Jul 21, 2011

Season Two Wrap-Up

What a season it's been! I know the opinions vary, but I definitely prefer the second season of Glee to its first. Sure, there's been a bump or two. The first half of the season was pretty solid, good stuff; I remember feeling quite satisfied after every episode (expect for episode 10, the Christmas episode). However, the only word to describe the second half of the season is... symmetrical. Let me explain myself. The season follows a patter, determining whether an episode was awesome or lousy. This is the pattern, starting from episode 11, the Super Bowl ep: awesome, awesome, lousy, awesome, lousy, awesome, lousy, awesome, lousy, awesome, lousy, lousy. It's weird, seriously! I really expected the pattern to break at some point, but it didn't, not even in the very end. So, symmetry is the key word. It was a very bumpy and uneven season, but the awesomeness of the awesome episodes compensates for the lousiness of the lousy episodes.

That being said... This won't do anymore, this mediocrity and varying quality of the episodes. For season three to be interesting and maybe even beat its predecessors, Glee needs to shake things up. Do something totally unexpected. (Like they did all the time in Lost with the flashforwards and timetravelling and all that! Maybe the New Directions should find a mysterious hatch on the choir room floor... Haha.) You know in the season finale post I was joking that Dustin Goolsby should replace Will Schuester, but that's just the kind of thing they should do! Stir up the soup and totally mix the dynamics! You know, maybe if the glee club got a new enemy - their own coach, Dustin (because he'd of course be totally horrible before he'd finally turn likable as the club would teach him some manners) - maybe Sue would try and save the glee club for a change! As in the end of season two she's kind of friends with them anyway, it would only fit perfectly. Yep, Ryan Murphy, feel free to hire me. I'm quite cheap!

Anyway. A lovely season full of love and other wonderful things! Let us look at some of the highlights with the help of some pictures and my choice of winners of the season (in my choice of categories, of course). Please click below.

Favourite character: Kurt. I doubt anything will ever change that. He's my man! My lovely, sweet, fashion-conscious, smoking hot, angel-voiced, bird-loving love bird. He's had a great season; his storylines were brilliant and profound already on season one, but this season he was given even more screentime, emotional scenes, solos, love interests and deliciously meaty and sometimes tragic storylines, on which Chris Colfer was able to work his magic and earn some award nominations and one little Golden Globe statue. Some people had enough of Kurt, but I never did and never will. Hopefully his last season on the show will rock my world and tear me up and make me laugh just like the previous one did. Oh my Kurt!

Best new character: Blaine. There were other contestants, but this was the only possible choice, really. I didn't warm up to Blaine as fast as most people did; sure, I always enjoyed watching Darren Criss perform and kick the asses of all those mediocre Top 40 pop songs, but I first found the character quite one-dimensional and simply too perfect. It wasn't until Silly Love Songs and the first signs of his fallibility and cluelessness that made me kind of fall in love with him. And then along came Original Song, and now there's just no going back. Blaine is totally awesome!

Worst character development: Sue. Sue, oh Sue, what to do with you... As I've previously discussed, the geniusly hilarious villain of season one has been in the huge crisis during this past season. The writers were completely lost with her, and mostly just kept pushing her to be more absurd - and more violent - and then suddenly again made her a normal human being with normal feelings, which, as we know, never looks good on Sue Sylvester. Good look pulling her up from that aimless mess next season...

Best character development: Santana. She was stuck as the heartless bitch for most of season one. The tears during To Sir With Love gave a hint that there might be something to her after all, and man, wasn't that one truthful hint! I never really cared for Santana before (though I always adored her voice), but this season she's climbed up to the very top of my favourites list. She's still a bitch, thank god, and she's kept us entertained with her cruel and painfully truthful comments and awesome voice-overs, but she's also revealed a whole new side, that so far had been hidden... in a closet! While I never really cared for the romantic storyline of Brittany and Santana, her emotional journey has been interesting. And the best things is, there's still a long way to go on that journey! Her role on season three will probably be even more significant than it was before. Hurray to that!

Funniest character: Dustin Goolsby. "I'm handsome, I'm good-looking and I'm easy on the eyes. Also, I'm gorgeous." Enough said. The coach of Vocal Adrenaline has made me crack up with every single one of his few appearances on the show, from the moment pulled that Hello Kitty bag on this back to the harsh evaluation of his choir kids in the season finale. I'm keeping all of my fingers and toes up, hoping he'll be there next season as well. Even if not as the the Mr. Schue...

The character I was most undetermined about: Sam. He came to the show as the supposed love interest for Kurt. I though he was very cute, and wonderfully suggestive when he asked if Puck has ever had any balls in his mouth. Turned out he was kind of awkward and a huge nerd, and I kind of loved him. Then he paired up with Quinn and I was pissed with her for stealing Kurt's man. Then he turned stupid and shallow and ab-sessed and was my least favourite character for most of the season, until he charmed me again with his blond Justin Bieber charisma. So then I liked him again. And now he's probably leaving the show. Boohoo.

