Apr 27, 2011

Born This Way hangover

I knew I was making a big ass mistake when I watched this episode in the morning of the day that was supposed to be filled with intense (and a little desperate) studying. Sigh. I don't know where I'll find the force to open that damn book and concentrate on it for more than three seconds at a time. SIGH. Well. Anyway. Born This Way was one of the best (if not the best) episodes of the season (so far?) and I'd start writing a huge mega super post about it right now if that damn book wasn't giving me the evil eye. S-I-G-H. And everyone is posting Facebook statuses saying that their summer holidays just began and now they'll drink for four days straight because of Vappu and the sun is shining again and another friend posted Bruno Mars's The Lazy Song on FB, and I definitely don't feel like doing anything today, except maybe dancing in front of the mirror to Glee's Born This Way, like I did earlier. But no. I'll study. S-I-freaking-G-H.

Apr 26, 2011

2x17 A Night of Neglect / an episode of boredom

This episode was kind of a bore. If this was Lost we were talking about, I might rudely call this episode 'a filler', like people used to call those nice, quiet episodes, with no mind-blowingly epic Monster sequences or time travel or answers to key mysteries. Oh, how I used to hate that word! People just didn't understand that sometimes it was necessary to slow down and take a breath, to prepare for another huge and epic episode! ... Fine, I'm beginning to contradict myself here. Thus, I won't call A Night of Neglect a filler, because that would make me a hypocrit, and we don't want any of that. Let's just say I'm okay with the fact that nothing much happened in the episode and there were no epic musical numbers that will go down in history (maybe one, though!) and I was just a bit bored most of the time, and just treat this as a welcome breather before next week, which will without question be The Constant level of EPIC. (Okay, enough with the Lost references. But I suddenly realised I miss that show. And Desmond... Okay, now I fell into some sweet Lost nostalgia and can't continue with this post right now.)

(Later... Much later.) So, this week the Glee club once again faces a problem, a financial one this time: they need 5,000 dollars to get to the Nationals in New York. Mr Schue, however, has an excellent idea! They will sell 25,000 pieces of salt water taffy, like they did in the good old days. The tricky part is, who would want to buy anything at all from the club? There's another thing, too. Apparently Tina, Mike, Artie and Brittany form an academic club called Brainiacs, and they need money too get to Detroit to compete. (Somehow we never heard about this club before, and somehow I think we'll never hear about it again.) Mr Schue doesn't see the problem: they'll just sell more taffy! Then he speaks to Holly, who has a somewhat better idea: they should hold a benefit to raise the money. And there you go. The Night of Neglect is a go.

Meanwhile (or later, perhaps, as this takes place at midnight), Sue is back doing what she does best (?) - DESTROYING THE GLEE CLUB. (Ah, I love her tone of voice when she says that.) She has called Terri (Will's evil ex-wife), Sandy Ryerson (ex-Will, "legendary friend of Dorothy") and Dustin Goolsby (coach of Vocal Adrenaline) and she makes them to join her start-up League of Doom. You might guess what the League's agenda is. She gives them all cool code names: Sandy is The Pink Dagger, Terri is Honey Badger (nature's most ferocious animal, see Youtube, it really is pretty freaking badass), Dustin is Sergeant Handsome and Sue herself is General Zod. Despite the menacing nicknames, the three of them end up being "the worst henchmen ever".

Then, Sunshine makes a brief comeback, which mostly consist of singing (which is good, because the girl sure sings better than acts, I'm afraid), and Lauren hires herself to be Mercedes's manager and teaches her that R.E.S.P.E.C.T. must be demanded. In other words, Mercedes goes on full diva mode, which culminates in her refusing to perform at the benefit ("Mercedes has left the building"). Then we get a very nice talk between Rachel and Mercedes. Rachel says that the only reason she's a bigger star than Mercedes is that she prefers the spotlight to being liked. I, however, did like Rachel in this episode. I don't know if she's ever shown such amount of honesty, sincerity and selflessness at a time. And it was nice that Mercedes got a storyline of her own. Talk about neglected.

