Nov 15, 2011

3x05 The First Time / the one you wanted to be perfect

And it was, wasn't it? I did like this episode a lot, even though 1) it had its weak points, and 2) my ridiculously high expectations weren't just quite met, but it's okay, because 1) I didn't expect them to, and 2) it was a very beautiful and sweet episode anyway, and 3) I might grow to like it more as I'll watch it again (and again (and again)). (I have now watch it again (and again (and again)), and indeed, I like it much more now than in the first time. (The second time was better than the first time, when talking about The First Time. Hehe.)) Definitely my favorite episode of the season so far, and that's just me being shamelessly biased, as always.

What's going on:

- Artie quite frankly tells Rachel and Blaine to go and lose their virginities, because otherwise they won't be believable enough as the leads of West Side Story.
- Finn hopes to be recruited to Ohio State.
- Beiste has a crush on the recruiter guy. But she thinks he's not interested even though he keeps rubbing the suggestions on her face.
- Blaine stops by at Dalton, and meets Sebastian. Sebastian wants Blaine.

The bad:

- Rachel looking at the lyrics when she sings Tonight. As of she didn't know the lyrics by heart. Duh.
- Artie and Beiste's sex talk. Kind of awkward.
- It was kind of a mess how they cut from A Boy Like That to Blaine and Sebastian and back again. Nice idea, but didn't work very well for me. Same again with Tina's first time speech.
- Rachel was pretty idiotic.
- Mike Chang is cool and the storyline with his parents is pretty touching, but it didn't fit in the episode. There was enough going on anyway.
- Same with Artie and his speech. It was out of place, even though pretty great.
- Finn and the recruiter drama. Booooooring.
- In summary, there was nothing too bad about the episode, only thing was that there was too much going on. I would've been much more interested in Beiste's love affairs in some other episode, but now I just wanted my Klaine. Beiste at least somewhat fit the theme of the episode, but Artie and Mike didn't. Still, not much to criticize.

The undecided:

- Dave. On one hand I loved that he made a comeback (however brief), because Max Adler is great and I'd been wondering what happened to the character, hoping they hadn't completely forgotten about him. And it was a very nice moment between Kurt and him. BUT. I need to know what happened between this and Prom Queen. Is he okay with himself now? Is he out? How did it happen? Dave is such a complex and interesting character, I sure hope that wasn't the ultimate redemption we were all waiting for.

The good:

+ Artie trying to highfive Puck, and Puck ignoring him.
+ How Emma and Beiste very subtly escape when Artie starts talking about sex.
+ Dalton and the Warblers! Oh, how I missed them! Especially the chubby Warbler! I even loved Sebastian, even though I wanted to slap him in the face all the time. That cockyness was just brilliant, and the predatory looks he shot at Blaine, and how Blaine gets all uncomfortable and bashful, and how in Lima Bean he keeps flirting with Blaine even after Kurt shows up. Nice and bitchy, hopefully he'll come back to stir things up again!
+ Beiste thinks Applebee's is a fancy restaurant. I'm just so happy I know what Applebee's is. Three months haven't gone to waste! Oh and Finn talks about a Marriot hotel and I'm like hey, I've stayed in a Marriot! Small joys, allow me to indulge myself...
+ Beiste, overall. How she couldn't take a hint, and then wouldn't believe she was sincerely asked on a date.
+ The girls giving advice for Rachel. Although Brittany's rape comment wasn't funny, and Tina's story about her wonderful first time was kind of too cheesy.
+ RORY! He was in the episode for half a second but it was the funniest half a second  in the whole episode.
+ Finchel, I guess. I've never been too excited about the pair, but I guess it's nice they finally had their big moment. I was just a bit disorietated, waiting for the other big moment...
+ Klaine.

