Dec 21, 2010

2x10 A Very Glee Christmas / 'nuff said

 This episode post comes a bit late, partly because of a busy week, partly because of a lack of inspiration. Even though I love Christmas and I love Glee (I guess that one you knew already?), the Christmas episode of Glee wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be. It was just a bit too casual and predictable. Anyways, by no means I disliked it. Christmas is full of glee this year!
 In the episode, Sue is on a mission to cancel Christmas, at least for the gleeclubbers. Duh? She sabotages the teacher's Secret Santa project and goes all Grinch to flatten everyone's holiday spirits. The other main stroryline puts Brittany in the centre again (yay!), as we learn that she still believes in Santa. Duh? After she asks the mall Santa to make Artie walk again for Christmas, the clubbers unite with Beiste to preserve Brittany's faith. Also, Rachel tries to get Finn back (duh?), but he's still resisting.

Wacthing Finchel apart in quite refreshing for a change. After all, they had time to play a happy couple for a whole half of a season! And anyway, I bet they'll be back together by Valentine's Day, so I wouldn't be too worried. But I guess it'll take a few more ballads from Rachel before Finn softens. Merry Christmas, Darling was a little boring anyway, though the auditorium looked beautiful! Last Christmas worked very well in the context. I bet they broke Finchel up just so that they could fit the song in the story, haha.

I find it almost strange how much I like Brittany and Artie as a couple. They're sweet and I don't miss Tartie (or whatever Artie and Tina's shipping name is) at all. Brittany is awesome, and even though I have to admit she's in her element when she just drops around random comments, I like that she got an actual storyline again. The scene with her and Beiste the Santa was great. I think Beiste just might be my favourite new character this season. (Blaine's not bad either, but I'll get to that later.) She kept Santa's promise and made Artie walk! How sweet is that? (And that Transformer-like machine thingy is actually real!)

Sue the Grinch is definitely one of the highlights of the episode. Sue and Grinch are basically one and the same, and I wonder why she didn't paint her face green before. And as we could expect, in the spirit of Christmas, just as she thought she had ruined the holiday for everyone, her icy heart melt in a way which we can only call a Christmas miracle. And to save the ending that was in a serious danger to turn too cheesy and happyhappyjoyful, she fired arguably the best line in the episode ("I thought you hated the holidays." "No, I just hate you.") Good old Susie.

Speaking of highlights... Oh baby, it might be cold outside, but after watching the scene with Kurt and Blaine I'm perfectly warm from head to toe. Since I had seen the clip beforehand (here's more praise for it), I was most excitedly looking forward to seeing what will happen after the song. Well, there was no kiss, obviously (though I bet it crossed the mind of at least one of them), Blaine only stated that Kurt was much better than the girl he will perform it with will be. A stereotypical female would overanalyse that comment and draw some interesting conclusions, but I'll restrain myself.

When Blaine exits the room Mr. Schue shows up, and Kurt tells him that Blaine is just a friend, "but on the upside, I'm in love with him and he's actually gay. I call that progress." Aw, Kurt. So we got a confirmation. Now we only have that Blaine kid to figure out. But, without going to overanalysing, I'd say his thoughts can't have been totally innocent when he asked Kurt to rehearse a song like that with him. Why not rehearse with the girl? Ah Blaine, you're so busted. You sneaky fox. I'm excited to see how the relationship will develop... Personally, I'd like to go dig around in Blaine's closets, because I need some skeletons. He's just too perfect now. Kurt deserves more than that. (More than too perfect...? Aw, anyway.)

 Random thoughts:
- I can't believe the teacher threw a shoe at them when they were carolling. Come ON, I like that song!
- Brittany to the mall elf lady: "To be honest, I don't understand the difference between an elf and a slave." & "Just know, you have rights."
- My favourites of the gleeclubbers Christmas wishes: 1) Lauren: "I want Puckerman to love me, because he's a fox. And sweet potato fries." 2) Mike: "I want Channing Tatum to stop being in stuff."
- A band member had a line! Wohooo! The guitarist who's hair is like a cute mop says: "Should we like, leave?" Go, mop hair boy, go!
- Will's ideas for Sue's Secret Santa gift: 1) A dog robot 2) A soul. Awesome.
- Brittany about her gift to the homeless kids: "It's a dollhouse. At least their dolls won't be homeless."
- That final scene didn't strike me as sweet and emotional as I expected. And I think I know why: no Kurt! Gee, why? He's still part of the family, right? He better be somewhere on the couch by the fire cuddling with Blaine, otherwise I'm just not swallowing this.

Aww, the glee of Christmas. What is not that gleeful is the fact that Glee is now on a hiatus, and we have to wait until February before the next episode. NOOOO! Oh, I'll make it. I'm a big tough girl. (Insert a trembling lower lip here.)

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