Apr 26, 2011

2x17 A Night of Neglect / an episode of boredom

This episode was kind of a bore. If this was Lost we were talking about, I might rudely call this episode 'a filler', like people used to call those nice, quiet episodes, with no mind-blowingly epic Monster sequences or time travel or answers to key mysteries. Oh, how I used to hate that word! People just didn't understand that sometimes it was necessary to slow down and take a breath, to prepare for another huge and epic episode! ... Fine, I'm beginning to contradict myself here. Thus, I won't call A Night of Neglect a filler, because that would make me a hypocrit, and we don't want any of that. Let's just say I'm okay with the fact that nothing much happened in the episode and there were no epic musical numbers that will go down in history (maybe one, though!) and I was just a bit bored most of the time, and just treat this as a welcome breather before next week, which will without question be The Constant level of EPIC. (Okay, enough with the Lost references. But I suddenly realised I miss that show. And Desmond... Okay, now I fell into some sweet Lost nostalgia and can't continue with this post right now.)

(Later... Much later.) So, this week the Glee club once again faces a problem, a financial one this time: they need 5,000 dollars to get to the Nationals in New York. Mr Schue, however, has an excellent idea! They will sell 25,000 pieces of salt water taffy, like they did in the good old days. The tricky part is, who would want to buy anything at all from the club? There's another thing, too. Apparently Tina, Mike, Artie and Brittany form an academic club called Brainiacs, and they need money too get to Detroit to compete. (Somehow we never heard about this club before, and somehow I think we'll never hear about it again.) Mr Schue doesn't see the problem: they'll just sell more taffy! Then he speaks to Holly, who has a somewhat better idea: they should hold a benefit to raise the money. And there you go. The Night of Neglect is a go.

Meanwhile (or later, perhaps, as this takes place at midnight), Sue is back doing what she does best (?) - DESTROYING THE GLEE CLUB. (Ah, I love her tone of voice when she says that.) She has called Terri (Will's evil ex-wife), Sandy Ryerson (ex-Will, "legendary friend of Dorothy") and Dustin Goolsby (coach of Vocal Adrenaline) and she makes them to join her start-up League of Doom. You might guess what the League's agenda is. She gives them all cool code names: Sandy is The Pink Dagger, Terri is Honey Badger (nature's most ferocious animal, see Youtube, it really is pretty freaking badass), Dustin is Sergeant Handsome and Sue herself is General Zod. Despite the menacing nicknames, the three of them end up being "the worst henchmen ever".

Then, Sunshine makes a brief comeback, which mostly consist of singing (which is good, because the girl sure sings better than acts, I'm afraid), and Lauren hires herself to be Mercedes's manager and teaches her that R.E.S.P.E.C.T. must be demanded. In other words, Mercedes goes on full diva mode, which culminates in her refusing to perform at the benefit ("Mercedes has left the building"). Then we get a very nice talk between Rachel and Mercedes. Rachel says that the only reason she's a bigger star than Mercedes is that she prefers the spotlight to being liked. I, however, did like Rachel in this episode. I don't know if she's ever shown such amount of honesty, sincerity and selflessness at a time. And it was nice that Mercedes got a storyline of her own. Talk about neglected.

There is also progress in the relationship front that includes Will, Holly, Emma and Carl. Only it doesn't include Carl anymore, as, according to Emma, he's gone, and her OCD symptoms are going wild again and she's sad and tired. "At what age are you allowed to look back on your life with nothing but regret? Is 32 too young?" Poor Emma. Will comforts her and Holly gets jealous and then Sergeant Handsome aka Dustin tries to hit on Holly on Sue's command (with best pick-up lines ever) and Will get jealous. And then they break up, and no one's too shocked about it. Now, once again, the route is clear for Wemma to happen, and, once again, we'll get to see how they mess it up, I'm sure. Yay, though! I'm all for Wemma! And it'll happen eventually, for real. Not just yet, I assume. As for Gwyneth, she was fun while it lasted, but I'm not too bitter about her departure.

