Mar 29, 2011

2x15 Sexy (more or less)

I don't have much to say about this episode. I didn't like it very much. It was okay and I can't name any particular aspect that I didn't like, but it was just a bit... blah. (I have now disliked(/not very much liked) the episodes 10, 13 and 15. The pattern is a bit too frequent, don't you think? Oh well, the episodes in between (and after!) compensate quite efficiently.)

Ms Holly Holiday is back! She's returned to McKinley High as a sex educator. And boy, aren't some of the Glee kids in the need of some education on that area. Then there is a little spark between Will and Holly and Emma gets a bit jealous and thus Carl does too. There are repeatedly scenes from the meetings of the selibacy club, meant for students and as Emma puts it, also for others "terrified of the hose-monster". Lauren and Puck think about doing a sex tape, but as they find out it would count as child pornography, they too join the selibacy club. Santana and Brittany try something knew and actually talk about their feelings. Meanwhile in Darlton, Blaine marks that Kurt might also be in need of that particular kind of education.

Let's check out the songs now.

Holly's idea of sex education is performing Do You Wanna Touch Me, in a pretty provocative kind of way. But it's pretty fun and Mr Schue does some priceless faces and as I've probably said before, every episode of Glee should just be about Brittany's dancing. No one can get tired of watching that!

Animal is actually a very listenable (yep, coined another word) and dancable, but first when I saw it in the context of the episode, I was too distracted by the weird setting and the screaming school girls and the foam and, most of all, Kurt's 'sexy faces'. Oh lord, for a moment I though they were being serious, but thank god they weren't. Besides, Kurt CAN do sexy, 4 Minutes, anyone, hellooo? But I loved how Blaine (steaming hot, as one would expect) kept glancing at Kurt, like "er, WHAT?".

Kiss, then... All I have to say is that Mr Schue looks pretty hot with some eyeliner on. And that it just looks a bit off when the woman is taller than her dance partner. Sorry, Will.

Landslide is a beautiful song. And I surely will learn to like it after I get over the context... I'll get to the whole Brittany/Santana business later. (And a 17-year-old girl can't sing about getting older!)

Afternoon Delight lets Emma and Carl sing and oh how I've missed those voices! But it was over way too soon, it was actually a very nice performance and I love how they perform it in such an innocent way, not having an idea what they really are singing about. Haha.

The love triangle square that includes Holly, Will, Emma and Carl is getting pretty interesting! Though I disliked Holly a bit for getting in the way of Wemma, I know it'll happen eventually, so let's just enjoy the bumps along the way. So, Holly and Will are now officially experimenting the winding path of romance, and Carl and Emma's marriage is kind of on the edge, after Emma confessed that she is very confused about her feelings towards Will. I'm looking forward to seeing what'll happen with that. But hopefully we'll see Carl again because I like the character and John Stamos's voice.

Kurt's awkward sexy faces attract Blaine's attention and he urges Kurt to explore his sexuality. Kurt admits that the whole area kind of terrifies him and he rather just puts his hands over his ears and goes LA LA LA than actually talks about it. So Blaine goes to see his future father-in-law Burt and quite bluntly suggests that he should really talk to his son, because the poor fellow is a bit lost.

And then they have The Talk! Yay! I've been looking forward it since in Duets Burt said he's so not ready to have it. And it was an awesome scene, as you'd expect. Maybe not quite reaching the legendary status of Seth and Sandy Cohen's Talk once upon a time in The O.C., but still (aww, that clip made me want to dig up some old dusted DVDs... good times, good times...). Burt might have felt awfully uncomfortable talking about such matters, but I think he said all the right things, in that wonderfully blunt, down-to-earth kind of way he always talks. Go Burt, you're awesome.

Finally, let's go over the Brittany/Santana thingy. In the episode, basically, Santana tells Brittany that she loves her and wants to be with her, like, for real (even though she's scared to think what others would be talking behind her back), and the reason why she's been such a bitch is that she hasn't been honest about her feelings. Brittany responds by saying that Santana means a lot to her, too, but she also loves Artie and can't leave him. And thus Santana learns that opening up never does anything good!

Okay, so. This storyline felt a bit weird to me. Mostly because Santana and Brittany have both always been light, mostly comical characters, without any too serious storylines and, so far, their 'thing' had been just a long-running gag in the show, referenced to once in a while as a joke, and nothing else. And when Santana suddenly wanted to start talking about feelings, it was just... strange. Although Naya Rivera played the emotional scenes very well, I felt I wasn't watching the awesome Santana I had finally grown to like during season two, because the contrast to the ultimate bitch was just too great. Sure, it's nice to get some meat around the character, but that, for me, was just too radical.

...Not to mention that I like the ultimate bitch much more than the weepy, emotional, I-love-you-forever Santana. If all that awesome bitchyness is really caused by unrequited love, then Brittany, please stick with Artie at least till graduation, because I need my weekly fix of mean, sarcastic comments.

But yeah. Let's see how this developes. I'm all for Santana finding love at some point, as long as it doesn't make her a bore.

Rest of my thoughts:

- In the first scene Brittany is wearing a shirt with that particular bird pattern. I just bought a dress with that same pattern! Ah, I'm so hip now!
- Holly's excercise clothes, on the other hand, aren't that hip.
- Sam to Artie: "Pretty cool that our girlfriends are such good friends, right? I wish you and I were that close." Aw, the boy doesn't have an idea what he just hoped...
- Brittany when Quinn claims she got her hickey from a curling iron: "The key is to use the curling iron in a bathtub to keep it from getting burned." And the others, slightly taken aback: "...No."
- Finn and Quinn are an item again. But not yet publically.
- Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for the guys of the orchestra! The things they are forced to witness! And no one ever even talks to them. Nor gives them any lines. Next season, I want that George Harrison-haired guitarist to become a series regular!


An amazing episode that we've already seen! Again, I'm so late.

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