Dec 5, 2010

Day 17 – A song that makes you laugh

U Can't Touch This makes me laugh for two reasons: 1) The scene is amusingly ridiculous. They wear those idiotic clothes and go dance in a libary to get some bad reputation? Haha... That librarian's face is priceless... Though if I remember correctly, she actually liked the performance. Artie is hilarious and Brittany's dancing already stood out back then. 2) I remember once bumping into a Facebook group called 'I hate it when I'm with MC Hammer and he doesn't let me touch anything' and cracking up very badly... I can imagine someone walking in a room, trying to touch things, and MC Hammer popping up and saying: "You can't touch this!" Hahahahha.. Okay, not that funny anymore. Anyways.

My-my-my-my music hits me so hard
Makes me say, oh my lord thank you for blessing me
With a mind to rhyme and two hyped feet

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