Most overused character: Holly. I mean, yeah, Gwyneth appeared in only three episodes, but that was two too many. While she was a lot of fun in The Substitute, her spell no longer worked on me in Sexy and A Night of Neglect. And she stole all the solos! Nice of her to stop by, but I won't miss her at all.

Most underused character: Beiste. Once in a while, though all too seldom, Dot-Marie Jones stopped by to give emotional, poignant and freaking awesome performances as the 'Don't-judge-the-book-by-its-covers' football coach Shannon Beiste. Her brightest moment must be in Never Been Kissed, when she pours out her heart to Will. Aww. She's brilliant.

Best new couple: Blaine and Kurt. Sorry for being so incredibly predictable. But come on! Kurt getting a boyfriend was always going to be the highlight of the season. I hadn't even dreamt about getting someone so dreamy and fitting and natural and a good quarter to perfect, and then we got Blaine! Aah! I loved the very old school way they dealt with their relationship; never rushing it, letting the tensions build, letting them to get to know each other as friends first, and letting Kurt show how he's matured since last season. And I kind of love how, as a couple, they not so different from when they were just friends. Seems very natural and relaxed and real. Although they could kiss more often. Haha. Kidding. Kind of. NOT!

Most unexpected new couple: Puck and Lauren. Because who could saw that coming? No one, I say. Before Special Education and Silly Love Songs Lauren was just the occasional comic relief, stopping by to look stupid and say stupid things. And Puck, well... Although he continued to go softer and softer all season, the fling with Lauren took it to a whole new level. And I cherish it! Because they work together unexpectedly well, and not just for comedy; they're actually very sweet together!

Best Burt Hummel moment: Every moment Burt Hummel has in the show should earn a prize, but between the sex talk and the way he danced down the aisle at his wedding, I still went for the sex talk. It was classic Burt; he's not very wordy or tactful or ornate when it comes to the lessons he gives to his son, but he's always honest, down-to-earth, and somehow, though he looks at things from his own point of view, which differs from Kurt's world view more than a little, he manages to get his point across in a very wise and practical way. Also, he unconditionally loves his son and he's the coolest TV dad in history, so that doesn't hurt, either. Oh how we adore him!

Best Rachel solo: Rachel's solos were, again, numerous this season, though I might argue that the count was not quite as high as last year, since the solos are now spread more to showcase rest of the cast's talent, too. It was a decision between My Man and Go Your Own Way, and I went with My Man because it's classic Rachel, and one hell of a performance.

Most brilliant Brittany moment: "I don't even remember putting that in there!"

Most chic Kurt outfit: This was definitely the toughest category of them all! I almost got rid of it, because picking just one seemed impossible - and it kind of is! Still, I wanted to pay tribute to at least one jewel in that tremendously fabulous wardrobe, which I'd die to have a look inside of. The one that stood out my mind the most is the yellow outfit he wore towards the end of Never Been Kissed, when Karofsky once again slams him against the locker. The jacket and the boots, both yellow. I loved that, because it wasn't a color you usually see on Kurt. And it looked very cozy. And autumn-y. Very nice. (I think I need to make a whole post dedicated to Kurt's wardrobe this season. It's been fantastic!)

Best Sue insult: "Hello, Tweedle Dumb, Tweedle Fake Boobs." Classic, instant classic.

The moment I'd been looking forward to forever: Duh? I made this category up just so I could one more time bring up the best moment in whole season two. THE KISS. World could've ended right there, and I still would've been happy. Everything was beautiful and nothing could've hurt in that moment. After it, my life seemed a tiny bit more complete. (... Oh my god, I'm not quite sane. If I had lived before Glee and television and technology, I wonder what I would've done with my life, where I would've gone for these kicks I now get from the exciting doings of fictional characters. Pathetic, isn't it... Thank god I didn't live in the Middle Ages. Or before Glee. That would've been AWFUL! Awesome, being so pathetic, har har har.)

Most tearful moment: Well, it's not a moment, per ce, but I cried half of the episode Furt. Out of happiness, mostly! The wedding wows and the speeches and Just The Way You Are, and finally Kurt leaving McKinley. Aaaaaah, all that emotioooooooon!

Most shocking moment: Glee doesn't shock you. Glee is carefree and fun and adorable. But once it did shock me, good and proper. When Karofsky jumped to kiss Kurt in the middle of an aggressive shouting match in Never Been Kissed, that made me gasp like anything ever before in Glee. Because I seriously did not see that coming, AT ALL. If only I could've seen my face...

Sexiest moment: It's a tie between Kurt in Born This Way and Brittany in I'm A Slave 4 U. Kurt was so very delicious and just irresistible in that number, aah! And for Brittany that was the first moment when she really got to enjoy the spotlight, and man, did we enjoy it too! Damn, girl! She's such an amazing dancer it's almost unfair. Oh and Emma's Touch-A Touch-A etc was kind of hot, too!

