Dec 16, 2010

Glee cast at the 2010 Hollywood Style Awards

Here's Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Jayma Mays and Chris Colfer (who was just nominated for SAG award along with Jane Lynch - second nominations for both of them this week, I'm so insanely thrilled for them, especially for the one who hasn't won an Emmy yet) at the Hollywood Style Awards. Don't they look just faaaab? They do, kind of.

I'm no Kurt, but I think Lea's dress is a bit odd and Cory's choice of outfit is boring and the colour Jayma is wearing is not the pretiest one, but I guess that's just fashion. Chris, however, looks very cute, but I'd probably say that even if he was wearing... um... Snap, couldn't come up with anything witty. Oh hey, I know! Even if he was wearing an ugly weird orange shirt like the one he's wearing here. (And, yeah, still the cutest thing ever! Not thanks to the shirt, though. Just thanks to Chris being... Chris. Aww. Marry me.)


Pia said...

Grrrrr, Cory is so handsome :DD

Eeva said...

Yep, not bad at all. ;)