had her irritaring moments in the past. And with the plain storyline this season and most of all the cutesy Barbie/Ken relationship she's currently engaged to, she's earned her place here.

BUT, she's also here because she once sung this great song! Dianna Agron's voice is not my favourite, and she normally just uses it in a very boring way, singing cute little songs like Lucky and Say a Little Prayer and that's just blah to me. In It's a Man's Man's Man's World she goes a bit more rough with that voice and it actually sounds very very nice. Plus, it's a great scene and a great message and the little feminist in me is going all 'Hear, hear!'... So for this once, I'll forgive her for being so cutesy.

(I'm just all the time expecting one of the fake tummys to fall out... A bit distracting.)

Man thinks about a little baby girls and a baby boys
Man makes them happy 'cause man makes them toys
And after man has made everything, everything he can
Do you know that man makes money to buy from other man?

Dec 14, 2010

Glee and the Globes nominees 2011

Glee: Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy
Matthew Morrison: Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy
Lea Michele: Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy
Chris Colfer: Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Jane Lynch: Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Hurray! I'll keep my tumbs and toes up high!

Glee Quote of the Week

"You look terrible. I look awesome."

Brittany Pierce to Rachel Berry / Theatricality

Day 26 – A song that makes you want to have that singer’s voice

One male voice and one female voice because I want to cheat and inculde both of these songs in the name of equality.

Jonathan Groff was one of my favourite guest stars on season 1. Though he's character Jesse was a bit of an a-hole, there's no denying that the boy can sing! Vocal Adrenaline's Bohemian Rhapsody performance in the Regionals is pretty epic and if someone can rock a Queen song like that it's Jonathan. I can almost forgive them for winning.

So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?
So you think you can love me and leave me to die?
Oh baby, can't do this to me baby
Just gotta get out just gotta get right outta here

Sunshine played by Charice is another talent lost for Vocal Adrenaline. When she sang Listen she showed that she might be little in size but there's nothing little about her voice! She's brilliant all the way and I'm looking forward to seeing her again. Maybe she'll help VA to kick some New Directions ass again, sigh...

Oh the time has come for my dreams to be heard
They will not be pushed aside and turned
Into your own, all 'cause you won't listen

Dec 13, 2010

Day 25 – A song from your favorite movie

In addition to Glee, Like a Virgin was also covered in one of favourite films, in Moulin Rouge!, that is. I don't know which version I like more (okay, the MR one, probably. That Zidler/Duke duet is so insanely amusing).

In Glee, this is quite an important scene. (So much happened in that Madonna episode... How did all that fit in 40 minutes...? I need a rewatch...) So, we have three virgins and three bedrooms (though I guess one of is a motel room) and one choreography and one song. It's a very nice scene, sexy in a cute Glee kind of way. My favourite couple is definitely Emma and Will, because damn, do I love me some Wemma! I know it will be totally worth the anticipation if when they finally get happily together...

I was beat, incomplete
I'd been had, I was sad and blue
But you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
Shiny and new

Dec 12, 2010

Day 24 - A song that you often hear on the radio

Empire State of Mind is one of the Glee covers I definitely like more than the original song. It's a cool scene, I like the outfits and that they're doing it in the school yard (and that nobody really pays any attention to them, haha, poor things).

Oh and it'll be so awesome when we'll actually get to go to New York at the end of this season!

New York
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothin' you can't do
Now you're in New York

These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you

Dec 11, 2010

Day 23 – A song that you wish you heard on the radio

If it was up to me, I'd play more music from films and musical on the radio. Wouldn't it just save any grey Monday morning if you heard Defying Gravity on your way to work? Mine it would, most probably.

This remains one of my favourite duets on the show, if not THE favourite. It's the legendary Diva Off! I like it even more live (and not only because Chris doesn't have to mess up the last note). Lea and Chris are both so damn brilliant. They better still have this on their setlist next year. I think I'll cry whether it is or not.

(If the embedding doesn't work, here's a link.)