The Klaine:

Aaaaah, where to start? Klaine-wise, this episode was PERFECT. It was a perfect and significant milestone in the story than began in Never Been Kissed, continued in A Very Glee Christmas, Silly Love Songs, Original Song, Prom Queen, New York, and now The First Time. I loved all the Klaine scenes, and I loved every moment in all of them. I want to talk about them separately, just so that I can repeat the words "perfect", "sweet", "beautiful", and "wonderful" over and over until everyone loses their minds. Ok, I try not to.

Bedroom scene 1: One of my favorites! Actually, I should write that in every single one of these scenes, so I won't point that out from here on. But I loooooved this scene! (Okay, here's another remark I should ban myself. I promise I won't use it here again.) So awesome to see Blaine and Kurt just hanging out. Loved Blaine's random dancing, loved his hands when he made the masturbation comment, loved Kurt's adorable facial expressions, loved how they talk about sex and it's not awkward, and loved, loved, LOVED the cute little smack in the end. I want to eat that kiss, that's how adorable it was. And ok, no more "I loved (something Klaine-related)". I don't want to be a broken record.

Locker scene: Kurt's bucket list was kind of brilliant. And very nice of him to be on Team Jacob. Though I don't approve of a Taylor Lautner obsession, in any case. Another very cute scene, and don't you just love the sexual tension?

Lima Bean scene: I'm not saying that I loved it, because I promise not to use that expression anymore, but I very much liked the way Kurt acted around Sebastian. That body language and tone of his voice. "I'm not intimidated, but this boy is mine, and you better keep your filthy hands off him, bitch."

Gay bar scene: Haha. The fake IDs. The drag queen conversation. Blaine's dance moves and how Kurt kept glaring at him and Sebastian. How Kurt cuts between them to join Blaine on the dance floor. There, I just managed to list all the things I loved without saying I loved them!

Parking lot scene: First it was kind of funny, and then kind of hot, and then kind of awkward, and then kind of heart-breaking. Another great scene, anyway.

Auditorium scene: My favorite scene in the episode, not just one of them! So beautiful and sweet and wonderful and all the other words I promised not to use, and god damn me, but I LOVED IT, I loved it so much, so much that I want to cry or scream or pull my hair out, or something. Those two just make my heart burst. Those two, not only as in Kurt and Blaine and their beautiful and perfect love, but also as in Chris Colfer and Darren Criss, and how they act these things so sincerely and perfectly, and make me go crazy.

Bedroom scene 2: So we didn't see any of the actual, um, act, and before I kind of wished we would have, but now, after thinking about it and watching the scene a million times, I think this was just perfect, with the eskimo kisses and the touch of the fingertips and the condom on the floor and the gentle, loving looks. And I feel like a pervert for wanting to get a glimpse of some of the real action, because actually, it would've been a bit wrong to show something so intimate and special and sacred. And yes, I'm again taking this too seriously and acting like we're talking about real people, and yes, I bet they would've showed something more if only Fox had given them an OK, but damnit, I still think it was perfect and extremely special the way it was. And anyway, I think this was a milestone, not only in the world of Kurt and Blaine, but also in our world. Glee is making a difference, my friends!

(So I loved it more than life. At the same time, doesn't this just make a girl horribly depressed? It began with Disney's infinite happy endings, continued with The O.C., Moulin Rouge!, and Kate and Leo, and now it's Klaine, convincing a poor little girl that this is what real life is like, this is what you'll get too, you'll love and be loved and it will be so epic and beautiful that the whole world will cry out of happiness with you. Thank you, all, for these impossible and unrealistic expectations that just turned one inch more impossible and unrealistic. Haha. The encouraging thought is that when I'll be a sad and fat 60-year-old old maid, I will still be a shameless fangirl, and get all the joy I need out of the joy of fictional characters. Can't you just picture me, sitting on a rocking chair with my seventeen cats, weeping over an episode of season 34 of Glee. Heart-warming, to say the least. Ok, I'll  stop rambling.)