There is also progress in the relationship front that includes Will, Holly, Emma and Carl. Only it doesn't include Carl anymore, as, according to Emma, he's gone, and her OCD symptoms are going wild again and she's sad and tired. "At what age are you allowed to look back on your life with nothing but regret? Is 32 too young?" Poor Emma. Will comforts her and Holly gets jealous and then Sergeant Handsome aka Dustin tries to hit on Holly on Sue's command (with best pick-up lines ever) and Will get jealous. And then they break up, and no one's too shocked about it. Now, once again, the route is clear for Wemma to happen, and, once again, we'll get to see how they mess it up, I'm sure. Yay, though! I'm all for Wemma! And it'll happen eventually, for real. Not just yet, I assume. As for Gwyneth, she was fun while it lasted, but I'm not too bitter about her departure.

Now, my favourite scene in the otherwise pretty weak episode. It's the only scene featuring my two darling lover boys, Blaine and Kurt, but it's not actually thanks to them that the scene was so awesome. So, Kurt and Blaine come to see the show and (after Blaine notices Kurt's longing looks and points out that he must miss McKinley (good point you're making there, Blaine)), Karofsky shows up and begins to bitch about fairy dust and stuff, and Blaine actually pushes him which is pretty tense and masculine. Before they have the time to start swinging fists, however, Santana walks up and makes Karofky wish he'd never left the safety of his home that day: "Okay, here's what's gonna go down. You have two choices: You stay here and I crack one of your nuts, right or left, that's your choice. Or you walk away and live to be a douche bag for another day. Oh and also? I have razor blades hidden in my hair. Mmh, tons. Just all up in there." If there's something I love more than the badass Santana, it's the badass Santana who uses her badassness for good. After Karofsky wisely chooses to walk away, Blaine says that he and Kurt could've handled that by themselves. "It was more fun doing it together", she says and smiles a very uncharacteristic but altogether sweet smile. Aww. Solidarity forever!

Musical numbers, supposingly all songs by neglected artists (no, not like you, Rachel):

All By Myself was good, of course, because the girl can sing. Still, a bit boring. The best thing about the performance was that Puck was tearing up. I love the wuss he's become.

Tina's I Follow Rivers was my my favourite performance of the night, which is ridiculous because it lasted about 30 seconds and was terrorized by the Hecklers. So typical, though! Like Tina had enough solos otherwise! Let the girl sing, for Pete's sake. Luckily we have access to the full version, and it's great. We demand at least one proper Tina solo this season, too! Come on! (And holy cow, Glee goes Scandinavian!!! Heja Sverige! That's seriously pretty cool. I wonder when it's Finland's turn? Eh...)

Mike's dance was great, of course, because Mike's dancing is always great, but it didn't quite fit the context.

Turning Tables was boring. Sorry, but it just was. One reason I wasn't sad to see Gwyneth go.

Ain't No Way was very nice, although I don't like the song too much. But Amber Riley looked so very beautiful and her voice is of course made for songs like this. Extra points for the context. It worked splendidly, and the house was indeed brought down.

Overall, it was a pretty weak episode, music-wise, too. Tut tut. Not good, Glee people. Get your head together now.

Rest of my thoughts:

- Brittany knows everything about cat diseases. And why wouldn't she?
- Please tell me there will be loads of Dustin Goolsby in the future episodes, too? The guy's a real comedian! Now, the best pick-up lines: "Let's cut to the sexy chase. This hairline is 85 % my own and my sperm count is off the charts!" And the best line of the episode: "I'm handsome, I'm good-looking and I'm easy on the eyes. Also, I'm gorgeous." Good thing the guy knows his strengths...
- Second-best line of the episode: "The show's gotta go all over the place, or something" by Finn.
- Holly actually gave a pretty good lesson about internet heckling. Take the words to the heart, haters!
- "I'll be eighteen in three years. Wait for me?" It's like I actually almost missed Jacob.
 "You just got poked. Poked by the Dagger." & "Aretha is my cryptonite." It's like I almost missed Sandy. Almost.
- This was now the second time we were promised a My Heart Will Go On cover (first promise was by Kurt in Special Education), and the second time we were rapidly denied it. I want to hear it! No matter how horribly cheesy it would be!
- Nothing worth mentioning on the Klaine front. It was as if there had been no kiss at all. But I have my reasons to believe that we'll get some romantic stuff soon enough.


