May 22, 2011

2x19 Rumours / "Pssst! You didn't hear this from me, but Glee has been mediocre suspiciously often recently!"

Blah. What a thoroughly mediocre episode. I'll just keep this very short and rude and unemotional. (I'm giving Glee the silent treatment. Haha. That'll show 'em.)

Okay, so. There are a lot of rumours going around McKinley.

1) Brittany let's slip that Santana 'plays for the other team' and she gets a bit mad, and Artie gets suspicious and asks Brittany if there's something going on between the two girls and he also calls her stupid, which really upsets her and she breaks up with him. She is sad (like a sad little panda) and then she suggests to Santana that they should go to the prom together, but Santana is still so not ready to come out.

2) April Rhodes is back and writing her own Broadway musical and she asks Will to hit the road with her. Sue provokes the school paper to keep spreading the rumor, and he kind of wants to go, but in the end he doesn't. Because the kids matter the most. Aww and all that jazz or whatever.

3) Sam is seen in a motel first with Kurt and then with Quinn, which is most suspicious, of course, and the Rachel/Finn/Quinn triangle tightens. Finally it turns out that Sam's family is having major financal problems, and Kurt and Quinn were just helping him. Sam has two cute younger siblings and a weird new haircut.

It kind of sucks that Brittany and Artie broke up, but on the other hand, it's nice that there was still nothing more between Santana and Brittany than there was before. I don't think they'll get together and I don't think they should.

 April was kind of useless. Shame, she is a potentially fun character, but the episodes she's in somehow tend to fall flat.

I liked the Sam storyline the most and I think it should've been more in the centre. His crying scene was quite sweet. It was a bit awkward, but not in a bad way, necessarily; somehow it fits that Sam is not a very natural weeper.

I have so little to say it's almost embarrassing. I don't even feel like going through the songs individually. They were all from the Fleetwood Mac album Rumours, but I only really liked Go Your Own Way. And Songbird. And I Don't Want To Know was okay, too. But that's all I have to say about that.

Rest of my thoughts:

- Second best line of the episode (or should I say, 'First one of the two good lines of the episode'?). Kurt to Rachel: "Oh, I've missed your insanity."
- Best line/second one of the two good lines of the episode. Santana about Brad the piano man: "He's just furniture."
- Okay, okay, I didn't loathe the episode quite as much as this post might imply. It was just so mediocre it hurts. And I don't really feel like writing about it more, because there isn't anything else to say.

Next... More catching up. Damn this.


Reta said...

Minä ainakin ajattelen, että Samin kumma uusi hiusmalli johtuu siitä, että taloudellisien ongelmien takia Samilla vain ei ole varaa käydä kampaajalla, joten hiukset vain kasvavat.

Eeva said...

Ehkäpä, ehkäpä! Luulisi tosin että Kurt laittaisi hiukset prioriteettilistalla ihan kärkeen jos kerran Samia haluaa auttaa, se juurikasvukin alkaa vähän pistää silmään... :D