I'm through accepting limits
'cause someone says they're so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try, I'll never know

Dec 10, 2010

Day 22 – A song that you used to hate but now you love

I'm not the biggest Madonna person there is, so I never was a fan of Vogue. Until Madonna was replaced by Sue Sylvester! And ta-dah! I'm suddenly a huge fan. The video is nothing less than brilliantly awesome! Who knew Sue had it in her? On second though, of course she did. Sue Sylvester is like MacGyver, only much more badass. I love her little rewrites, like 'Will Schuester, I hate you'. And Kurt's reaction to that, hahaha. Speaking of Kurt, doesn't someone look a wee bit dashing or what? Oh man, you're delicious!

When all else fails and you long to be
Something better than you are today
I know a place where you can get away
It's called a dance floor, and here's what it's for

Dec 9, 2010

Glee cast live on Britain's X-factor

Do they rock or what? I think my favourite part is when Amber Riley hits that awesome high note right in front of Simon Cowell's nose. If I remember correctly, she was rejected from American Idol when she was like 17... Payback time, girl! Whoo!

P.S. I miss my Chris! He was back in the States filming with the Warbles. Better be some damn good stuff, boys...

Day 21 – A song that you used to love but now hate

(Actual scene here.) Oops. I thought I don't like this song at all anymore but then I watched the video and had goosebumps. So let's say I dislike like the original one. Mercedes does it better! It's another moment of that sweet camaraderie. Which will last until the next recess, when it's slushie time again...

Cause we are beautiful no matter what they say
Yes words won't bring us down
We are beautiful in every single way
Yes words can't bring us down

Dec 8, 2010

... Because TV screen is just not big enough for some of them!

Some members of the Glee cast have been lucky enough to land roles outside television, on the big screen. In other words, they're cheating on Glee! How dare they??

 Okay, I'll forgive them. Let's call this an open relationship: fooling around in movies is alright as long as they remember that their true love is in McKinley High! So go on, enjoy your steamy affairs with motion pictures.

This piece of news just came up today: our very own Chris Colfer (WHAAAT?? Chris?? E tu mi, Brute??) has landed a role in a comedic coming-of-age story called Struck by Lightning. I don't know about the plot yet, but I truly agree with the author of this text, who was hoping the film would be about 'an awkward teen who becomes a falsetto-voiced superstar and crime-fighting ninja after he is hit by a lightning bolt'. That would totally be my new favourite film. Totally.

Furthermore, it's been WRITTEN BY CHRIS HIMSELF. I mean, is that the most awesome thing ever or what?? I'm just so irrationally excited for the kid! I want him to win a Tony and an Oscar and a Nobel and to find a cure for AIDS, so that I can praise him a bit more. Eh, oh well, for now I'm just happy that things are going great for him. And that we'll probably still get to enjoy his talents after the graduation of the Glee cast.

Moving on! Here's the trailer of I Am Number Four, starring Dianna Agron aka Quinn. The film looks a bit freakish and it's not probably my cup of tea, exactly, but looks like Quinn gets to kick some ass, which is of course awesome. It'll be interesting to see how she'll do! Thumbs up, of course (my loyalty overcomes my occasional dislike for Ms. Head Cheerio, this time).

Finally, Lea Michele will be starring in a film called New Year's Eve. Tell me it's not another one of these Valentine's Day thingys...? Oh, it is. Sigh. Oh well. Good for her.

Day 20 – A song that is a guilty pleasure

I enjoyed the Britney Spears episode more than I should probably admit. And not only because it put the brilliant Heather Morris to the spotlight for the first time (though that was an important factor). I also find some of Britney's music guite fun! Toxic was maybe my favourite performance of the episode. I love when Mr. Schue goes all inapproapriate! It's hooooot. And let's not forget the almost-legendary line by Sue: "It's a Britney Spears sex riot!" The curly-haired kid (Jacod, is he?) just makes it a bit awkward. Chill, dude.

With the taste of your lips I’m on a ride
You’re toxic I’m slippin’ under
With the taste of the poison paradise
I’m addicted to you, don’t you know that you’re toxic?

Dec 7, 2010

Day 19 – Your favorite song at this time last year

I listened to Imagine quite a lot last year. I still think it's a beautiful song with a great message, and the scene in Glee is enough to melt any heart. I'd be cool to learn sign language!