The Music (I'm not including those short bits of the WSS songs that I have no opinion about):

Uptown Girl. Brilliant! And so much fun! It's the freaking Warblers! Loved it! The freaking Warblers rock even without Blaine's vocals! But what the, there is a TEACHER at DALTON? Well, at least one thing is settled: everyone is Dalton is gay. Otherwise they couldn't have a teacher like that in an all-boy school. There'd be riots.

America. A nice number, and Santana rules, but at this point I couldn't have cared less about a school musical.

One Hand, One Heart. Boring song, but oh my god. Talk about sweet and beautiful. And I did, above, in case you missed it. Haha.

 Best quotes:

- Blaine to Beiste: "Are you gonna cry every time we sing?" Beiste: "I'm such a girl." Aw.
- Beiste: "Man I love to weld."
- "Once a Warbler, always a Warbler, right?"
- Sebastian about what he'd heard of Blaine: "Apparently he's sex on a stick and sings like a dream."
- Puck when Finn asks him about condoms: "Are you cheating on Rachel?" Haha.
- Puck: "I'm happy for you, and Rachel. Always thought it would be me, but secretly hoped it would be you."
- Rachel: "I've never had meat substitute that tasted that much like real meat." Finn: "Of course, because you're a vegan, which I remember, because we know each other so well. More sparkling cider?"
- Santana: "I also think that you should wait. Speaking from experience, Finn is terrible in bed." 
- "Enjoy. It's drag queen Wednesday."

Best Klaine quotes:

"I mean, we are playing it very safe by not granting our hands Visas to travel south of the Equator."

"Have you ever had the urge to rip off each other's clothes and get dirty?"
"Ah, yeah, but that's why they invented masturbation."
"So hot in this room, can we- can we open a window?"

"Besides, tearing off all your clothes is sort of a tall order."
"Because of the layers?"
"Because of the layers. (mmmmwah!)"

"Don't you think now is the time to be adventurous, while we're still young?"

"This was the best night of my life! I wanna live here, and I just wanna make art and help people."

"Come here. Give me your hand. And hold it to your heart."

"Sure beats the last time you were drunk and made out with Rachel."

"I wanted to be your gay bar superstar, but try as I might, I'm still a silly romantic."
"It's not silly."

"You take my breath away."

"I'm so proud to be with you."
"I hope so. I want you to be."



Well, it can be nothing but a serious downfall, can it? That's what happens after episodes like this. Anyway, the promo looks horrible. The only good thing about it is the Adele mass-up. I've seen the clip and it's perfect. I do love mash-ups. So there's still hope, I guess.

Nov 9, 2011


I wonder what it's like being normal. I'd guess a normal person wouldn't feel that two fictional people having sex is the highlight of their week. Thus, this week must be very boring for anyone normal. I kind of feel sorry for normal people. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to cherish this glorious moment some more. Isn't everything just beautiful? I swear, the keyboard of my laptop never looked better.

Nov 5, 2011


The fangirl inside of me is embarrassingly happy. I took it very calmly, at first, and was very cool about it, but them I came here and thought about it and read some other reactions and now I realized how awesome this is. I'm so going to be so disappointed, because it can't be as good as it seems.

Anyway. Oh, there was a new episode, too? That promo kind of made me forget about it. And yeah, right, there are two other episodes, too, that I haven't written about yet. But there are priorities. My number one priority was to say how happy I am about next week's promo.

Now that that's done, let's talk about Pot o' Gold. A nice episode, really! BUT. I'm still waiting for my mind to blow away. I want something that will make me so happy that I'll spend a week smiling. Or will still thrill and entertain me after twenty rewatches. Like, for example, Never Been Kissed and Born This Way and Blame It on the Alcohol and Duets, from last season. Some of that, please. Now, please. You might be able to process my request by next week. (Although thanks to some spoilers, I wouldn't count on it. I might spend a week crying. Or just generally pouting. Anyway.)


