Jul 17, 2011

The Glee Project

As long as the show will go on, Glee will constantly be in a need for new fresh faces and voices, something to keep it interesting and realistic. Realistic, because the show is about a high school, and high schoolers usually have to graduate at a certain point. Just a few days ago it was announced that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer won't be returning on season 4. I'm just in the middle of mourning, dwelling on the thought that my dear darling Kurt (and Chris - who just snatched another Emmy nomination!) will only be around for one more season. And yeah yeah, I'll miss Finchel too, though currently I'm being very anti-Finchel. But let's not get ahead ourselves too much.

The Glee Project is a competition series that intends to find a young new guest star for Glee. Every week they take on a challenge (so far there's being stuff like Individuality and Vulnerability Challenge) and shoot a music video, working with various members of the Glee crew, like the choreographer Zach Woodlee. Three of the weakest will perform to Ryan Murphy, who then sends someone home. In every episode there is an appearance by a Glee cast member (so far Darren, Dot-Marie Jones, etc). As the takeover of a new 'generation' is clearly beginning to approach, I wouldn't be surprised if the winner of the series would gain the status of a regular cast member. If only they pick the one I know is the best one. Hohoho.

Here's two of the music videos they've made so far.

I expected The Glee Project to be so annoying. Actually, my expectations weren't too different from those I had towards Glee itself before I decided to give it a try. However, I've found myself enjoying the series quite a lot and even beginning to like various competitors. I even have a clear favourite, who's so going to win, and if not, I'll be so pissed. This is kind of funny, actually, how people will learn to know the person who will be on the show, and they either like or dislike the winner for the things they've done in the course of the competition, which will probably affect the audience's reception of the character. It'll be quite interesting I think!

Anyway, meet my favourite, Damien! He's the the dude on top-left in the group photo. He's from Northern Ireland, which makes him kind of stand out among all the Americans. I love his accent and how he's sort of awkward and how he's not very sure of his abilities and his accent and how he once sung that he wants to be Jessie's Girl and his accent. I even kind of like how he raises his eyebrows in a very stupid way when he's trying to look sexy. Most of all that accent though! Aah! For along time I've been mentally campaigning (if I try hard enough RM might receive my telepatchic messages and pleas) for more characters with heavy foreign accents! I mean, Principal Figgins is hilarious! Glee needs more of that! I've kind of been hoping for an annoyingly posh upper class English accent, but Irish would work well, too, if not better.

Here's Damien singing Are You Lonesome Tonight. He melted the rest of my heart with it, singing it (as I've understood) thinking of a girl he had to leave to Ireland. Aww.

The Glee Project is a nice extra spice to my otherwise Glee-less months before September. I'll probably write more about it as the season goes on and (hopefully) the right people start to get eliminated. While the Irishman goes strong.

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