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too

Dec 6, 2010

Day 18 – A song that you know all the words to

I guess by now pretty much any song from the Glee soundtracks would've been suitable for this day. I ended up choosing One of Us from the religion episode, because it's a beautiful song and a beautiful scene. I like how they're just randomly leaning on each other. The version in the episode is very short - for the full-lenght studio version, click here! Kurt gets to sing in that one, too, hehehee. Not that I care. Cough cough.

If God had a face what would it look like
And would you want to see
If seeing meant that you would have to believe

Glee Quote of the Week

"You're a really good teacher, even if everyone is calling you a man whore."

Quinn Fabray to Will Schuester / Bad Reputation

Dec 5, 2010

The graduation I'm NOT looking forward to

It's been on the news for a few days now: the Glee cast we've grown to love and adore is graduating and moving on in 2012. Now I know why the Mayas predicted the apocalypse... Okay, fine, like the article says, it was bound to happen eventually. Some of the actors (Cory Monteith/Finn and Mark Salling/Puck) are already a decade older that the characters they are playing. And high school never lasts forever. So we knew this was coming. It's just a bit terrible to get an actual date and a confirmation for it.

Furthermore, the series creator Ryan Murphy has stated that Glee will get the 'Skins' treatment. Meaning, a new group of high schoolers will keep replacing the ones graduating untill... well, untill the ratings drop low enough. The up side is: More Glee! YAY! The down side is: Glee! Without Kurt? Without Finn? Without Brittany? NAY! GOOD GOD NAY!

In theory, it could work, of course. It would take some damn good writing and some damn interesting characters and some damn likable and talented actors, but there is a small chance that they could pull it off. They'd have to come up with totally new kind of characters and not just recreate a Rachel after another. Sam is apparently the first character of the new generation, so so far they haven't done a very good job... But I'm not giving up on them, not yet. The good news is, teachers won't graduate, so we'll very likely keep getting our weekly proportions of Sue Sylvester and Mr. Schue.

And yet, no matter how good the writing and the new characters might be, it won't be the same. I'm already getting minor panic attacks, as I think about having to say goodbye to the good old gang... So, I refuse to be aware of the fact that 2012 is inevitably near and just concentrate on waiting for the next week's Christmas episode. (They've already published one scene as a sneak peak. I've watched the video about 200 times now. It's only the most adorable thing ever.)

Day 17 – A song that makes you laugh

U Can't Touch This makes me laugh for two reasons: 1) The scene is amusingly ridiculous. They wear those idiotic clothes and go dance in a libary to get some bad reputation? Haha... That librarian's face is priceless... Though if I remember correctly, she actually liked the performance. Artie is hilarious and Brittany's dancing already stood out back then. 2) I remember once bumping into a Facebook group called 'I hate it when I'm with MC Hammer and he doesn't let me touch anything' and cracking up very badly... I can imagine someone walking in a room, trying to touch things, and MC Hammer popping up and saying: "You can't touch this!" Hahahahha.. Okay, not that funny anymore. Anyways.

My-my-my-my music hits me so hard
Makes me say, oh my lord thank you for blessing me
With a mind to rhyme and two hyped feet

Dec 4, 2010

2x09 Special Education / the glee is back!

This week, Special Education brings back the glee, meaning 1) it was a very happy episode and I didn't have to cry once unlike last week and 2) it felt like the good old Glee I once fell in love with. I've hugely enjoyed season 2, too, but it was nice to watch an episode like this again for a change.

Saying Special Education was 'a happy episode' might be a bit misleading, because sure, there was drama, a lot of drama and pretty much everyone was going through some kind of a crisis, but no one had heart attacks or got death threats. Instead, Rachel gets upset because according to Mr. Schue she won't be singing a solo in the sectionals (Emma very kindly hinted that Will was kind of repeating himself with the setlists - true!) and then she is told by Santana that Finn hasn't been totally honest with her and that hits her hard because now she thinks he thinks Santana is hotter than her. Also, Tina is certain that Mike is cheating on her with Brittany and gets Artie convinced, too. Finally Mr. Schue gets enough of the club's quarrels and lousy attitudes and actually yells at them. Meanwhile, Kurt is having some problems fitting in in his new school. Let's see how these problems were solved if they were.

