Dec 8, 2010

... Because TV screen is just not big enough for some of them!

Some members of the Glee cast have been lucky enough to land roles outside television, on the big screen. In other words, they're cheating on Glee! How dare they??

 Okay, I'll forgive them. Let's call this an open relationship: fooling around in movies is alright as long as they remember that their true love is in McKinley High! So go on, enjoy your steamy affairs with motion pictures.

This piece of news just came up today: our very own Chris Colfer (WHAAAT?? Chris?? E tu mi, Brute??) has landed a role in a comedic coming-of-age story called Struck by Lightning. I don't know about the plot yet, but I truly agree with the author of this text, who was hoping the film would be about 'an awkward teen who becomes a falsetto-voiced superstar and crime-fighting ninja after he is hit by a lightning bolt'. That would totally be my new favourite film. Totally.

Furthermore, it's been WRITTEN BY CHRIS HIMSELF. I mean, is that the most awesome thing ever or what?? I'm just so irrationally excited for the kid! I want him to win a Tony and an Oscar and a Nobel and to find a cure for AIDS, so that I can praise him a bit more. Eh, oh well, for now I'm just happy that things are going great for him. And that we'll probably still get to enjoy his talents after the graduation of the Glee cast.

Moving on! Here's the trailer of I Am Number Four, starring Dianna Agron aka Quinn. The film looks a bit freakish and it's not probably my cup of tea, exactly, but looks like Quinn gets to kick some ass, which is of course awesome. It'll be interesting to see how she'll do! Thumbs up, of course (my loyalty overcomes my occasional dislike for Ms. Head Cheerio, this time).

Finally, Lea Michele will be starring in a film called New Year's Eve. Tell me it's not another one of these Valentine's Day thingys...? Oh, it is. Sigh. Oh well. Good for her.

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