May 29, 2011

2x20 Prom Queen / big night, big dreams, big expectations... big fun fun fun fun!

Prom, prom, prom! The biggest night of the year! Hurray! This was a very fun and cool episode, and I loved all the drama, too. Plus nice music and all those fabulous prom looks! Me likes!

The main storylines in the episode were:

1) The Quinn/Finn/Rachel/Jesse love, eh, square. Yes, Jesse St. James is back, praise the heavens and lock up your girlfriends! Finn seems happy enough with Quinn (and he should, did you noticed that she looked sort of, um, perfect in that prom dress and all that?), but he's not very excited about the fact that Jesse and Rachel are getting close again. At the prom the guys put up a little fight (which is so sissy, by the way, they just push each other for five minutes. Lauren and Santana should teach them how to fight...), and get thrown out. Then Quinn is upset and slaps Rachel in the face.

2) Mercedes is a little down because no one's asked her to prom, and she'd really like to be Cinderella, just for one night. Her, Rachel and Sam then agree to go together (aww), until Jesse shows up, of course. At the prom Sam asks her to dance, so she gets her Cinderella night after all.

3) Dave takes his redemption process up a notch, as he apologizes to Kurt, sincerely, wholeheartedly, truthfully. At the prom, he has a chance to come out, but in the end he can't.

4) Blaine agrees to go to prom with Kurt (even though he has a major trauma when it comes to school dances) because he's "crazy about Kurt". Aww. Kurt chooses a very Kurt-like outfit for the night, which Burt doesn't like too much, because he doesn't want him to give the bullies any reasons to cause trouble. And indeed, because of some lame joke Kurt is elected the prom queen. He's upset, because he thought the situation had improved, but apparently it hadn't. Finally he decides to go back there and and show the bullies he can't be touched.

Also, Artie tries to win Brittany back, but doesn't succeed. Puck needs to boost his 'lovable bad boy' reputation, so he recruits Artie to be his 'ass-isting badass' in the perilous 'spike-the-punch' mission. Artie, however, gets caught and Sue Sylvester almost pulls the teeth out of his mouth (which is once again so stupidly over-the-top, sigh). Plus Santana is just being awesome, as usual. The Bully Whips thing is just hilarious.

1) Jonathan Groff is awesome and it's wonderful to have Jesse back to stir the pot a little. He's a jerk, but the awesome, entertaining kind. Wouldn't trust him for a second, though. The Rachel/Quinn slap looked so fierce in the promos, but ended up being quite anti-climactic. On the other hand, it was kind of nice how Quinn immediately said sorry and then they bonded. I've been liking all the Rachel/Quinn scenes recently, although they kind of seem to repeat themselves.

2) Yay, Mercedes! For one, she looked just fab in that prom dress. And it was such a sweet moment when Sam asked her to dance. Yay, the girl needs some romance, hear.

3) That Dave/Kurt scene must have been my favourite scene in the episode! It's almost weird and certainly unexpected how naturally their relationship has turned from harrasment into almost like a friendship. When Kurt said he thinks Dave should come out just because he sees how much not to is hurting him, and then Dave tears up and says how freaking sorry he is for everything... Well, it teared up, too. Max Adler rocks to hard. That scene was just so AWWWWWWesome. Even though he still wasn't ready to come out, the moment is definitely approaching.

4) Boy, wasn't this a luscious episode for a Kurt fan. We got it all: the funny Kurt, the romantic Kurt, the mature and supportive Kurt, the hurt and sick and tired Kurt, and the out and proud Kurt! That almost hysterically upset conversation with him and Blaine, after the prom queen announcement, was acted so well by the both of them, and it kind of hurt. And then, "Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton". Just so kick ass! Awesome. Not to forget the final dance. Aww. Oh how I love those two.

The music:

Rolling In The Deep, as a scene, was so absurd, but still made so much sense, because it happened between the biggest drama queen and the biggest drama king in the world, and that's how you'd expect a dramatic reunion to be in their case. And boy, don't they sound spectacular together?

Isn't She Lovely was... lovely? Yes. The scene was very cute and sweet, with Brittany's reactions, the using of kitchen tools as musical instruments and Kurt's awe over a romantic prom proposal. Artie got the song so right, she is lovely! And I loved that even though she turned him down, she did it very gently and without any drama. Aw.