Apr 25, 2011

Glee Quote of the Week

"Most teachers think that by cutting class, I might improve my grades."
Brittany Pierce / Comeback

Apr 19, 2011

If I were a diva...

Just a little something-something for this Tuesday night! (Darren is such a dork. Loving it, totally!)

Also, it was just announced today that Ashley Fink (Lauren) and The Warblers will be joining the rest of the cast for the Glee Live Tour this summer! Whee! Awesome. Just awesome. Speaking of awesome, The Day is only two months and one week away. Holy cow.

Apr 15, 2011

Making of Original Song (and the Kiss) + some hilarious fan reactions

Have I ever mentioned that I kind of love Chris Colfer? Well, I do. I'm a tiny bit obsessed with this video, or the later part of it to be exact. Just click play to see why. He's just too adorable, once again. And when Darren shows up and Chris casually says "Oh, we're just talking about the kiss" and then they're a bit embarrased and don't really look each other in the eye. And Chris should become a song writer, definitely.


As an extra, I'd like to share with you a few videos some Glee fans have posted of themselves, reacting to The Kiss. Here's one. Here's another. Here's yet another (my absolute favourite). Watching these a normal person would think, "oh come ON, you people, chill, it's a freaking TV show", but I just think, "that's so what I felt like". My reactions weren't maybe that loud and physical, but oh how I wish I could've seen my face.

Apr 14, 2011

2x16 Original Song... and the moment we've all been waiting for

Oh man, I'm so lousy! This episode was awesome and still it took me forever to write a post about it. Shame on me. Anyway, let's get started because there's quite a lot to talk about, especially about that one certain topic.

Main storylines in the episodes are the following: 1) Quinn/Rachel/Finn triangle is on the table once again. 2) The New Directions decide to write their own music for Regionals, and that's a pretty interesting process. 3) Pavarotti dies, Kurt sings a song in honor of his memory and that leads to an unanimous decision that Kurt will perform a duet with Blaine at Regionals. And I think it led to something else too, but... can't remember... I'm sure there was something... Hm...

The old, pre-pregnancy Quinn is here again with her eyes on the prize; the prom queen tiara. And man, does she annoy me! Quinn has never been a favourite character of mine (on the contrary, she's always inhabited the lower end of my favourite list), but she's had her moments. There weren't many of those in this episode. When she, or her voiceover, went on about being relatively sane for a girl and needing Finn to get her old status back, I wanted to shut my ears - and not only because of her annoying, cutesy voice. Apparently she's forgotten everything she learned last season and is pretty much back on square one. Or is she?

As Quinn is worried about Finn once again spending too much time with Rachel, she demands that they should go public after Regionals. Finn is too much of a wuss to argue. ("Whoa, scary Quinn... Okay.") There is no need to wait till after the Regionals, however, as Rachel witnesses a moment between them and afterwards confronts Quinn about it. She will not deny anything, but quite bluntly says that Rachel will never have Finn and she is frustrating for not realising it. Rachel says she's still not ready to give up on him, and Quinn tells her how the story will play out: herself and Finn will marry and stay in Lima, while Rachel will go and be a star. So, she's basically saying that she's just being noble and unselfish, and marrying Finn is a sacrifice she makes to help Rachel fulfil her dream. Okay, no one is buying that, but maybe there is something to it, after all. There was something bitter yet sincere in the way she delivered the line about her becoming a succesfull real estate agent. I'm not sure what going on in the girl's head, and if there's something else than images of prom dresses and tiaras. We'll see how the story really plays out in the end. (But I doubt it'll be like in Quinn's imagination.)

