Aug 3, 2011

10/20 of my favourite musical numbers in season 2

NB! 1: This is the first part of me listing my favourite musical numbers of the past season. It's the combination of the song, the performance, and the context that I look at. A list of my favourite songs might be a whole lot different. Maybe.

NB! 2: I keep changing my mind all the time. This list lives constantly on my mind, but I just had to froze it at some point and promise myself not to mess with the ranking anymore. But it's not 100% accurate. And I feel sorry for some songs. And all the time songs that I didn't include keep popping in my head and I feel I should've included them. And some lucky bastards are ranked better than I right now feel they'd deserve. Damn them.
NB! 3: As a protest, I didn't include any original songs. Hell To The No might really deserve a place here, or even Loser Like Me for that killer performance, but nah ah. Twenty isn't enough anyway. It's a lot for a list, but still not nearly enough.

NB! 4: I was freely biased when choosing the songs. The selection is not very diverse, and the emphasis is clearly on a certain few characters, but at least I resisted my urge to include every single Warbler song ever made (and that was painful! Had to make some serious sacrifices). Still, mostly this is just me being totally and shamelessly partial. Ha ha haa!

Anyways, do take a look.


20. Time Warp / The Rocky Horror Glee Show

It's goofy and freaky and insane and balding. And somehow it fits Glee perfectly! More than once I've found myself humming the song and doing the crazy dance moves.

19. My Man / Funeral

Rachel knows her ballads, that's common knowledge. Her whole-hearted serenade to 'her man' (who that might be, I wonder?) is one hell of a singing performance; the girl really sings her heart out. This might just be my favourite Rachel solo since Don't Rain On My Parade.

18. Need You Now / The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle

In between those endless Finchel duets, I enjoyed me some Puckleberry! They sound great together, and yes, there's that chemistry. Extra points for Beiste being adorable and lip-syncing to the lyrics.

17. Empire State of Mind / Audition

The first number of the season, and somehow I still keep coming back to it. The song is not amazing or anything, though I like it more than the original. But the clothes and the setting and and Kurt's hair and the overall mood of it... Me likes.

16. I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You / Prom Queen

This would be way higher, if the performance hadn't been cut so short in the episode. Blaine is a rockstar, that was settled ages ago. He's quirky dancing is totally awesome and the song is very dancable.

15. Thriller/Heads Will Roll / The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle

This is the most massive number Glee has ever made, and I had to acknowledge that. Everything is massive about it: the costumes, the make-up, the setting, the songs, the volume. When I listen to this in a car I always first turn the volume down because the first OFF WITH YOUR HEAD always makes me jump.

14. Toxic / Britney/Brittany

How good can a Britney Spears song sound? Well, this good. This is definitely my favourite song in the episode, because the rest sound too much like the originals. Mr Schue's bits are awesome, and the perfromance... Well, it's a Britney Spears sex riot. Enough said.

 13. Stop! In The Name Of Love/Free Your Mind / Never Been Kissed

Just when I had promised not to mess with the list anymore, I watched this number again and simply had to move it up, up, up! I mean, what's not to love? The guys look better than ever in those tuxes and bow-ties, and that choreagraphy just kills me with its awesomeness. Strike that, it's KURT doing the choreography that kills me. I don't know what it is, but this must in the top 5 of his most AH-dorable moments. I could watch him in this forever. Might end up eating him for that irresistible adorableness/adorability/whatever, though. The song is good, too. Unexpectedly groovy and catchy.

 12. Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again / Duets

This is definitely a feel-good song. Rachel/Kurt never fails, and the performance in its simplicity is very charming. It's just these two remarkable talented people sitting and singing to their hearts' content, and obviously enjoying every second of it. Aw.

11. When I Get You Alone / Silly Love Songs

Blaine in a Gap! What more can you ask? This is one of the coolest and most interesting settings Glee has ever done. The Warblers rock hard. And those pink sunglasses... Oh god. Blaine has never been hotter, this is definitely his number one sexy moment. At the same time, I've never felt so embarrassed for him. Haha. Poor supermegafoxyawesomehot Blaine. And poor Kurt with the dummy. And poor unemployed douchebag Jeremiah.


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