Feb 21, 2011

2x13 Comeback / the power of Bieber

To get straight and ruthlessly to the point, I think Comeback might have been one of the lamest episodes ever. But not for the reasons I expected it to be that. (Yes, I didn't expect wonders from this episode. I didn't even have time to look forward to it, in fact.) I knew it would be a lot about Sam and that it'd pretty much be a Justin Bieber tribute episode. Now, my knowledge about the mentioned young artist was previously restricted to the chorus of the song Baby. So I wasn't too excited about that aspect of the episode. Neither about the Sam aspect. Because he was my least favourite character and I despised him. Noticed my weird use of the past tense? Alright, let me explain myself.

So, Sam is afraid he's losing Quinn (because she's pretty and sometimes she wears nice clothes. I can't think of any other reasons). As he isn't much of a hunter, he decides to woo her with the aid of rock 'n' roll. Which he more than logically associates with... Justin Bieber. Because "who's more rock 'n' roll than Justin Bieber"? ... Duh? Hmm. Anyway, he starts a one man cover band named The Justin Bieber Experience.

Now let's talk about that Baby number. What happened there? Before, my sentiments were: 1) gosh, this song is so crappy, I can't believe Glee is doing it, 2) Sam is such an awful character, I wish he'd just shut up and 3) he's not even that good-looking. By the chorus, they'd turned into: 1) quoting Tina, "this is actually a very good song", 2) Sam is so sweet, and I wish the whole episode, the whole season will be about him and 3) ah, take me now, you delicious piece of eye candy.

I hope you caught the exaggeration above. But honestly, I'm not totally kidding! This episode kind of restored my hopes for the character. He reminded me of the geeky, awkward boy, who speaks Na'vi and who we saw in Audition and Duets. Apparently, all it took was a Justin Bieber song and a Darth Vader imitation and tadah! I suddenly like Sam again. How freaky is that. I guess you should never underestimate the power of Bieber. My inner teenage girl was very happy when he combed his hair like that and did those silly dance moves. I almost felt like screaming. Almost. (Note: I didn't. I'm trying to save the remains of my dignity here...)

Let's now move on from Justin Bieber and Sam, to the less satisfactory aspects of the episode. (I can't believe I just wrote a sentence like that. And that it's 100% truthful. What happening to the world? And to Glee.) The plot lines of the episode were a bit messy and incoherent and didn't really meet. There was Rachel attempting a comeback and that was alright but I could've done without it. There was a diva off between Rachel and Mercedes, but it was way less epic than the last one. I never learned to like Rent, really. There was the Puck/Lauren story line, that didn't really go anywhere, but it gave us a chance to see Glee club in their underwear, which was one of the highlights of the episode. Sue is of course a dominatrix and Finn hasn't bought new underwear since he was six.

And then the Sue storyline... Yes, Sue is one of the best things that the invention of television has brought to the world. BUT, I have to say I didn't like what was done with her in Comeback. Okay, she wants to commit Sue-icide, and thus she joins Glee club. And it's just as bad as it sounds. But it gets worse. To prove there is something good in the heart of Sue, Will takes her to sing songs with sick kids in a cancer ward. Call me... whatever you like, but I have never felt that awkward and embarrassed (and not in a good way!) when watching Glee. Sure, I can buy that Will goes to cheer the poor sick children up in a regular basis, because he is a 24/7 do-gooder. But cute sick kids? Seriously, Glee? You shouldn't have to resort to singing sick kids to rouse the audience's emotions, at least never before you had to. Second, we already know that there is good in Sue's heart. We've seen the good Sue/bad Sue storylines before, and as much as we embrace the humane side of Sue, enough is enough and too much is too much.

So. Comeback was one of my least favourite episodes ever. I liked Sam and disliked Sue, which was shocking to say the least. The Justin Bieber hit was the musical highlight of the episode, which means it didn't introduce many keepers in the music front. (Somebody to Love was boring. The performance had certain boyband-ish charm, but the song gets stuck in your head and I've been humming it all day. Annoying. Sing was alright, and I guess I could grow to like it. I Know What Boys Like entertained me very much, but it only works in the context of the episode, not as an individual song.)

Rest of my random thoughts:

- Sue knows how to stop her own heart. It's part of her CIA training. Duh?
- "Will, you have more grease in your hair that the guy behind Wikileaks."
- Brittany was a bit of a bitch in the episode. I don't like it. It doesn't suit her. But those legwarmers look pretty good in your arms, actually. I might copy that.
- "No one ever thought me how to read a calendar."
- Emma's "I'm too depressed to even open this pamphlet" pamphlet.
- Sponge-Hair Square-Chin
- Anthem = bottom of an ant's pants. "So close. SO close!"
- "Dude, that haircut makes your mouth look even bigger."
- "I got to get that girl on my Cheerios."
- Puck's Bieber hair was funny. But I'd advise him to stick with the Mohawk.
- Sue is the new coach of Aural Intensity. Okay. This I kind of dig.
- Santana and Sam? Let's see how that'll develop...
- I don't know how I feel about them writing an original song for Regionals. Covers have always been the Thing about Glee. It could be awful. So I'm quite sceptical about this.
- No Kurt. In the whole episode. My god! We better get an extra large portion next week.

Next week...

... The Glee kids finally do something I've been waiting for them to do since the very beginning of the show! They get WASTED! Hahahaaa! And I'll settle with nothing less than AWESOME. They better freaking deliver after this week.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think the episode was that bad. Sam and Bieber was pretty hilarious. But I was definitely severely disappointed in the lack of Kurt. He's my favorite character! They'd better put in twice as much of him next week! Just saying...

Eeva said...

Oh well, the Sam/Bieber storyline was pretty much the only thing I liked about the episode. Hoping for some serious improvement next week. And DEFINITELY more Kurt. Please!