Now, my favourite scene in the otherwise pretty weak episode. It's the only scene featuring my two darling lover boys, Blaine and Kurt, but it's not actually thanks to them that the scene was so awesome. So, Kurt and Blaine come to see the show and (after Blaine notices Kurt's longing looks and points out that he must miss McKinley (good point you're making there, Blaine)), Karofsky shows up and begins to bitch about fairy dust and stuff, and Blaine actually pushes him which is pretty tense and masculine. Before they have the time to start swinging fists, however, Santana walks up and makes Karofky wish he'd never left the safety of his home that day: "Okay, here's what's gonna go down. You have two choices: You stay here and I crack one of your nuts, right or left, that's your choice. Or you walk away and live to be a douche bag for another day. Oh and also? I have razor blades hidden in my hair. Mmh, tons. Just all up in there." If there's something I love more than the badass Santana, it's the badass Santana who uses her badassness for good. After Karofsky wisely chooses to walk away, Blaine says that he and Kurt could've handled that by themselves. "It was more fun doing it together", she says and smiles a very uncharacteristic but altogether sweet smile. Aww. Solidarity forever!

Musical numbers, supposingly all songs by neglected artists (no, not like you, Rachel):

All By Myself was good, of course, because the girl can sing. Still, a bit boring. The best thing about the performance was that Puck was tearing up. I love the wuss he's become.

Tina's I Follow Rivers was my my favourite performance of the night, which is ridiculous because it lasted about 30 seconds and was terrorized by the Hecklers. So typical, though! Like Tina had enough solos otherwise! Let the girl sing, for Pete's sake. Luckily we have access to the full version, and it's great. We demand at least one proper Tina solo this season, too! Come on! (And holy cow, Glee goes Scandinavian!!! Heja Sverige! That's seriously pretty cool. I wonder when it's Finland's turn? Eh...)

Mike's dance was great, of course, because Mike's dancing is always great, but it didn't quite fit the context.

Turning Tables was boring. Sorry, but it just was. One reason I wasn't sad to see Gwyneth go.

Ain't No Way was very nice, although I don't like the song too much. But Amber Riley looked so very beautiful and her voice is of course made for songs like this. Extra points for the context. It worked splendidly, and the house was indeed brought down.

Overall, it was a pretty weak episode, music-wise, too. Tut tut. Not good, Glee people. Get your head together now.

Rest of my thoughts:

- Brittany knows everything about cat diseases. And why wouldn't she?
- Please tell me there will be loads of Dustin Goolsby in the future episodes, too? The guy's a real comedian! Now, the best pick-up lines: "Let's cut to the sexy chase. This hairline is 85 % my own and my sperm count is off the charts!" And the best line of the episode: "I'm handsome, I'm good-looking and I'm easy on the eyes. Also, I'm gorgeous." Good thing the guy knows his strengths...
- Second-best line of the episode: "The show's gotta go all over the place, or something" by Finn.
- Holly actually gave a pretty good lesson about internet heckling. Take the words to the heart, haters!
- "I'll be eighteen in three years. Wait for me?" It's like I actually almost missed Jacob.
 "You just got poked. Poked by the Dagger." & "Aretha is my cryptonite." It's like I almost missed Sandy. Almost.
- This was now the second time we were promised a My Heart Will Go On cover (first promise was by Kurt in Special Education), and the second time we were rapidly denied it. I want to hear it! No matter how horribly cheesy it would be!
- Nothing worth mentioning on the Klaine front. It was as if there had been no kiss at all. But I have my reasons to believe that we'll get some romantic stuff soon enough.


NINETY FREAKING MINUTES... sorry, I mean... NINETY GLEEKING MINUTES of something that I choose to expect to be nothing less than epicly awesome. I'm expecting time travel! We get another Gaga smash hit, and it's a lot about Kurt and Karofsky, so I think there's no way I won't freaking love it. If I don't, someone's in serious trouble.


Leena said...

Tämä nyt ei varsinaisesti liity jaksoon mitenkään, paitsi että tämä jakso tuli tv:stä eilen, katsoin se illalla, menin nukkumaan...

...ja näin unta. Paikka muistutti lähinnä laivaterminaalia, jossa oli samanlaiset pippalot kuin O.C.:ssä Meksikossa, kun Marissa oli juuri kuullut, että sen vanhemmat eroaa ja oli lääkepäissään kateissa. Ihmiset käveli hämärässä, Kurt meni edellä ja Blaine tuli perässä ja väitteli jonkun tytön kanssa. Kurt kääntyi katsomaan taakseen ja valo osui jostain raosta sen paidattomaan kroppaan. Blaine oli juuri sanomassa tytölle jotain, mutta sysäsikin sen syrjään ja hyökkäsi pussailemaan paidatonta Kurtia, lankesi loplta polvilleen (myös ilman paitaa) ja sanoi hengästyneen ihastuneena "Thank you so much for standing in the light like that!"

Heräsin ja repesin. :D

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