- Rory is an exchange student, just arrived in McKinley fresh from Ireland. He lives with Brittany. He likes Brittany. He really wants to 'snog her'. She thinks he's a magical leprechaun. He also befriends Finn. And joins glee club.
- Quinn wants to stage Shelby as a bad mother so that she's get Beth back. Puck doesn't want anything bad for Shelby. He just wants to, WHAAAAT, kiss her??
- Sue gets a nemesis! Burt Hummel himself decides to run for congress against her.
- Mercedes allures Santana and Brittany to join Shelby's glee club.

What I didn't like:

 - Finn being a bitch to Blaine.
- Puck's weird new haircut. What's wrong with that mohawk, dude?
- I don't know if I liked the bitchy Santana in this episode. I love when she's bitchy for a good cause, but now she was just a plain, mean, cold bitch. How she acted towards poor little Rory was too much. I need Brittany to give her a wake up call.
- I don't know if I liked Sue, either. I certainly like this Sue more than season two Sue, but I don't know.
- The Shelby/Puck storyline. They actually kissed. In the first episode of the season there was a vibe between them, and my friend said: "Oh my god, they're gonna be together." And I went: "Oh no, no no. It's Glee, it's not The O.C. Glee is not that lame." Oh well. We'll see. Maybe this'll actually turn out interesting.

What I liked:

+ Rory. Duh! Damien was my favorite all the way through the Glee project, so I knew I'd like him, never mind the character. But his character is awesome, too! It's so funny how he just has that sheepish smile on his face all the time. And he's so vulnerable and innocent and sincere and dorky. And that accent...
+ Brit doesn't understand what Rory says. I feel you, girl. Having some difficulties myself. And I've never loved difficulties so much!
+ Santana and Brittany. Kind of. I mean, I still don't think they're meant to be or anything, but they are not as unrealistic and awkward as they were last season. I liked how Santana says she has to stay in ND to take care of Brit. Of course, she didn't, so that's that.
+ Beth is so cute.
+ How Rory wears only green until Brit tells she doesn't believe in leprachauns anymore.
+ Burt for president! Really! Awesome! Seriously!
+ Finn calls Brit the 'I' word. That wasn't cool, but I liked the scene, how Brittany reacted, and when they made up.
+ How the hockey players are scared of Coach Beiste. Whoo, yeah, you should be!
+ Rory bonding with Finn.


- Bein' Green. Nice. Love Damien's voice. Song's a bit boring, but will probably grow on me. I didn't know this but it was originally sung by Kermit the frog! Haha. Explains the slighty random lyrics.
- Last Friday Night. Fun! Just goofing around. Not Blaine's best, and not even in his top five, and not nearly as capturing as his previous Katy Perry cover, but still. Fun. And better than the original, though that's needless to say.
- Waiting for a Girl Like You. Ugh. The cougar-hunting Puck doesn't do the thing for me. Also, he sounds weird singing songs like this.
- Candy Man. I wanted this to blow my mind, because any Santana/Mercedes song is supposed to, but it not quite did. Still, liked it.
- Take Care of Yourself. My favorite song of the episode! So beautiful and sweet. Loved Kurt's reactions when Rory reaches the high notes, and then 'OK, fine, he's alright'. Aw.

Best quotes:

- Rachel: "I'm considering changing my name into Maria."
- Rory: "Finn Hudson." The way he said it. Haha.
- "My name is Rory Flannagan. I'm a foreign exchange student from Ireland. And I love everything about America. Especially Nascar, your half-black president, and Victoria's Secret catalogues."
- Finn: "In America dudes don't ask dudes to be their friends. Expect on Facebook, and even then it can take years."
- Santana: "I wish you'd hold my hand... Like under the napkin."
Brittany: "Oh, I thought you were talking about Selena Gomez's pregnancy rumors."
- Brittany: "Free beer." Best show choir name ever.
- Hockey player: "Say U2's overrated. Say it!" Rory: "Never!"
- Finn: "What happens when the Pope dies?" Kurt: "Heaven, one would think."


OOOOOOOOOOOOMG. (Hopefully it'll be an okay episode, but my expectations are far too high, anyway.)