Feb 9, 2011

Glee cast on a Chevrolet commercial

This was made for the Super Bowl, I think. Loving it!

... Speaking of loving it, I just saw the Valentine's Day episode. Aww with a capital A!


Harri said...

Haha, I would buy a Chevy! Awesome ad. :D

And yeah, the Valentine's Day episode was great. A lot of Kurt (not solo songs though)! I kinda like pairing Puck and that...hmh...wrestler girl whatever-her-name-was.

But no Sue! I'm expecting to see plenty of super/Sue-per Sue moments next week!

Eeva said...

I'd buy one too, though I didn't really pay much attention on the cars in the ad... :D

YES, I'm too missing the Kurt solos. And YES, I too like Puck and Lauren. Two badasses! :D And... YES, no Sue, but judging by the promo there will be loads next week! Yay!

I'll again write a post about the ep, with lots of speculation and praise, but unfortunately that'll have to wait until next week.

Anonymous said...

Why is there no Kurt in the Glee Chevy commercial?
Is it because he is gay?

Eeva said...

I don't know, I missed him in it, too! But I doubt it's the gay thing... There was no Finn, either!