 Rachel stays mad at Finn until after the Sectionals, when they say some I love yous and Finn swears there will be no more lies. Rachel catches the cue and confesses that while she was busy being mad at Finn, she made out with Puck as a revenge (and Puck put on end to it! Holy cow, what's happened to you, man? I'm loving it, whatever it is). That's is kind of a hit beneath the belt for Finn and he breaks up with her. The power couple is no more a couple. I bet Sam is thrilled, now him and Quinn can conquer that position... They had no drama at all. Though I wouldn't count the harmony to last too long, Sammy boy. I'm still watching you. And not only because you're pretty hot.

Moving on down the drama lane. I can't help wondering if Tina came up with the paranoid adultery scenario because she maybe wanted an excuse to return to Artie? Anyway, the whole thing turns out to be a misunderstanding. Brittany was avoiding Artie because she had lost the magic comp he gave her earlier for luck (which was super cute! Artie knows how to handle his, eh, simple-minded girlfriend) and then plead guilty for adultery because she thought it meant being stupid, a dolt. Then they kiss and make up and I think they are my favourite couple in Glee at the moment. They're just adorable... unexpected, but still so good for each other.

Poor Mr. Schue has been quite unstable this season. When he's not inappropriately performing Britney Spears with his Glee clubbers, he's having sex with his freaky ex-wife or kissing the football coach (which by the way was brilliantly sweet). Now he totally loses his nerves because of the club's behaviour and gives them hell. They had it coming, I must say. When Rachel walked to the choir room with her mouth taped, I felt like punching my fist through the screen. Mr. Schue is always so chill and understanding, so it was actually nice to see him lose control. I hope the kids learned their lesson.

Oh, and like Will didn't already have enough on his shoulders, he learns that Emma and Carl ("the finest dentist ever made" according to Santana) got married in Vegas while he was cheering for the New Directions at the Sectionals. Though that one look Emma gave behind Carl's back was enough to hint that Emma/Will IS going to happen, eventually. Personally, I can't wait! But meanwhile, let Carl have his fun.

The problems Kurt is having in his new school are not maybe as serious as those he was having in McKinley, but they're also more boring to watch. And frustrating. First, how unfair it is that Kurt has to wear that same uniform everyday, and we don't get to enjoy the gems of his wardrobe? Second, usually it is a blast to observe Kurt in the group numbers, because he always moves and does things in his own fabulous way, but when the Warblers perfomed, he was lost in the endless mass of uniform boys, swinging from side to side. I want that wonderful individuality to bloom! Maybe the Dalton Academy is free of bullying because it makes everyone part of the same big mass? I didn't even like Blaine as much as usually. But still, I'm glad they didn't rush Kurt back to McKinley right away. He'll return when the time is right, and I'll rejoice when he finally does. Until then, there's a missing link in the New Directions choir room, but I'll just have to take it.

The Sectionals were pretty cool. The Hipsters were sympathetic for the little time they were shown. The Warbles were good, but not excellent. How do I know? I didn't get any goosebumbs. Sorry! I personally liked the New Directions' performance more than last year's (I guess Rachel's Don't Rain on My Parade is kind of a legend, but I never enjoyed You Can't Always Get What You Want). It's great that other singers got to enjoy the spotlight! Though Barbie and Ken's Quinn and Sam's duet wasn't mind-blowing or anything, only cute-ish. Oh well, neither of them are my favourites as characters or singers. However, I loved Santana's Valerie! She really has a great voice. AND holy mother of a cow, BRITTANY AND MIKE, hellooooo. I knew they're both amazing dancers but that did kind of blow me away. Gee. We want more! We want more! Encore! Encore! En gång till! En gång till!

