Nov 17, 2010

A gleeful welcome!

Hello and welcome to my new Glee Blog! I created another blog in addition to my movie blog, Life is like Chocolat, because... well. I love Glee and thought it would be nice to have a place completely dedicated to babbling about it. The blog is still under some construction, but I am impatient and wanted to have the grand opening in spite of that.

Coming up: It is my ambitious and seemingly unreachable goal to write a post of every episode and every major character of Glee. Also, I'll be posting Glee-related news and whatever Glee-related I feel like posting. For example, I've been thinking about doing a Glee version of the '31 Days of Music' meme thingy. We'll see where time gets us, if anywhere!
Now, as I'm listening to Glee soundtracks in an endless repeat, here's one song that I've been playing over and over and again. Behind closed doors. Lights out. Eyes closed. Or possibly staring a wall. (Not creepy at all!) Aww, Kurt is so sweet and delicious I'd eat him if it didn't prevent him from singing more.

So, grab your slushie, tune your voice, put on your dancing shoes, iron your sweatsuit, give your inner loser a nice pat on the back and get ready to gleek out with me! Please.


Harri said...

Yaaaay, I'm the first commentator of this blog wohoooo partyyy!

I watch Glee from Sub so I think that I'm not going to follow this blog (at least not before I get truly madly deeply gleeked, close all the doors and windows, turn off the lights and watch every single episode in superfast marathon without any interruptions) because I'm afraid of spoilers.

Yeah, but keep gleein' on!

Marja said...

Wheeeeeee! The second commentator of this blog Wohoooooo!

I also love the spectacularity that is Glee. Sure, the show has had it's few low points on the second season, but I don't care. Thank you for the music Glee!

Eeva said...

Hurraaaaaaah, first two commentators of this blog, whoohoooooo!

Harri: I say you do that supermarathon right now. ;)

Marja: I've actually enjoyed the second season a lot, every single episode! And I have a sneaky feeling it'll just keep on getting better. Hopefully. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting for the posts about my favorite, Mr Schue ;O)

Eeva said...

Aw, the lovely Mr Schue! I'm sure there will be loads of posts about him, I might write the next character post about him...