Nov 25, 2010

2x08 Furt / I think the tears just stopped dead half way down my cheeks

Oh god.


Okay. Let's see if I can make a sensible post out of this. Furt was a very emotional episode and I'm not ashmed to say that I cried pretty nicely during the second half. And I didn't even have the time to wipe my cheeks dry before that final scene, which kind of made me forget how to breath for a while.

Glee has always been pretty skilfully balancing between comedy and drama, and this season the show has a couple of times switched quite unexpectedly from a dramatic comedy to a comedic drama. Not often have I felt almost physically bad while watching this show, but some scenes in Furt were very hard to watch. On the other hand, there was some of that crying business, and and not for reasons that usually make you tearful - no one died or anything. Those were happy tears! So, Furt made me cry happy tears, forget how to breath and almost feel sick. Quite an action-packed episode, it was!

The central themes this week were marriage and family and loyalty. Kurt's dad Burt married Finn's mum and Sue Sylvester married Sue Sylvester. And the bullying saga continued, and we learned that Kurt is amazing just the way he is, and Lost made a little invasion, which I of course enjoyed.

Sue's marriage to herself was very dumb, to be frank, even for Sue Sylvester. I'm sure they could've found a better reason for her mum to stop by, because that was just too bizarre. On the other hand, if Sue had to marry someone, of course it would be herself, so I'm just going with this. The important thing is that we got to meet her mum and explore her family history. Which explains in a quite straight-forward way why Sue is what she is. It's because her mum is a nutter. She abandoned her daughters to go 'hunt Nazis' (like a cousin of Eva Braun, named Chad? Yeah, right...) and after a rare, almost sincerely nice moment with Sue (singing a song about Ohio, which was pretty boring, sorry), she just says bluntly that it wasn't as good as she thought it would be.

Luckily Sue then confronts her and tells her she's a bully and sends her away and hugs her handi-capable big sister. I've always found their relationship very sweet and they don't need their nutter mum. In this episode Sue showed some uncharacteristic sympathy and fairness (like when dealing with Kurt's case), which was awesome. And what is also awesome is that we can be sure that next week she'll again be on a new mission to DESTROY GLEE CLUB. And that's why Sue Sylvester officially rocks.

Then the other marriage, the sane one. Finn is a bit puzzled about the news but Kurt is superexcited! He will take care of the whole thing, of course, as he's been planning weddings since he was two. For his Power Rangers. Aww. And he indeed organizes a beautiful wedding, the music provided by New Directions, of course. So it's a Glee wedding! I loved the Marry You number and weeped away during the vows. And there was more weeping on the way, but we'll get to that later.

Meanwhile, the bullying is getting very creepy. I'm no longer positive that the writers can turn Dave Karofsky into a sympathetic and likable character, even a possible partner for Kurt. I was hoping this before, because that could've made some pretty excellent TV drama, but I don't think that's possible anymore, not even with some very dramatic plot twists. Dave's harrasing flipped over to the side of being disturbing, rather than just sad. I'm not sure why Kurt didn't tell the others about the kiss. I guess he was still too scared - that death treath last week seemed pretty convincing - because there would be no sense in protecting Karofsky at this point. Still, I need some kind of redemption for the character. I don't know what it could be, but I hope they come up with something.

As the other members of Glee club learn about Karofsky, they show some very sweet loyalty and decide to help Kurt. Only Finn is too worried about his status - which Sam is threatening - and so he lets Mike and Artie confront Dave. It's superhot and masculine and their ladies like it. Also Sam takes the lead and kicks Dave's ass, which everyone respects a lot, which makes Finn even more worried, which then inspires him to make a very nice gesture at the wedding, which also made the quite teary. (And that was the last clause in that sentence starting with 'which'.)

The relationship between Finn and Kurt hasn't been the smoothest one. Kurt had that creepy crush on Finn last season, and he freaked him out with that rococo decoration of their mutual bedroom, which made Finn say some nasty things to Kurt, and as this episode showed, Finn still wasn't totally comfortable around Kurt. Like in the dance rehearsal scene, Finn isn't too excited about dancing with Kurt where someone might witness it, while Kurt's body language makes it pretty clear that the adoring puppy-eyed looks are so last season and he's totally over Finn.

All those awkward moments finally move to history, as Finn praises Kurt to heavens in his bestman speech and apologizes him and claimes that Kurt over everyone else has taught him what it means to be a man (which I thought was sweet but a bit over-the-top, as he's now said the same thing about Kurt, his mum and Mr Schue. Guess it takes a lot of people for him to learn the lesson...). On top of things, the Glee club performs a song dedicated to Kurt. And as Finn sings "you're amazing just the way you are" and dances with Kurt I again have to wipe my eyes dry. They're brothers now! ('Brothers from other mothers'!) Aww, the joy.

