Feb 21, 2011

2x13 Comeback / the power of Bieber

To get straight and ruthlessly to the point, I think Comeback might have been one of the lamest episodes ever. But not for the reasons I expected it to be that. (Yes, I didn't expect wonders from this episode. I didn't even have time to look forward to it, in fact.) I knew it would be a lot about Sam and that it'd pretty much be a Justin Bieber tribute episode. Now, my knowledge about the mentioned young artist was previously restricted to the chorus of the song Baby. So I wasn't too excited about that aspect of the episode. Neither about the Sam aspect. Because he was my least favourite character and I despised him. Noticed my weird use of the past tense? Alright, let me explain myself.

So, Sam is afraid he's losing Quinn (because she's pretty and sometimes she wears nice clothes. I can't think of any other reasons). As he isn't much of a hunter, he decides to woo her with the aid of rock 'n' roll. Which he more than logically associates with... Justin Bieber. Because "who's more rock 'n' roll than Justin Bieber"? ... Duh? Hmm. Anyway, he starts a one man cover band named The Justin Bieber Experience.

Now let's talk about that Baby number. What happened there? Before, my sentiments were: 1) gosh, this song is so crappy, I can't believe Glee is doing it, 2) Sam is such an awful character, I wish he'd just shut up and 3) he's not even that good-looking. By the chorus, they'd turned into: 1) quoting Tina, "this is actually a very good song", 2) Sam is so sweet, and I wish the whole episode, the whole season will be about him and 3) ah, take me now, you delicious piece of eye candy.

I hope you caught the exaggeration above. But honestly, I'm not totally kidding! This episode kind of restored my hopes for the character. He reminded me of the geeky, awkward boy, who speaks Na'vi and who we saw in Audition and Duets. Apparently, all it took was a Justin Bieber song and a Darth Vader imitation and tadah! I suddenly like Sam again. How freaky is that. I guess you should never underestimate the power of Bieber. My inner teenage girl was very happy when he combed his hair like that and did those silly dance moves. I almost felt like screaming. Almost. (Note: I didn't. I'm trying to save the remains of my dignity here...)

Let's now move on from Justin Bieber and Sam, to the less satisfactory aspects of the episode. (I can't believe I just wrote a sentence like that. And that it's 100% truthful. What happening to the world? And to Glee.) The plot lines of the episode were a bit messy and incoherent and didn't really meet. There was Rachel attempting a comeback and that was alright but I could've done without it. There was a diva off between Rachel and Mercedes, but it was way less epic than the last one. I never learned to like Rent, really. There was the Puck/Lauren story line, that didn't really go anywhere, but it gave us a chance to see Glee club in their underwear, which was one of the highlights of the episode. Sue is of course a dominatrix and Finn hasn't bought new underwear since he was six.

And then the Sue storyline... Yes, Sue is one of the best things that the invention of television has brought to the world. BUT, I have to say I didn't like what was done with her in Comeback. Okay, she wants to commit Sue-icide, and thus she joins Glee club. And it's just as bad as it sounds. But it gets worse. To prove there is something good in the heart of Sue, Will takes her to sing songs with sick kids in a cancer ward. Call me... whatever you like, but I have never felt that awkward and embarrassed (and not in a good way!) when watching Glee. Sure, I can buy that Will goes to cheer the poor sick children up in a regular basis, because he is a 24/7 do-gooder. But cute sick kids? Seriously, Glee? You shouldn't have to resort to singing sick kids to rouse the audience's emotions, at least never before you had to. Second, we already know that there is good in Sue's heart. We've seen the good Sue/bad Sue storylines before, and as much as we embrace the humane side of Sue, enough is enough and too much is too much.

So. Comeback was one of my least favourite episodes ever. I liked Sam and disliked Sue, which was shocking to say the least. The Justin Bieber hit was the musical highlight of the episode, which means it didn't introduce many keepers in the music front. (Somebody to Love was boring. The performance had certain boyband-ish charm, but the song gets stuck in your head and I've been humming it all day. Annoying. Sing was alright, and I guess I could grow to like it. I Know What Boys Like entertained me very much, but it only works in the context of the episode, not as an individual song.)

