Nov 23, 2010

Day 05 – A song that reminds of you of somewhere

A bit more nostalgy today, from the same period of time than yesterday. The year the members of my 'gang' turned 18, we used to drive around for hours on my friend's white BMW, listening to music pretty much like this. Oh, did we have a blast... But yeah, mainly this song is here, because I couldn't find a better place for it, haha. Because sometimes this meme is just about trying to find good days for the songs I want to include. And I wanted to include this one.

Push it is a song from the earliest episodes, second, I think? They perform in front of the whole school for the first time and against Mr. Schue's will, they give them what they want: sex! I love Artie's badass-ghetto-rapper persona, and how Kurt slaps Finn on the bottom after the high-five. Oh and Principal Figgins does pretty good job cracking me up. Oh god... I think this song reminds him of somewhere, too.

Now wait a minute, y'all
This dance ain't for everybody
Only the sexy people
So all you fly mothers, get on out there and dance
Dance, I said!

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