However, we don't get a happy ending. Even though Sue the principal tried to expel Karofsky, the school board doesn't really give a damn and he gets to stay. Kurt prepares himself for continuous fear and anxiety ("It's the fear that's the worst. I never know when it's coming. I can't concentrate. I don't feel like I'm part of the school at all. I feel like I'm in a horror movie where this creature follows me around terrifying me, and there's nothing I can do about it."), but his dad has another idea. And so, Kurt returns to the choir room once again to tell his fellow gleeclubbers that he will get transferred to Darlton, the all-boy-school Blaine goes to. Everyone is shocked and teary and this is where I forgot how to breath. Kurt walks away and the screen goes black and I'm left to wonder how on Earth can a gleeful series like Glee make me feel like this.

Indeed, as I said before, Glee has occasionally been quite drama-filled this season. As a comparison, I've been rewatching the early episodes they now show in Finland, and the show has really gone to a bit more serious direction, as season one was mostly just pure joy and entertainment. This is by no means a bad thing, I actually love how they take on these serious topics and make us cry. And of course there's still loads of joy and happy-go-lucky entertainment.

I also want to comment on the issue of overdoing Kurt's role in the series, which has caused a lot of chagrin in Glee's IMDb board. People are saying that they are sick of the character, and the name of the show should be changed to 'Kurt', and stuff. Which I sort of understand, as Kurt's indeed been in the centre a lot this season, and he's got more meaty storylines than any other character. I myself am totally cool with Kurt's central role. Rachel was on the spotlight throughout the first season, so now it's Kurt's turn to enjoy it for a while, right? Of course I'm biased, because I've always adored Kurt, and Chris Colfer too, and I think there is so much interesting stuff to do with the character that he really does deserve all the attention. And it's quite understandable that Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee, wants to put his own thoughts and experiences on the show, and he is of course able to write deep and meaty storylines for a character he relates to.

At the same time, I hope the writers listen to this reaction and maybe tone Kurt's role down for a while - keep him in the circles of course, but put someone else on the spotlight next, like Artie or Tina or Santana or Mercedes. Because if there's more Kurt-centric episodes right after this one, they might really do harm to the character (that no doubt is one of the favourites of the fandom) - if you keep rubbing something at somebody's face, they tend to get sick of it. And let's face it, Furt was a shameless ode for Kurt Hummel. We already know he is amazing just the way he is, they didn't have to underline it like that. (Though of course I loved that they did. I took the bait and swallowed it more than willingly. I need much more Kurt rubbed at my face before I get sick of him.) Anyway, as Kurt has now been temporarily transfered (it's temporary. Right? RIGHT??) elsewhere, I think other characters will get more attention and when Kurt returns everyone will welcome him back with open arms, because we all missed him and the whole time were longing for another speech or song dedicated to him.

Finally, some other random remarks about the episode.

- I want one of those hats Kurt was wearing in the first scene! See the first picture of the post.
- I'm not sure what to think about that Sam dude. He can be pretty charming, but on the other hand he sure as hell is not completely sincere with Quinn, as he's so much after popularity and social status. I'm watching you, stud. (And I don't want him to be Peeta anymore. Like I did after Audition. Too dodgy-ish, he is.)
- I think Tina is a bit jealous of Artie. Maybe she'll soon forget about the abs of Mike Chang and return to him, crawling.
- Santana seems lonely and left-out. I kind of feel for her. And I bet she'll sooner or later blurt out to Rachel that her and Finn actually did have sex. Oh-ow.
- Burt Hummel remains the coolest TV dad ever. He's even cooler than Sandy Cohen.
- I adored Mr Schue's hips when he was singing at the wedding.
- "I just prefer to think of the homeless as outdoorsy. So shine on, urban campers; you smell like adventure." And that's apparently how Sue C's it.
- Sue's interests on the online dating site: "Extreme taxidermy, tantric yelling and poking the elderly with pins."
- Finn about Kurt's wedding plans and the 300 doves he wants to release indoors: "Won't that get kind of messy?" Kurt's matter-of-fact answer is: "That's why we feed them glitter, Finn."
- One of the most bizarre lines ever: "By the power vested in me by a website, I hereby pronounce you Sue and Sue. You may kiss yourself."
- As Sue nobly resigned as a protest, Figgins will be back next week. I'm happy. I've missed his accent.
- The writers showed that they 'speak Gleek' : Finn mentions in his speech that couples in Glee club get a nickname, like Rachel/Finn is Finchel (and now him and Kurt are Furt. That was sweet). It's always nice when the writers honour the fans in the scripts like this. They did a lot of that in Lost.
- Speking of which... Two Lost nods: 1) "We're gonna go to Waikiki. Stay at the hotel where they put up the guest stars of Lost." 2) A guest star of Lost: it's Dr Arzt! In one piece! Yaaay!

This post wasn't supposed to be this long. It got a bit out of hand. Pretend to be shocked...

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