Rest of my random thoughts:

- Sue knows how to stop her own heart. It's part of her CIA training. Duh?
- "Will, you have more grease in your hair that the guy behind Wikileaks."
- Brittany was a bit of a bitch in the episode. I don't like it. It doesn't suit her. But those legwarmers look pretty good in your arms, actually. I might copy that.
- "No one ever thought me how to read a calendar."
- Emma's "I'm too depressed to even open this pamphlet" pamphlet.
- Sponge-Hair Square-Chin
- Anthem = bottom of an ant's pants. "So close. SO close!"
- "Dude, that haircut makes your mouth look even bigger."
- "I got to get that girl on my Cheerios."
- Puck's Bieber hair was funny. But I'd advise him to stick with the Mohawk.
- Sue is the new coach of Aural Intensity. Okay. This I kind of dig.
- Santana and Sam? Let's see how that'll develop...
- I don't know how I feel about them writing an original song for Regionals. Covers have always been the Thing about Glee. It could be awful. So I'm quite sceptical about this.
- No Kurt. In the whole episode. My god! We better get an extra large portion next week.

Next week...

Feb 15, 2011

2x12 Silly Love Songs / here I go again... I LOVE GLEE!

This week Last week it was all about one word. Mind sharing it with us, Brittany? "Love! ...I'm totally gonna graduate now!" Indeed. Love is all around. And there's only one way to look at the plot twists of the episode.

Lauren/Puck: Yes! I wanted a romance and I got a romance. As far-fetched as a relationship between a badass gigolo and a grumpy, overweight wrestler girl might sound, it works and it's fun to watch and it doesn't seem silly at all! As Puck so wisely stated, you don't choose love, love chooses you. She doesn't take his attention like you'd expect her to take, but she turns him down over and over again and practically makes him beg. They are two awesome badasses and I'm all in for this pairing!

Finn/Quinn: And the award for being the biggest douche goes to... Finn Hudson! Congratulations and shame on you, boy! Winning the championship clearly went straight to his head and smug doesn't look good on him. He's never been the sharpest pencil in the... pencil case, but he was never a douche before. At the same time, I have to admit, I like looking at this new side of him. He also gets another award for being the biggest hypocrite: leaving Rachel for cheating and proceeding to woo another man's woman. And Quinn is wooed easily. Enjoy your mono, you lousy cheaters.

Quinn/Sam: I actually feel a bit bad for Sam. Who knew. Maybe there is something to that character after all.

Finn/Rachel: So is it really over now, for good? No, I've never been the biggest Finchel person, but they always were kind of the core relationship of the show, like Marissa and Ryan, and Meredith and Dr McDreamy, and Ridge and Brooke or whatever the other woman he is married to often is called. And if Finn never saw fireworks when he kissed Rachel, does that mean he never really loved her? Hmm. A surprising turn of events, but honestly, I don't mind too much. It seemed like a final parting of the ways, but well, they might still crawl back to each other eventually.

Tina/Mike & Brittany/Artie: All is well. For now.

Kurt/Blaine: The Kiss is still waiting to happen. Ooh, they sure like to torture us. No, but seriously, I quite like the way they're handling this. It didn't look too good at first: Blaine confession that he is in love with someone and then knowing Kurt's coffee order and whoom, there goes poor Kurtie, sinking ever deeper into his pink daydreams... The heartbreak was bound to hit eventually. It did, and when Blaine announced that he's in love with junior manager of Gap, the look on Kurt's face broke some extra hearts, as well.

