Nov 25, 2010

Day 07 – A song that you can dance to

In the Madonna episode Kurt and Mercedes do 4 Minutes with the Cheerios. Oh how I love it! Their voices sound great together, and it's cool how they're both kind of out of their comfort zones. And who knew Kurt could look so freaking hot in a cheerleader costume?? I'm totally diggin' this confident and sexy side of Kurt. I love that little move he does, when he goes like "ah!", he kneels and jumps back up again. Judging by the way these two dance they should have stayed in the Cheerios! Though then Kurt should just wear that same costume every day and that would be boring.

Come on girl, I've been waiting for somebody
To pick up my stroll
Well don't waste time, give me the sign
Tell me how you wanna roll

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