Nov 19, 2010

31 Days of Music: The Glee Edition

Alrighty, time to get crackin'! Glee without music would be like Sue Sylvester without a sweatsuit. Or like that time Kurt dressed up like his father and tried to be straight. That is, impossible! Glee and music are one. And so I've decided to take the popular music meme and make a Glee Edition out of it. It will require a bit reshaping and some changes, and of course the selection of songs is limited (on the other hand new songs come every week, which might cause headaches, too), but I think it'll be fun. I get to talk about some of my favourite songs and perfomances and I'm afraid there's quite a bit of praise for Kurt on the way, haha.

I'll post Day 01 later today!


Harri said...

.....ooops, I'm still following this blog.

Okey, I have to quit my gleelibacy (glee + celibacy, I love glee'ing words! :D) because I really have to follow this.

Damn you, Eeva. :D

Eeva said...

Whoopsie daisy! :D Haha, my deepest apologies. Well, gleelibacies are overrated, anyway. Good luck with the super├╝bermarahton, I'm sure it'll be gleeking awesome! (...Okay, that was a bit unimaginative. Yours was much better. Damn you.)