And then, Kurt showed that he's done some serious growing up since the Finn Thing last season: he didn't try to sabotage anything, quite the opposite, gritting his teeth he encouraged Blaine to go for it. Luckily the Jeremiah guy was a bit of a douche with a good hair, and didn't appreciate Blaine's serenade (nor the fact that it got him fired). I loved the look on Kurt's face, trying hide his satisfaction under a fake look of sympathy.

And Blaine, aw, I liked him more now than even before. He's no longer Mr Perfect; turns out his just as clueless as the rest of us. Before he was sort of a guide, an adviser for Kurt, always doing and saying the right thing, but now they seem more equal. And even though they decided take it extremely slow, careful not to harm their friendship, there was the mention of When Harry Met Sally. And yes, Blaine, they do get together in the end. I just hope it doesn't take that long for Kurt and Blaine.

Santana: Ms Lopez deserves a place among the couples, even though she was left without a pair in the episode, because she rocked! Just rocked. Hard. She might be the ultimate bitch, but still, who wouldn't like the character? Like she said herself, she "keeps it real and is hilarious". Santana was definitely behind the best oneliners in Silly Love Songs. To mention a few: "I've kissed Finn. And can I just say, not worth a buck" & "You're addicted to vests" & "I've had mono so many times it turned into stereo." Haha. The voiceover was brilliant and I'm not even getting started with the EPIC Santana/Lauren cat fight. But this is how much I'll say: it was freaking EPIC.

And, behind all the bitchy remarks and evil revenge schemes, there is a heart with feelings in there somwhere. Just the very uncharacteristic breakdown in the hallway (after Rachel points out that the only job she'll ever have is on a pole) proves that. The poor girl is just a bit lonely.

Let's look at the musical numbers then! Fat Bottomed Girls was so extremely rude and offensive... and yet somehow pretty hot. I guess that's just Puck for you. I loved the reactions of Santana, Rachel and Mercedes when they realise who he's singing to. And Lauren, she's just awesome. With that shy expression she had on her face while he was singing one expected her to jump him and kiss him senseless afterwards, but nah. "That was the first time anyone ever sang me a love song. And it made me feel like crap." Go, Lauren.

P.Y.T didn't blow me away, but it was nice enough. Anything with Mike's dance moves is a big plus. And Artie and Brittany are just adorable: "That's my man and his legs don't work!"

My favourite number of the episode had to be When I Get You Alone. First, the setting was a nice change to the endless performances in the auditorium and the choir room. They should get out more often! Second, Kurt's reactions were quite delicious. Cuddling that headless mannequin and all that. Aww. And third, Darren just rocked it. Very groovy.

Firework is a pretty lousy song. But Lea did a good job with it. The song sort of marked the end of the Finchel era and the beginning of the next one, when Rachel will hopefully concentrate on becoming a star. There's no longer a Finn hanging around her neck, dragging her down. Now there's just a star, reminding her of her lifelong dream. It's quite poetic, really. (Still, no more Katy Perry, please. Teenage Dream can't be topped.)

Silly Love Songs... AWW! Total sweetness. A few comments: 1) Blaine thinks love will never come to Santana. She's not too happy about it. 2) Kurt loves Mercedes and Rachel. Aww. 3) Blaine totally sang that one "I love you" directly to Kurt. Double aww.

Rest of my random thoughts:

- The Warblers can be pretty amusing. That "You mock us, sir!" line nearly made me fall off my chair.
- The girls' (and Kurt's) night in was adorable. Kurt, Rachel and Mercedes are like totally BFF's.
- It's fun to see the ex-Cheerios out of their uniforms, dressed in normal clothes.
- Sam: "I'm pretty but I ain't dumb." Haha.
- Mike described himself as "the quiet skinny Asian kid". Adorable.
- There was something very funny about Finn's delivery of the line "Pervert", after Sam said he wants to see him kiss Quinn.
- "If he and I got married, Gap woul give me 50% discount." That was Blaine's gayest line ever.
- "No one here knows I'm gay." "Can I be honest? Just with the hair, I think they do."
- Lauren: "I don't think you're ready for this jelly."
- Puck has never been in a library before.
- Tina's weepy My Funny Valnetine was so awkward, but was saved by "I'm so overcome with love! I love you, Mike Chang!"
- Quinn: "I've cheated twice in my life. First time I got pregnant. Second time I got mono. I think the universe is trying to tell me something."
- The brief exchange of looks between Sam and Santana... Hmm?