Friday is seriously the lousiest song in the world. That said, this is theoretically the best cover Glee has ever made, because they made the lousiest song in the world into a freaking awesome and catchy and groovy song! If you ignore the lyrics, it's so very fun fun fun fun, seriously!

Jar Of Hearts was okay, not Rachel's best. Song quite forgettable. And way too sad for a prom!

I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You kicked ass! Oh, Darren, my love, you just do it every freaking time. The performance was so fab and awesome and cool and quirky! It was just ruined a bit by the sissy fight of Jesse and Finn. Still, it rocked! And I loved the Santana/Dave spanking moment.

I'd been waiting for Glee to do an ABBA song for like forever, so I was very excited about Dancing Queen, but it fell a little flat. Even though it was sung by one of my favourite duos, Mercedes and Santana. It was cut so short in the episode, and the cover was quite mediocre. (Nothing like the epic Mamma Mia! cover with Meryl Streep and the girls dancing around a Greek island... But that's kind of an unfair comparison.) (With this and I Follow Rivers, it's 2-0 for Sweden! Damn them! Unless you count the two Angry Birds references, then it's a tie. Yes, good. Now everyone's happy.)

Rest of my thoughts:

- A classic Sue moment (I've missed those): her pulling the list of worst song ever performed by the glee club out of her pants. Hahahaha. And the gag continues as Rachel suggests that they should do Run Joey Run at the prom. Hahahahha some more. That was indeed one horrible song.
- Quinn on why prom is more important than your wedding: "You can get married as many times as you want, but you only have one shot at prom."
- Brittany's prom plan: "I don't have a date. I'm just gonna dance and then all your dates are gonna ignore you and come dance with me."
- No one remembered Sam's birthday. Aww. Poor thing, really!
- The awesome prom gown dry run with the girls and Kurt. "I look like a living merengue pie." "I think you look delicious."
- Brittany confused over a baby chicken's house. Aww.
- Finn gives an approval for Kurt prom outfit: "Dude, that rocks! It's like gay Braveheart!" Love that bro love.
- Jesse's wise words about recession.
- Santana after Dave is crowned prom king: "You suck so bad Quinn Fabray I won."
- Santana, when she didn't win, and she thinks everyone knows she's lesbian: "Do I smell like a golf course?" And then Brittany says it's just because they know she's not being herself. But she voted for her. Then they hug. Aww.
- Brittany and Artie maybe broke up, but I love that they're still not acting strangers. They even took that prom photo together. Aww.
- Lots of awwww's in this episode. Awwwww(e)some.

Next... even more catching up. Hopefully by September I'll be back on schedule.


Reta said...

Pakko sanoa, että vaikka en ole seurannut Brittanyn ja Santanan juttua lainkaan yhtä suurella mielenkiinnolla kuin Blainen ja Kurtin juttua, tässä jaksossa siinä vaiheessa kun Brittany sanoi äänestäneensä Santanaa, melkein huusin tietokoneeni ruudulle että NYT SUUDELKAA! Se olisi voinut olla hyvä hetki, mutta sitä ei sitten tapahtunutkaan :(

Olen samaa mieltä lauluista. Blainen laulu nousi saman tien yhdeksi suosikikseni koko kaudelta ja Friday kuulosti oikeasti laululta.

Eeva said...

No juu, jos se joskus olisi tapahtunut niin silloin. Se oli kyllä niin otollinen tilanne ja olin ihan varma että nyt se suudelma tulee mutta kun ei tullutkaan olin ihan tyytyväinen. Brittanyn ja Santanan juttu vaan ei ikinä tuntunut mulle kovin uskottavalta, siis sen jälkeen kun ne yritti vääntää siitä vakavaa storylinea. Santanan pitää vielä vähän kasvaa ennen kun saa happily ever afterinsa!

Reta said...

Jep minäkin olen ihan tyytyväinen loppujen lopuksi ettei sitä tapahtunut, se olisi ollut ehkä hieman liian klisee. Olen myös tyytyväinen, ettei sitä tapahtunut lopetusjaksossa koska se olisi ollut liikaa Original Songin toistoa.