Rachel proceeds to pour her heart out on paper, and thus the original song for Regionals is born. Before stepping up to the stage, Rachel is approached by Finn, who tells her to break a leg. Last time at Regionals, as you remember, the line was delivered by Rachel, and Finn's response to it was "I love you". Rachel points that out and asks Finn to listen to the lyrics she's about to sing carefully, because she means every word of it. Finn does, he looks like he likes it, and Quinn looks like she doesn't.

Not surprisingly at all (as there's still six episodes left in the season and they've made such a big number about New York), New Directions win. Yay? They better freaking bring it at Nationals. Though they shouldn't win, of course. That'll happen next season. The team votes Rachel as their MVP (Most Valuable Player; thanks Google, sports terminology is a grey area for me), which is kind of sweet and the episode ends with a group hug.

I guess that's pretty much all that happened, right? ... Oh, wait, there was one more storyline, I think...

I could say that 'the moment we've all been waiting for' was the moment we got the hear the original songs, or the moment New Directions won Regionals, but I wouldn't been fooling anybody. How freaking long did we wait for THE DAMN KISS to happen?? Personally, I'd been waiting for it looooong before we'd even heard of Blaine. So, thank you, you respectable and honorable Glee people, for finally letting poor little Kurt get to the first base, properly (=with a boy, willingly).

And wasn't it AWESOME?? I didn't expect it at all (and I'm happy I didn't, and that I wasn't spoiled beforehand). When Blaine was looking somehow enlightened during Blackbird I didn't dare think there was something personal going on and when he came to Kurt later and started talking about emotions and defining moments in life I still kept thinking he was aming at something boring and he would just finish by saying "So I bought us a new bird and named him Elton and I think we should do 'Can you feel the love tonight' at Regionals, because I'm really into emotions now" and then walking away. But then it actually was what it sounded like, an epic and wholehearted declaration of love, and when the soft music began to play I stopped breathing, and boom, the most anticipated and maybe the most adorable (and if not the hottest, at least in the top 3, definitely) kiss ever seen on television happened. Aww. Just saying. Aww.

Both Chris and Darren played the scene beautifully. Kurt's reactions were delicious, as he slowly began to realize what Blaine was talking about and during the kiss he did this little thing with his hand that I really liked and how you could see that his breath was totally taken away... Sweet. The true master of the scene was still Darren. The was no unnecessary awkwardness at all, and the sincerity he delivered those beautiful lines (that might have sounded cheesy in some other mouth) with was amazing. "Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you forever." Aw, love. And then afterwards he goes a bit embarrased ("We should practice..."), smiling that adorably shy smile, and Kurt answers with that awesomely flirty comment ("I thought we were") and there they go again, and then some idiot thinks it's a good time to cut to the next scene! Er, excuse me? I was watching that! Anyway.

What's next? I don't know. But today... Life is good. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.*

(Note: I wrote this part about the kiss right after watching the episode, because I wanted to save my initial reaction. Somehow I knew writing the rest of the post would take me a bit longer... So when above I said 'today', I meant the day when I watched the episode. Life indeed WAS exceptionally good that day.)

There were some very nice songs in this episode! Plenty of keepers. This'll be a long list thanks to all those original songs (and I will discuss all of them separately, because I think they deserve it)!

First, why don't they always open an episode with a song? We see Warblers sitting and looking studious, and then Blaine enters the room, throws some papers up in the air and goes "Oh yeah!", as he starts singing Misery. That's the way to do it! I like the song and the performance, even though I have to agree with Kurt's 'oh-but-I've-seen-this-all-before-a-hundred-times' faces. I liked how they banged the tables to the music and the dance moves. And yes, I miss Kurt in the New Directions choir room and will be insanely glad when he eventually makes his comeback, but man, I know I will miss the Warblers.