Next week This week Sam goes all Justin Bieber and Sue joins Glee club. This you don't want to miss. Just because you want to make sure it won't be as bad as it sounds.

Feb 14, 2011

Glee Quote of the Week

"Kiss my ass, Josh Groban! I'm an internationally-ranked cheerleading coach!"

 Sue Sylvester / Journey

Feb 9, 2011

Glee cast on a Chevrolet commercial

This was made for the Super Bowl, I think. Loving it!

... Speaking of loving it, I just saw the Valentine's Day episode. Aww with a capital A!

Feb 8, 2011

2x11 The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle / what a THRILL!

Gleeeee! It's back from the dead! Or from the break, however you like it. Either way, I have only one thing to say: YAY! (...My inner poet in sneakily emerging.) And a few other things, too. There was a lot, a LOT of hype going on about this episode, Super Bowl and all that. They had to impress all those extra viewers and at the same time satisfy the Gleeks, whose hunger had been growing bigger and bigger during the hiatus. I'm not sure how they generally lived up to the hype, but right here there is one very satisfied fan. Not that I'm usually a particularly tough crowd to please, but anyway. It was pretty massive and at times I got a feeling I was watching Glee the Movie.

To elaborate, I wasn't exactly too crazy about all the musical numbers. The opening, Cheerios doing a number to California Gurls, didn't live up to the hype, and when Sue said she was bored, I was able to see why. (The number they did once upon a time in the beginning of the Madonna episode was so much better!) Puck and Rachel's Need You Now was, however, very sweet! After all those endless Rachel/Finn duets, this was just what I needed! I wasn't bored here. Then the Warbles appeared in the middle of the episode and did Bills, Bills, Bills, which I'm sorry to say didn't fire me up at all. First, it was quite pointless and felt like a forced attempt to fit them to the episode. Second, that song is pretty lousy. I mean, Darren Criss is known to do wonders with mediocre pop songs, but even he can't do magic out of nothing.

Then the zombies! She's Not There was a nice intro to the main event, meaning of course the superhyped Thriller/Head Will Roll mash-up. And yes, it was pretty epic. Too much hype rarely does good to anything, and coming out of nowhere that number would've no doubt blown every single mind out of the park. Still, that was one of the most massive (if not the most) numbers Glee has ever brought us; the make up and the costumes were stunning (especially Artie was insanely scary-looking!). I can't wait to put that song to the test in one of my private, fierce late-nigh dance sessions. (Oops, I didn't say that out loud, did I?)

The plot twists in the episode were quick and frequent and what's more, there was a surprising amount of some very nice character development! The Glee club/football team quarrel got bigger and badder than ever and there were also some conflicts within the club. The club and the team were forced to join forces, which immidiately lowers the team's status, and soon they all get a taste of their own medicine also known as sluchies in the face. That is too much for the guys so they quit their teamwork with Glee club, and thus choose not to play in the championship game, either.

But no worries, the Glee girls take their place! Which is awesome. Lauren the wrestler is in it to taste some blood ("Bring the pain!") and I really wanted to see her tackle some huge stud of the opposite team. Rachel is more adorable than ever when she screams from inside her huge helmet (decorated with golden stars): "Let's kick some ass!" And Tina really does! Instead of just laying down with the other girls she grabs the ball speeds through the field until some idiot tackles her. And just as everyone thinks she's paralyzed or something she says: "Did we win?" Aw. Best Tina moment ever. And Mike is super sweet as a worried boyfriend.

