Jul 28, 2011

Glee's All-Time Best Musical Number is...

That's right! I Feel Pretty/Unpretty has just been voted as Glee's best musical number of all time. TVline.com's tournament lasted for weeks, and after six rounds of 64 Glee performances competing with each other, it came down to the finale, where I Feel Pretty/Unpretty took Don't Stop Believing, the beloved unofficial Glee anthem, by 55.6%. Girl power, eh?

This is obviously not the result one would expect, or at least I didn't. I followed the tournament pretty much the whole time, also casting my votes (to the songs that would usually lose, haha. Is it me or the world that is wrong?) along the way, and it was pretty clear which performances would compete for the crown. And indeed, the top 4 also included, not surprisingly, Teenage Dream and Don't Rain On My Parade. And somehow Unpretty beat them all! I honestly had no idea that the song was so popular.

However, it is a great song, great mash-up, and it did struck me too, when it was first performed in Born This Way, because, well, any girl can relate to that message and feel touched by it. And honestly, I never could've guessed I would like a Rachel/Quinn duet so much. Also, as crushed I was for I Want To Hold Your Hand losing the game so early on, and as much I was hoping for Teenage Dream and all the Darren love to conquer the world, I am very happy with the winner.

The top 4 were there all for different reasons: DSB, because obviously it has a very special place in every Gleek's heart for starting it all and tying season one together so beautifully. Teenage Dream, for blowing our minds and for that awesome initial shock over the fact that a Katy Perry song sounded so good, which made us all fall for Darren Criss and which also was the beginning of the Warbler revolution. DROMP, for the brilliance that is Lea Michele belting out those tunes. And Unpretty? I guess it has to be the message, then.

So I'm not happy with the result only because DSB would have been a totally obvious and boring winner, but also because this kind of proves that people don't watch Glee just to hear mind-blowing renditions of Katy Perry songs and to see hot guys and hot girls make out with other hot guys and hot girls, but for the message, too, and the inspiration. Every one always goes on about how Glee touches so many people and improves their lives etcetera etcetera, but I guess it's actually true. I truly believe that I Feel Pretty/Unpretty saved at least one cute little nose somewhere from getting under the knife. And I guess that makes a song worthy of the top spot.

So here it is, once again. Let us all watch it one more time and let us feel beautiful and let us never ever ever take a nose job. Okay?

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