Rest of my random thoughts:

- Puck the Am-badass-sedor might not be so badass after all. He's seriously softening up! And I like it, because I never really warmed up to that bad boy thing. He was seriously awesome with that rude, round girl, what's her name... Lauren! I want a romance!
- And Puck: "Don’t push me, Karofsky. You forced my boy Kurt out of here, and juvie or no, you're already first on my list to go all death star on." Ah, he is really growing on me!
- Tina: "We have a big problem." Artie: "Is the problem your outfit?"
- Brittany goes motocrossing. Duh?
- The friendship of Kurt and Rachel is disturbingly sweet. Disturbing because I don't usually like Rachel.
- Blaine signaling Kurt to lower his arms when he's singing Don't Cry for Me Argentina. Haha. Poor Kurt, they don't appreciate your diva-ism.
- "It's a tie! You're all going to Regionals!" ... Meh. Okay, that had to happen, right? Still. Meh.
- Dog Days Are Over was awesome and is still stuck on my head.

Next week it's a Glee Christmas Special. And I'm both horribly excited and excitedly horrified. I hope they won't ruin Christmas, haha. After next week, there's a couple of months' hiatus, which I don't even want to think about yet.

Day 16 - A song that you listen to when you're sad

 (Here's the link to the actual scene.) There's a little mistake. The title should be 'A song that you listen to when you're sad, happy, tired, at home, eating, walking, breathing...' What I'm trying to say is that I've been listening to Kurt's A House Is Not a Home quite often recently. Why? 1) The song is very pretty. Once again I have to thank Glee for introducing me to awesome music. 2) The voice of Chris Colfer is something I can't seem to get enough of. I'm extremely biased to say this, but I like his version much more than the original one (which I just listened to). 3) I like the context. (I mean, when I listen to Glee music I always remember in what the context each song was in the show; the episode and the scene and why a character sung it. And these associations makes it many times more fun and enjoyable to listen to this music.) This scene was great. Finn and Kurt have shared quite a lot of great scenes.

P.S. When Finn sings his lines you can make a trip to the fridge or turn the volume down or something. With all due respect, dear Finn, you just don't own this song. Someone else does. Oh boy. I think I'll listen to this a couple of more times before publishing. Maybe after, too.

A room is still a room
Even when there's nothing there but gloom
But a room is not a house
And a house is not a home
When the two of us are far apart
And one of us has a broken heart

Dec 3, 2010

Day 15 – A song that you want to play at your funeral

I didn't have to do any compromises or turn to plan B's with this one, because earlier this year I decided that if I had to decide right now, I'd play Smile at my funeral. I mean I wouldn't play myself, to be exact, but I'd like it to be played. Not necessarily this version, nor any version with singing, but just the original song from the Charlie Chaplin movie. I love the melody of it. And also all the things I associate the song with... Though I guess I won't be too concerned about associations at my own funeral. Oh well.

About the song in the show... It's a pretty cool scene and the song fits there quite well. I might be talking bollocks, but this is the only time ever a song they're singing just plays in the background, and we don't actually see them sing. Works well this way, too!

If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorow
You'll see the Sun come shining through
For you

Dec 2, 2010

Day 14 - A song you want to play at your wedding

Just as I was having problems finding a song for this day, along came a wedding episode, and made the choice ridiculously easy. The Marry You number perfomed by the whole club is sweet and happy and just makes you smile. And I wouldn't want my wedding to be too formal, so this song is a pretty fitting one. What should I do to actually get New Directions to perform at my wedding...? Though I think that by the time I get married, if I ever do, they'll all be so old it'd be silly if they danced around like that. But anyway.

Is it the look in your eyes
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares baby
I think I wanna marry you

Dec 1, 2010

Death by Citrus aka Chris Colfer on Conan

Harri linked me the video, thanks! I knew Chris was just on Conan's show but I hadn't seen the interview yet. He's always so lovely, I don't know how he does it. And that ninja business... Whoa, I want to learn how to do that! That's seriously super cool!

Also, I miss Conan. Get that new show in Finland, now!

Day 13 – Your favourite mash-up

Yeah, sorry, I totally made this one up. This day originally was "a song that you listen to when you're angry", and I really tried to come up with something, but the thing is, there aren't that many angry songs in Glee. And I wanted to include this, so I took some artistic liberties and ta-dah! My favourite mash-up, Singin' in the rain/Umbrella.