Rachel's second attempt to write an original song isn't much better than the last. I actually liked My Headband considerably more than Only Child! But poor Rachel. She's 'the only berry in her family tree'.

Blackbird! For the love of all the good and holy, Chris Colfer should sing a Beatles song in every episode from now on! Look at what he can do with them! I love this. Looooooove this. Now wonder what the performance did to Blaine. People have had such moments of illumination for a lot less.

Trouty Mouth, Santana's 'awesome heterosexual song about Sam', is indeed awesome, as is shows that she's still the awesome bitch she always was. "Gobby face / Trouty mouth / Is that how people's lips look / Where you come from in the south"... Hahaha. Poor Sam, though.

Puck wants to compensate for singing Lauren an offensive song (Fat-Bottomed Girls), so what he does? He writes her a song called Big Ass... Heart! Way to go, Puckerman. The song is actually pretty groovy and if you ignore the fact that the lyrics are even more offensive than those of FBG, I'd say Puck did a very good job! And then, some love for Mike Chang and his awesome hand moves.

Mercedes's input to the fierce songwriting sessions pays of well. Hell to the No is pretty brilliant and oddly addictive. (Though I kind of missed it the first time because it was sung right after The Scene, and I was quite distracted, thinking about those two  making out on the table etcetera etcetera...) It's perferct for Mercedes and the performance is perfectly diva-like, with the finger-waving and all that. Go girl! Then Mr Schue aka Mr Spoilsport says it's not epic enough. "But my butt, Mr Schue, that song was amazing." Damn right.

Moving on to Regionals! The first number of the Warblers is Candles, which I should totally love. It's the first duet of Blaine and Kurt as a couple, after all. But well. It's a fairly nice song and they sound great together, but I'm not head over heels about it anyway. Maybe it's because it doesn't make sense to me why they should sing a melancholic song about getting over a loved one, while there are a billion awesome songs out there about that young, exciting new love. Oh well. Hopefully we'll get some of those in the future.

I, however, looooved Raise Your Glass! I'm not too crazy about the original Pink version, but when sung by Darren... What's not to love, seriously? The guy is a freaking rock star!(!!!!!) And the little modification they've done, towards the end, when the chorus is about to start but then it doesn't, you know what I mean? "So raise your--- So raise your glass if you are wrong" and so on. Brilliant! Raise Your Glass has become one of my favourite Glee party song, because, well, it just rocks. (And don't we all love how Kurt 'raises his glass' with a pointed little finger? Aw, my boy.)

Now, the original songs that were supposed to blow our minds far far away. Get It Right honestly left me very cold the first time, and I'm still not the biggest fan, but yes, it sums up Rachel quite well and Lea Michele of course kills it. I did get chills just now when I watched the video.

Loser Like Me, for me, works much better. It's not songwriting gold, or anything, but hey, doesn't it just make you smile? The huge foam fingers that Kurt passes around (and the little scream, aw, Kurt!) and the glitter slushies in the end... It's a lot of fun, and I hope they'd sing that in front of the whole McKinley High. My complaint is, why do Rachel and Finn sing the leads? Sure, Finchel duets are always old school Glee, but Rachel wasn't even there to write it. Blah! I wanted Tina and Artie or something.

To sum, they didn't screw the original songs nearly as badly as I feared. But still, I hope it won't become a lasting trend. Glee is about covers and they should stick to that. And the original songs bring them uncomfortably close to High School Musical. (Though yeah, as someone who could probably sing along with all the songs from all the three HSM movies, I'm not in a place to bitch about this too much. Ahem.)

