Dec 17, 2010

Day 29 – A song you sing when you’re drunk

Bad Romance is one of those songs that make me go embarrassingly crazy on the dance floor when the DJ is kind enough to put it on. On one particular evening I was out with a friend and had just arrived to the club. It was quite early and there were no dancers yet, but when this started to play we literally ran to the floor and put on a show that must have been, eh, a joy to watch. I remember us singing the 'I don't wanna be friends' part with such gusto and devotion that our voices probably topped Gaga's. Haha.

In Glee this is one of my favourite group performances. The costumes only are so insanely awesome! And how about a round of applause for Chris Colfer for prancing around on those heels? Respect, man.

I want your psycho, your vertical stick
Want you in my rear window, baby, you're sick
I want your love

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