Mar 15, 2011

2x14 Blame It on the Alcohol... and we do

Okay, it is a bit ironic that as I begin to write the post about the episode Blame It on the Alcohol, it's 4 PM and I'm sipping wine. Just to be clear, afternoon wine is not my usual habit. It's just that my flatmate poured me a glass (or a cup, a plastic cup... classy!) and I couldn't say no. And it's just a glass so I guarantee this will be a very civilised and formal post. Or not. But I'm not going to blame it on the alcohol!

... Unlike our friends at McKinley, who get a little tipsy. Or, let's be honest, wasted. Like really wasted. I've been waiting for an episode like this for ages. Teens party, they drink and they do stupid things while doing it, so it's a bit unnatural it took Glee so long to bring the matter on the table. But, better late than never. And I, myself, am a big fan of this episode. Let's have a closer look, then.

Rachel's dads are away for the weekend, on a Rosie O'Donnell cruise. Puck immidiately spots an opportunity and suggests she should throw a party for the Glee kids. Rachel, surprise surprise, refuses the proposition, but as Finn gently criticizes the song she's writing about her headband - called 'My Headband' (and let's just say, it was very refreshing to hear a song without the auto tune) - she decides to, in Finn's words, do a little livin', to be able to write better songs. And so, The Rachel Berry House Party Trainwrack Extravaganza is officially a go.

It doesn't begin in a very promising way. Rachel is wearing a weird dress and she hands out drink tickets so everyone can only have two wine coolers. Then she lets Puck break into her dads' liqour cabinet, and... there they go. Everyone gets wasted, except for Finn, who's driving, and Kurt, who's trying to work his charm on Blaine. This is where Finn introduces us to the five drunk girl archetypes (funny he knows a word like that): 1) the weepy/hysterical drunk (Santana), 2) the anger girl drunk (Quinn, Lauren), 3) the girl who turns into a stripper drunk (Brittany), 4) the happy girl drunk (Tina, Mercedes) and 5) the needy girl drunk (Rachel). (Did you find your archetype? I did. I'm four of those.) Rachel doesn't like her categorization, so she decides it's time to play Spin the Bottle. And they do.

And she gets a little smack out of it. The bottle spins and she is ordered to kiss Blaine and I don't know if they see fireworks, but they kind of get into it more than one would expect, knowing his sexual orientation. Can we blame it on the alcohol? We'll see about that. Anyway, we do get a nice Rachel/Blaine duet. Don't You Want Me is a nice song and so is the performance. It's refreshing to see Blaine out of his Warbler uniform and them both more loose than usually (thanks to their blood's alcohol level).

That Rachel so openly shows her interest towards a guy, who she very well knows is also the crush of one of her best friends, can be blamed on the alcohol (yes, I will use that expression for at least five more times). But then comes the morning after, which you'd think she'd spend bashing herself for the stupidities she's commited, but nah, she just informs Kurt that she will go for it: she want to date Blaine, and so she will. Nice, girlfriend.

Kurt also has a talk with Blaine and is quite shocked to find out that the guy who he always looked up to for his confidence and assurance is getting a bit bi-curious. The poor boy doesn't quite know who he is so he wants to experiment. This pisses Kurt off and he gives an anti-bi-speech, which is not all very rational, but I'd blame it on the alcohol fact that the last thing he wants is Blaine to date his friend, or a woman, or anyone else other than him. Anyway, Blaine gets a little upset, and walks out on Kurt with a witty oneliner: "I'd say bye, but I wouldn't wanna make you angry." Touché.

Then Kurt has another talk with Daddy Burt, and again, I'm not sure if I'm on Kurt's side. They talk about house rules and stuff and then Kurt says Burt should 'educate himself', so that he could ask his father about relationship matters as any other teenage boy. What does he mean by that, I don't know. But Burt looks a bit confused for a reason. The thought has occured to me for a few times now, that pretty much every storyline of Kurt's has something to do with him being gay. And yes, I know it's an important matter and I have really loved most of those storylines, but it might be refreshing to see him do and talk about something else, just for the sake of the character.

At McKinley's they're having an Alcohol Awareness Week, because Principal Figgins is worried about the students using so much, um, 'gigglejuice'. The Glee club is assigned to perform a song, highlighting the dangers of teen drinking. Their first choice: Blame It (On The Alcohol). Which is such a cool number, my favourite of the episode. The combination of red and black always looks cool and Artie and Mercedes bring it. But Mr Schue thinks the song glorifies the sinful act of getting drunk, so they have to come up with something else.

 Once again, Mr Schue talks the talk, but doesn't quite walk the walk. Beiste invites him to a night out, and they put their cowboy hats on and have one or two too many and ride bulls. And sing a duet, One Bourbon, One Scotch And One Beer. The song won't be on the top of my playlist, but it's cool to hear Beiste sing, I love that gal! Back in Will's place they have a drunken chat about how drinking isn't necessarily that bad and  exchange some casual I Love Yous. Aw, I think I've found my new favourite Glee BFFs!

When Beiste is off, Will begins to grade some papers ("A+, A+, A+... That's how I roll.") and then commits the ultimate drunken sin: he drunkdials to Emma. And first it's quite sweet but then he says he wants to get crazy and that he was riding a bull and thinking of her. Um, didn't know you had such a dirty old man inside of you, Mr Schue.

For the school assembly, they finally choose to perform one of the most annoying songs of the recent years, Ke§ha's Tik Tok. But I actually liked it! Because of two things, mostly: 1) Principal Figgins's introduction: "... the hit single Tik and also Tok, by raper Ke-dollar-sign-ha..." and his silly hand moves during the song. Aw, gotta love him! 2) Heather 'Smoking' Morris! Helloooo, girl, nice dance moves! That bouncy split! Whoo! The performance, as all of their school assembly performances, ends in a minor crisis, this time involving a lot of vomit, as Brittany and Santana get sick. (I expected them all to puke in turns, √° la Stand by Me and the pie eating competition.) Brittany's feeble attempt to save the situation is: "Everyone drink responsibly." Everyone expects they'll get thrown out from school, but Figgins is only very pleased, as 'the special effects' scared the students so much that the drinking problem is now solved. Achievement!

Finally, Rachel attacks Blaine on a coffee house and gives him a big kiss to prove that they have chemistry, with or without alcohol. Turns out Kurt is right, as Blaine's cheerful and blunt reaction is this: "Yep. I'm gay. 100 % gay. Thank you so much for clearing that up for me, Rachel." Lesson learned: some things CAN be blamed on the alcohol.

Rest of my thoughts:

- "Kurt's been blackmailing me ever since he saw my browser history." Aw, I love the Furt union. I want more brother moments!
- Rachel: "It tastes like pink!" The girl should become a professional wine taster.
- Brittany: "Ke§ha has been a cultural icon for weeks and I really wanna do her justice."
- Will's public humilation is really very humiliating. I feel for the dirty old man.
- Rachel is now very excited, because she has now been in 'a relationship' with a man who turned out to be gay, and this apparently is song writing gold. I sure hope the actual songs will turn out okay, and maybe a bit better than My Headband. The songs are already available, by the way, but I haven't found the courage to listen to them, because I have a sneaky feeling they'll be horribly cheesy and boring. But we'll see.


Miss Holly Holiday aka Gwyneth Paltrow is back! As a sex educator. And she just might give Will Schuester a little tutoring. Hmm. Okay. Interesting. Bring it on.

P.S. Yes, I know I'm late and the ep is already out, but oh well.

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