Dec 4, 2010

2x09 Special Education / the glee is back!

This week, Special Education brings back the glee, meaning 1) it was a very happy episode and I didn't have to cry once unlike last week and 2) it felt like the good old Glee I once fell in love with. I've hugely enjoyed season 2, too, but it was nice to watch an episode like this again for a change.

Saying Special Education was 'a happy episode' might be a bit misleading, because sure, there was drama, a lot of drama and pretty much everyone was going through some kind of a crisis, but no one had heart attacks or got death threats. Instead, Rachel gets upset because according to Mr. Schue she won't be singing a solo in the sectionals (Emma very kindly hinted that Will was kind of repeating himself with the setlists - true!) and then she is told by Santana that Finn hasn't been totally honest with her and that hits her hard because now she thinks he thinks Santana is hotter than her. Also, Tina is certain that Mike is cheating on her with Brittany and gets Artie convinced, too. Finally Mr. Schue gets enough of the club's quarrels and lousy attitudes and actually yells at them. Meanwhile, Kurt is having some problems fitting in in his new school. Let's see how these problems were solved if they were.

 Rachel stays mad at Finn until after the Sectionals, when they say some I love yous and Finn swears there will be no more lies. Rachel catches the cue and confesses that while she was busy being mad at Finn, she made out with Puck as a revenge (and Puck put on end to it! Holy cow, what's happened to you, man? I'm loving it, whatever it is). That's is kind of a hit beneath the belt for Finn and he breaks up with her. The power couple is no more a couple. I bet Sam is thrilled, now him and Quinn can conquer that position... They had no drama at all. Though I wouldn't count the harmony to last too long, Sammy boy. I'm still watching you. And not only because you're pretty hot.

Moving on down the drama lane. I can't help wondering if Tina came up with the paranoid adultery scenario because she maybe wanted an excuse to return to Artie? Anyway, the whole thing turns out to be a misunderstanding. Brittany was avoiding Artie because she had lost the magic comp he gave her earlier for luck (which was super cute! Artie knows how to handle his, eh, simple-minded girlfriend) and then plead guilty for adultery because she thought it meant being stupid, a dolt. Then they kiss and make up and I think they are my favourite couple in Glee at the moment. They're just adorable... unexpected, but still so good for each other.

Poor Mr. Schue has been quite unstable this season. When he's not inappropriately performing Britney Spears with his Glee clubbers, he's having sex with his freaky ex-wife or kissing the football coach (which by the way was brilliantly sweet). Now he totally loses his nerves because of the club's behaviour and gives them hell. They had it coming, I must say. When Rachel walked to the choir room with her mouth taped, I felt like punching my fist through the screen. Mr. Schue is always so chill and understanding, so it was actually nice to see him lose control. I hope the kids learned their lesson.

Oh, and like Will didn't already have enough on his shoulders, he learns that Emma and Carl ("the finest dentist ever made" according to Santana) got married in Vegas while he was cheering for the New Directions at the Sectionals. Though that one look Emma gave behind Carl's back was enough to hint that Emma/Will IS going to happen, eventually. Personally, I can't wait! But meanwhile, let Carl have his fun.

The problems Kurt is having in his new school are not maybe as serious as those he was having in McKinley, but they're also more boring to watch. And frustrating. First, how unfair it is that Kurt has to wear that same uniform everyday, and we don't get to enjoy the gems of his wardrobe? Second, usually it is a blast to observe Kurt in the group numbers, because he always moves and does things in his own fabulous way, but when the Warblers perfomed, he was lost in the endless mass of uniform boys, swinging from side to side. I want that wonderful individuality to bloom! Maybe the Dalton Academy is free of bullying because it makes everyone part of the same big mass? I didn't even like Blaine as much as usually. But still, I'm glad they didn't rush Kurt back to McKinley right away. He'll return when the time is right, and I'll rejoice when he finally does. Until then, there's a missing link in the New Directions choir room, but I'll just have to take it.

The Sectionals were pretty cool. The Hipsters were sympathetic for the little time they were shown. The Warbles were good, but not excellent. How do I know? I didn't get any goosebumbs. Sorry! I personally liked the New Directions' performance more than last year's (I guess Rachel's Don't Rain on My Parade is kind of a legend, but I never enjoyed You Can't Always Get What You Want). It's great that other singers got to enjoy the spotlight! Though Barbie and Ken's Quinn and Sam's duet wasn't mind-blowing or anything, only cute-ish. Oh well, neither of them are my favourites as characters or singers. However, I loved Santana's Valerie! She really has a great voice. AND holy mother of a cow, BRITTANY AND MIKE, hellooooo. I knew they're both amazing dancers but that did kind of blow me away. Gee. We want more! We want more! Encore! Encore! En gång till! En gång till!

Rest of my random thoughts:

- Puck the Am-badass-sedor might not be so badass after all. He's seriously softening up! And I like it, because I never really warmed up to that bad boy thing. He was seriously awesome with that rude, round girl, what's her name... Lauren! I want a romance!
- And Puck: "Don’t push me, Karofsky. You forced my boy Kurt out of here, and juvie or no, you're already first on my list to go all death star on." Ah, he is really growing on me!
- Tina: "We have a big problem." Artie: "Is the problem your outfit?"
- Brittany goes motocrossing. Duh?
- The friendship of Kurt and Rachel is disturbingly sweet. Disturbing because I don't usually like Rachel.
- Blaine signaling Kurt to lower his arms when he's singing Don't Cry for Me Argentina. Haha. Poor Kurt, they don't appreciate your diva-ism.
- "It's a tie! You're all going to Regionals!" ... Meh. Okay, that had to happen, right? Still. Meh.
- Dog Days Are Over was awesome and is still stuck on my head.

Next week it's a Glee Christmas Special. And I'm both horribly excited and excitedly horrified. I hope they won't ruin Christmas, haha. After next week, there's a couple of months' hiatus, which I don't even want to think about yet.


Leena said...

"Blaine signaling Kurt to lower his arms when he's singing Don't Cry for Me Argentina. Haha. Poor Kurt, they don't appreciate your diva-ism."

Mä tulkitsin sen niin, että Blaine oli niin innoissaan Kurtin laulusta, että sekin olisi halunnut kohottaa kätensä ja joutui toisella kädellä hillitsemään itsensä. Tuo sun tulkinta on ehkä oikea, mutta mun omassa on kierolle mielikuvitukselle mehukasta symboliikkaa. :D

Eeva said...

Hehe. Mäkin muistaakseni ekalla katselukerralla tulkitsin sen noin, mutta ehkä tämä mun toinen, tylsempi tulkinta tosiaan on oikea. Mutta voihan sitä spekuloida ;)