First, this scene is visually so nice to look at that you almost forget to listen to the singing. The rain and the umbrellas and the clothes, it's so stylish! And this mash-up really is great, the Rihanna hitsong goes unexpectedly well together with the musical classic. Mr. Schue is hot and Gwyneth Paltrow got her points up thanks to this episode.

And that's when you need me there
With you I'll always share
Cause I

I'm singin' in the rain
Just singin' in the rain
What a glorious feeling
and I'm happy again

Nov 30, 2010

Day 12 – A song by your favourite character

Angry Kurt and Rose's turn. Or Kurt's turn, should I say! This number is fantastic. The song is like made for Kurt and Chris Colfer does a brilliant job conveying the character's frustrations and supressed feelings. And the Hairflip! I freaking love every Hairflip. So much that from now on I will spell the word with a capital H.

I think Chris said in some interview that he got to put that outfit together by himself. Not bad, mate! That scarf it cool. Oh how I adore that kid. And Kurt, too.

Well, someone tell me, when is it my turn?
Don't I get to dream by myself?
Starting now it's gonna be my turn
Gangway, world, get off of my runway

Nov 29, 2010

Day 11 – A song that describes you

Puck and Mr. Schue's Over the Rainbow ends the first season. It's a sweet, lovely scene and it's a sweet and lovely song. This doesn't mean I'd describe myself as sweet and lovely - I mean, whenever I hear this song I'm not like "oh yeah, this is totally me, the story of my life", but I like the mood of the song, and maybe it really does capture something of my very essence...? Well, if they made a movie about my life, this could very well be on the soundtrack. Perfomed by these wonderful fellows, of course. This is my favourite song Mr. Schue has sung so far!

(And all those little moments between the characters, aww! The looks and expressions and gestures. And Kurt's hat moment, of course. That's when Quinn had her temporary 'nice girl' phase.)

Oh somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow.
Why then, oh why can’t I?

Glee quote of the week

"I have no idea what's going on in this script, and it's not in a cool 'Inception' kind of way."

 Finn Hudson / Rocky Horror Glee Show

Nov 28, 2010

Day 10 – A song that no one would expect you to love

I guess what is kind of unexpected is that of all the duets in Duets my favourite was Santana and Mercedes' River Deep, Mountain High. Not for example Kurt's 'duet', which you might expext knowing where my loyalties lie. (It was brilliant, though. Duh.) I'm not a huge Tina Turner person, but the girls damn rocked it! They make a good pair both character-wise and voice-wise and I love their weird dancing. Quite unexpectedly, Santana has become one of my favourite singers.

(And I love how Sam moves to get a better look as the girls get to the booty shaking part. Haha.)

Cause it grows stronger, like a river flows
And it gets bigger baby, and heaven knows
And it gets sweeter baby, as it grows

Nov 27, 2010

Best cure for hangover: cute kids and Chris Colfer

I just read though all of Chris Colfer's Tweets and I'm officially in love with him. I've decided to marry him. Might have to change my sex first, but nah, that's a small price to pay. He linked the video above and I swear that's the most adorable thing ever! After Chris Colfer I mean, duh. Next I might test how much water I can drink in a minute or see if the bruise in my bum is bigger than the bruise in my knee or read through all the receipts that are currently on my wallet or do something else with a similar degree of usefulness. Oh well, probably I'll just keep youtubing Chris Colfer and randomly freaking out as I remember what's going to happen next June... OH MY.

Day 09 – A song from your favorite episode

 I don't know if I have a favourite episode, but Never Been Kissed has so far been my number one of season 2. It was music-wise quite forgettable, except for this song, which I kind of love. It's a good example of how Glee takes a mediore popsong and turns it brilliant. And what an introduction for a character! Blaine and the Glee club of his supertolerant supercool superschool sing Teenage Dream and while doing it he's shamelessly flirting with Kurt. I love Kurt's reactions. He digs Blaine and so do I.

(Just don't pay too much attention on the background people, some of those guys are overdoing their enthusiasm a bit...)

I’ma get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans
Be your teenage dream tonight
Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans
Be your teenage dream tonight