Feb 8, 2011

2x11 The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle / what a THRILL!

Gleeeee! It's back from the dead! Or from the break, however you like it. Either way, I have only one thing to say: YAY! (...My inner poet in sneakily emerging.) And a few other things, too. There was a lot, a LOT of hype going on about this episode, Super Bowl and all that. They had to impress all those extra viewers and at the same time satisfy the Gleeks, whose hunger had been growing bigger and bigger during the hiatus. I'm not sure how they generally lived up to the hype, but right here there is one very satisfied fan. Not that I'm usually a particularly tough crowd to please, but anyway. It was pretty massive and at times I got a feeling I was watching Glee the Movie.

To elaborate, I wasn't exactly too crazy about all the musical numbers. The opening, Cheerios doing a number to California Gurls, didn't live up to the hype, and when Sue said she was bored, I was able to see why. (The number they did once upon a time in the beginning of the Madonna episode was so much better!) Puck and Rachel's Need You Now was, however, very sweet! After all those endless Rachel/Finn duets, this was just what I needed! I wasn't bored here. Then the Warbles appeared in the middle of the episode and did Bills, Bills, Bills, which I'm sorry to say didn't fire me up at all. First, it was quite pointless and felt like a forced attempt to fit them to the episode. Second, that song is pretty lousy. I mean, Darren Criss is known to do wonders with mediocre pop songs, but even he can't do magic out of nothing.

Then the zombies! She's Not There was a nice intro to the main event, meaning of course the superhyped Thriller/Head Will Roll mash-up. And yes, it was pretty epic. Too much hype rarely does good to anything, and coming out of nowhere that number would've no doubt blown every single mind out of the park. Still, that was one of the most massive (if not the most) numbers Glee has ever brought us; the make up and the costumes were stunning (especially Artie was insanely scary-looking!). I can't wait to put that song to the test in one of my private, fierce late-nigh dance sessions. (Oops, I didn't say that out loud, did I?)

The plot twists in the episode were quick and frequent and what's more, there was a surprising amount of some very nice character development! The Glee club/football team quarrel got bigger and badder than ever and there were also some conflicts within the club. The club and the team were forced to join forces, which immidiately lowers the team's status, and soon they all get a taste of their own medicine also known as sluchies in the face. That is too much for the guys so they quit their teamwork with Glee club, and thus choose not to play in the championship game, either.

But no worries, the Glee girls take their place! Which is awesome. Lauren the wrestler is in it to taste some blood ("Bring the pain!") and I really wanted to see her tackle some huge stud of the opposite team. Rachel is more adorable than ever when she screams from inside her huge helmet (decorated with golden stars): "Let's kick some ass!" And Tina really does! Instead of just laying down with the other girls she grabs the ball speeds through the field until some idiot tackles her. And just as everyone thinks she's paralyzed or something she says: "Did we win?" Aw. Best Tina moment ever. And Mike is super sweet as a worried boyfriend.

Then Finn talks Quinn, Santana and Brittany to walk out on Sue, who thus loses her big Cheerios competition and ends up winning the title of Loser of the Year ("Sucks for you."), and Puck talks the rest of the football team to return. Then they win of course, as they've learned diversion is always the best strategy! (I half-expected them to start doing Single Ladies again...)

Beiste is seriously awesome. Now that things are a bit awkward with Emma, Beiste pairs up with Will so very well, they're now offering advice and a shoulder to each other and it's great! And then she sang along in the Need You Now number, yeeeah! She's so badass and at the same time so sweet. Awesome character.

Talking about awesome characters, there's some development in the Dave Karofsky front! Yes! The redemption is on the way, just as I hoped! But - just as I hoped - it's not coming too easily. He still gets on edge whenever someone mentions Kurt or being gay or anything to that direction. There's still a long way to go before we can forgive him for the death treath and all that, but even if my sympathies were running extremely low at a certain point, I do feel kind of sorry for him once again. Can't wait to see how they'll short him out in the end. (I know there's that new Lady Gaga song involved! Which is awesome. Remember when he bashed Kurt and the others in the Gaga episode? Hope they'll dress him in raw meat... or not. Haha.) Oh, and Max Adler's acting was top-notch in this episode! Go, mister, go! I can hardly wait to hear him sing. The character seemed to enjoy performing, so I'd imagine he'll join Glee club sooner or later...

Finn and Puck are bonding again. And also, Finn and Quinn are getting closer to the ultimate high school cliche, again (though this time she's not the head Cheerio anymore). Everything that causes Sam headaches is fine with me, so as far as I'm concerned, go for it, you love birds! I'd like things really to mix up.

I also want Kurt to return to McKinley. Please, I'm begging you! I already missed him a lot in the Christmas episode, but now I really think he's spent enough time with the Warblers (as great as they can be). It's not really him getting less attention, it's the fact that there's a personality missing from the choir room, one less person swaying in the background firing awesome comments once in a while. Of course we did get one in this episode, too: "Blaine and I love football. Well, Blaine loves football. I love scarves." Haha. I've also missed the funny Kurt. Anyway, time to transfer back to McKinley, mate! Do bring Blaine with you.

Rest of my random thoughts:

- Sue finds it funny when people slap themselves with 'chicken cutlets'.
- Sue's journal is back! Yaay! It's almost legendary by now.
- Beiste: "You're not gonna try and kiss me again, are you?" Haha, you rock, woman!
- Brittany: "I don't wanna die. At least not before One Tree Hill is canceled."
- "I'm torn." "I'm not." "I'm Brittany."
- Brittany: "How many M's are there in the letter R?" Aw, that girl...
- I love it how everytime Sue throws one of her mega tantrums there is that dramatic background music... Hahaha...
- Sue is a bigger loser than economy, Mel Gibson and the Dallas Cowboys.
- Sam is trying to take over the club. Knew it, you sneaky stud.
- Every night Kurt brings Finn a glass of warm milk. Haha.
- All the hockey players have mullets. I guess that's a requirement.
- I think Finn saw that he hit way under Karofsky's belt with that suggestive comment about him always calling people gay, but never having girlfriends himself.
- Sue Sylvester now has a 'Sue Syvlester' tattooed in her back.

Next... the Valentine's Day episode, named Silly Love Songs. And I'm expecting a lot of Kurt.


Harri said...

Ahaha, I loved...no, I lllloved or loooooved it! I ended up loving every musical number in this episode, they were so cool. Especially Thriller/Head Will Roll was superb, and those costumes, they were loveable. I think I'm going to dress zombie-Finn next halloween...:D No just kidding, but that would be cool!

And so much cool character moments (not much scenes with Kurt in it, though): Rachel screaming on the field, Brittany's great lines, Sue's tattoo, Beaste just being there etc....

Brains, brain, braaaaaains! I can't wait for next week's ep!

Reta said...

Ooh I think this situation with Karofsky is getting really interesting! He isn't some random foodball jerk anymore, he has a reason to be angry. Or at least watchers can understand why his behaviour is what it is.
Looking for next episode. (Looking for more Kurt!) Valentine's Day, interesting.

Eeva said...

Harri: I lllllllloooooooooved it too! A lot. Aw, Glee. The makeup indeed was awesome! Finn was hardly recognisable. The shortage of Kurt was unfortunate, but at least the stopped by to make that scarf comment...

Reta: Really interesting indeed! Redeeming the character will take some time, but I love that they're now beginning to look past the creepy jerk side of him. Can't wait to see what happens with him next or how he'll react when he sees Kurt again.