Most ground-breaking moment: (This category was first called 'Gayest moment', but then I decided 'ground-breaking' sounds better. Haha. Same winner, anyway...) Baby, It's Cold Outside. Ah! As far as I know that was the first time ever in American television, or any television for that matter, when two gay high school boys sang a flirty, traditional man/woman duet together, without a single inch of comedy, parody or mockery involved. And gee, did they sing and perform it well! The scene is definitely one of the most adorable and heart-warming moments in the season, or in the whole series, or, well, ever! Click here to watch it one more time. You know you want to. Christmas is soon again anyway.

Most Glee-ful moment: Loser Like Me is not a master piece in any way, but the performance kind of hits the very core of the Glee philosophy, which compensates a bit for that awful HSM vibe. You can't help but to smile when in the end they throw the confetti slushies at the audience. Aw. Hold those 'L's up high!

Best storyline: The Dave Karofsky storyline was super awesome throughout the entire season. And it's amazing how the writers managed to develop him, from a regular dumbass bully to someone with a huge secret, further on to a horrifying molester and finally to someone you could really feel for, as he tearfully apologizes for Kurt. All this during those shamefully few episodes Karofsky was part of! Good one, Glee writers. And keep it coming next season. Max Adler is awesome and he needs more screentime.

Most memorable musical number: Well, it's got to be Teenage Dream. It was so new, so fresh, so unexpected, and SO much better than the original. And one hell of an introduction for a character... Aw, I kind of miss the Warblers. They made the season a whole lot groovier. Thank you, dancing boys in blazers!

Favourite episode: AAAAAAH, why do I make myself choose?? Finally, it came down to Born This Way and Never Been Kissed, and I just had to go with Born This Way. Because it went back to the very roots of Glee with that message of accepting yourself and loving your flaws. Because it had some of the best musical numbers in all the season. Because it had all those extra minutes. Because Kurt got back to McKinley and he got to wear his own clothes again. Because those T-shirts were awesome and I have one myself. Because it's such an exhilarating and heartfelt and totally awesome episode and after watching you just want to pat yourself on the back, because you're pretty awesome really and aww what an episode, oh how I love it.

Season-defining quote:

"This year was about acceptance. I know that all the kids in the glee club fight and they steal each other's boyfriends and girlfriends and they threaten to quit like every other week, but stuff like that happens in families. Family is a place where everyone loves you no matter what. And they accept you for who you are. I know I'm gonna be a bridesmaid at Mike and Tina's wedding. And I'm gonna be anxiously waiting just like everyone else to see if their babies are Asian too. When they find an operation to make Artie's legs work again, I'm gonna be there for his first steps. I love them. I love everyone in glee club, and I get to spend abother year with everyone I love, so I'm good."

~ Brittany

Thanks for the latest, Glee. I'm so ready for season three, so whenever you are, too... bring it on!


Leena said...

Katoin koko ykköskauden kakkoskauden kahden viimeisen jakson välissä (Ja huomasin, että jossain ihan alkupään jaksossa Rachelilla oli samanlainen karusellihevospaita kuin kaikilla muilla tytöillä Comebackissa ja bongasin ihan viimeisestä jaksosta sen pullukan Warblerin McKinleyn käytävältä. Olinkin lukenut jostain, että se oli jo ekalla kaudella avustajana) ja jotenkin mulla tuli Star Wars mieleen.

Siis Gleen ekan ja tokan kauden vertaaminen on vähän sama kun vertaisi vanhoja ja uusia Star Warseja. Uusissa ja tokassa on paljon enemmän resursseja käytössä kuin vanhoissa ja ekassa. Tokalla kaudella on paljon enemmän hahmoja, joilla on omat juonikuvionsa ja (pääasiassa kiitos Warblersin) tuoreempaa musiikkia. Varmaan tuotannossa on ollut myös enemmän rahaa käytössä. Mutta ihan samalla lailla kun Star Warsissakin, tokalla kaudella yriys meni välillä överiksi ja lopputulos oli vaan blaah. Mutta oli ekallakin kaudella blaah-jaksoja, eikä se resurssien ero oikeasti ollut yhtään niin huikea kun Star Warseissa. Näin ollen mäkin tykkäsin tokasta kaudesta enemmän.

Sun blogi on pahasti jäljessä!!! Tule kertomaan mielipiteesi, oliko Troubletones Goolsbyn veroinen ravistelu?

Eeva said...

Chubby Warbler! Mäkin oon kuullut että se on ollut ekstrana, mutta bongannut en oo. Pitäis kai taas kattoa ykköskausi läpi.

Ihan osuva toi Star Wars -vertaus. Ero on vaan se että SW:n alkuperäiset on silti paremmat, kun Gleessä kakkoskausi vie voiton! Vaikka moni muuta sanookin.

Tiedän että oon jäljessä! Ää! Ei oo ollut hirveen inspiroivia jaksoja. Mutta vaikka Troubletones on/oli ihan jees, ei Goolsbya ja mun suunnitelmaa sen varalle voita mikään. Etenkin kun se ei tullut enää kolmoskaudelle. Yhyy, häntä kaivataan, vaikka oonkin ehkä ainut!