Apr 15, 2011

Making of Original Song (and the Kiss) + some hilarious fan reactions

Have I ever mentioned that I kind of love Chris Colfer? Well, I do. I'm a tiny bit obsessed with this video, or the later part of it to be exact. Just click play to see why. He's just too adorable, once again. And when Darren shows up and Chris casually says "Oh, we're just talking about the kiss" and then they're a bit embarrased and don't really look each other in the eye. And Chris should become a song writer, definitely.


As an extra, I'd like to share with you a few videos some Glee fans have posted of themselves, reacting to The Kiss. Here's one. Here's another. Here's yet another (my absolute favourite). Watching these a normal person would think, "oh come ON, you people, chill, it's a freaking TV show", but I just think, "that's so what I felt like". My reactions weren't maybe that loud and physical, but oh how I wish I could've seen my face.

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