Rest of my thoughts:

- The utterly horrifying 'World War Sue' that Sue was threatening Will with ended up being pretty lame and meek. She did throw sticks at Mercedes's head (that was kind of funny), and she filled the lockers of Brittany and Santana (Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Fakeboobs... Classic Sue!) with dirt, but other than that... You're not losing your grip, are you, Sue? I mean, the Jesus Is a Friend of Mine number by Aural Intensity was kind of a weak attempt. Sue, oh Sue. (What will the writers do with you...?)
- Speaking of that dirt incident above, it gave us a bit of that old Brittany we all love so much: "I don't even remember putting that in there!" Instant classic! (Not too much, not over the top, like some of Brittany's comments have recently been.)
 - I like Sam now! It was not only the Justin Bieber magic, I still feel very sympathetic towards the character. I loved how he wrote "HELL NO" on a paper during Hell to the No and then, when Santana said she'd written another verse for Trouty Mouth, he held it up again. Haha. Oh, Sammy.
- Will: "What's your favourite song of all time?" Brittany: "My Headband." Later, Will: "What are all the songs about?" Brittany, woderfully sincerely: "Headbands."
- Loved how Kurt remarked, half way through Get It Right: "They're doing original songs!" It reminded me of the moment in The Fellowship of the Ring, when they're in Moria and they hear the drums and the distant chanting and Frodo's sword has been shining blue for five minutes and Legolas exclaims: "Orcs!" Wow, you got it then. Good work, Sherlock.
- Very traditionally for Glee, the judges were once again more or less idiots. Of course we had our very own newscaster Rod ("Can I add a dash of Rod to this lady soup?", "My hairdresser is gay and for fifteen years he's been with his partner, also... a hairdresser."). Then the exotic-dancer-turned-nun, who's actually pretty funny ("For a nun, I'm pretty liberal", "That Darlton Academy, is it a gay school or is it just a school that appears gay?"). Kathy Griffin's (more or less explicitly) sarahpalin-esque character didn't quite hit the spot for me. She was more annoying than funny.
- "My husband is verbally abusive and I have been drinking since noon. (pause) I'm bored, let's just see who won, huh?" Hmh. It was quite funny until Sue punched the poor lady in the face. Too much, hmh?
- Pavarotti's funeral was quite sweet. Kurt's feeling a bit down, and not only because the situation reminds him of his mum ("The casket was bigger."). He's also pissed off because they didn't win. Blaine comforts him by saying that the Warblers will still keep singing and performing. "Do you know how many Gaps there are in Ohio? Tons." And most of all: "We got each other out of all this. That beats a lousy trophy, don't you think?" Then Kurt smiles (like he should; come ON, man, this is no time to show a pouty face!), they take each other's hands and walk away. Aww.
- One more thing about the most important storyline of this ep. When two people get together in a TV show after a lot of anticipation, the episodes following the exciting first kiss and the happiness of getting together are often tricky and, in my experience, disappointing. It's difficult to keep it interesting after what everyone has been waiting for finally happens. Where should the story go next? How long can the 'honeymoon' last before it gets boring? I'm both insanely excited and reservedly sceptical about what will happen next.

* "Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts" is an intended misquote (intended, because it sounds better than the original "Everything was beautiful. Nothing hurt.") from Kurt Vonnegut's classic novel Slaughterhouse Five. The Klaine (Kurt/Blaine) fans have been spreading the following version of the quote on the Internet: Everything is Klaine and nothing hurts. I quite like it. It's sweet. Very quoteable, as well.


A hiatus, which after the airing of Original Song seemed longer than life itself, but which, thanks to my inefficiency and lazyness, is almost over now that I'm done with this post.

Apr 8, 2011

3, 2, 1, HYPE!!!

Oooooooh dear. It's less than three months away now. Two and a half! OMGOMGOMGOMG.

Apr 3, 2011

Q & A with Chris Colfer

Click here to see what Chris answered to questions submited by fans.

Can I just say how excited I am about that Struck by Lightning project? Because I'm SUPER excited about that Struck by Lightning project!

P.S. Yes, there will be a time when I post an interview of a cast member who doesn't begin with Chris and end with Colfer. Promise.