Then Finn talks Quinn, Santana and Brittany to walk out on Sue, who thus loses her big Cheerios competition and ends up winning the title of Loser of the Year ("Sucks for you."), and Puck talks the rest of the football team to return. Then they win of course, as they've learned diversion is always the best strategy! (I half-expected them to start doing Single Ladies again...)

Beiste is seriously awesome. Now that things are a bit awkward with Emma, Beiste pairs up with Will so very well, they're now offering advice and a shoulder to each other and it's great! And then she sang along in the Need You Now number, yeeeah! She's so badass and at the same time so sweet. Awesome character.

Talking about awesome characters, there's some development in the Dave Karofsky front! Yes! The redemption is on the way, just as I hoped! But - just as I hoped - it's not coming too easily. He still gets on edge whenever someone mentions Kurt or being gay or anything to that direction. There's still a long way to go before we can forgive him for the death treath and all that, but even if my sympathies were running extremely low at a certain point, I do feel kind of sorry for him once again. Can't wait to see how they'll short him out in the end. (I know there's that new Lady Gaga song involved! Which is awesome. Remember when he bashed Kurt and the others in the Gaga episode? Hope they'll dress him in raw meat... or not. Haha.) Oh, and Max Adler's acting was top-notch in this episode! Go, mister, go! I can hardly wait to hear him sing. The character seemed to enjoy performing, so I'd imagine he'll join Glee club sooner or later...

Finn and Puck are bonding again. And also, Finn and Quinn are getting closer to the ultimate high school cliche, again (though this time she's not the head Cheerio anymore). Everything that causes Sam headaches is fine with me, so as far as I'm concerned, go for it, you love birds! I'd like things really to mix up.

I also want Kurt to return to McKinley. Please, I'm begging you! I already missed him a lot in the Christmas episode, but now I really think he's spent enough time with the Warblers (as great as they can be). It's not really him getting less attention, it's the fact that there's a personality missing from the choir room, one less person swaying in the background firing awesome comments once in a while. Of course we did get one in this episode, too: "Blaine and I love football. Well, Blaine loves football. I love scarves." Haha. I've also missed the funny Kurt. Anyway, time to transfer back to McKinley, mate! Do bring Blaine with you.

Rest of my random thoughts:

- Sue finds it funny when people slap themselves with 'chicken cutlets'.
- Sue's journal is back! Yaay! It's almost legendary by now.
- Beiste: "You're not gonna try and kiss me again, are you?" Haha, you rock, woman!
- Brittany: "I don't wanna die. At least not before One Tree Hill is canceled."
- "I'm torn." "I'm not." "I'm Brittany."
- Brittany: "How many M's are there in the letter R?" Aw, that girl...
- I love it how everytime Sue throws one of her mega tantrums there is that dramatic background music... Hahaha...
- Sue is a bigger loser than economy, Mel Gibson and the Dallas Cowboys.
- Sam is trying to take over the club. Knew it, you sneaky stud.
- Every night Kurt brings Finn a glass of warm milk. Haha.
- All the hockey players have mullets. I guess that's a requirement.
- I think Finn saw that he hit way under Karofsky's belt with that suggestive comment about him always calling people gay, but never having girlfriends himself.
- Sue Sylvester now has a 'Sue Syvlester' tattooed in her back.

Next... the Valentine's Day episode, named Silly Love Songs. And I'm expecting a lot of Kurt.

Feb 7, 2011

Glee Quote of the Week

"If things get serious, use protection."
"Does he mean like a burglar alarm?"

Burt Hummel & Brittany Pierce / Laryngitis

Feb 6, 2011

Darren Criss on Ellen

So everyone's going on and on about this guy and I never quite understood the hype. But I guess I begin to. He is quite charming, isn't he? A few extra points from Finding Nemo. And of course there's Teenage Dream. And this.

Feb 1, 2011

Glee Quote of the Week

Lindsay Lohan looks like something out of Lord of the Rings.

Emma Pilsbury / The Power of Madonna