Dec 18, 2012

4x10 Glee, Actually / not bad, actually

Glee's Christmas episodes have been notoriously underwhelming in the past. They do little to advance the plot, and kind of repeat themselves, because, really, how many ways there are to do an inspiring and heart-warming Christmas episode? But, in Glee Christmas episode standards, Glee, Actually was not actually bad at all. Easily better than last year's sorry attempt, and even though the Klaine duet was not quite as epic as Baby, It's Cold Outside, I enjoyed myself throughout the episode, smiled a lot, and was left feeling quite christmassy.

In the spirit of Love, Actually, I will use a bit different structure in breaking down what happened.

* * *

When the episode starts with the words 'Dear journal', it can't end up too bad. Sue kicks off the story by painting a picture for anyone who possibly didn't get the title's reference to Love, Actually (which, by the way, Sue, a lot of people (like me) actually do care about!)

Sue gets to be the secret Santa to Marley's mom. First she's a bit mean, but then, in the spirit of Glee Christmas episodes, she gets a change of heart and get her a very nice present. Then she gives me something to quote:

"I wanted to say thank you, for what you did for Marley and me."
"I have no idea what you're talking about, I had nothing to do with the making of that film."

"Now if you'll excuse me, please sideways step yourself the hell out of my office."


Artie has another identity crisis, and he says he hopes had never ended up in the wheel chair. Oh-ow! Watch your words, Artie. It's Christmas, and you know It's a Wonderful Life.

This was pretty genius, and I actually enjoyed this part of the episode the most. It was way too short, and predictable, of course, and it's kind of bittersweet how they had to milk on every little storyline Artie ever had. Because, you know, there hasn't been too many. Anyway. There are a lot of things that I liked about it!
Rory is back, with that wonderful accent ("Talk slowly so I can understand you"), and in a weird way it feels perfectly natural that he is Artie's Christmas guardian angel. Everything Irish is magical, after all. And it's just nice to see him Damian back, after they so unceremoniously kicked him out after last season.
All the Glee club jocks are idiot douchebags ("You sing Lady Gaga songs." "I'll break your friggin' legs!"). Finn is so not plausible as a badass bully. Kurt didn't graduate because he's too scared to come to school because of all the bullying. "Who's Blaine?" This is embarrasing but that line almost made me tear up, haha. Seriously, though, as heart-breaking as it was to see Kurt so beaten again, I actually kind of loved it, too. Chris Colfer, delightfully breaking my heart since 2009.

Mr. Schue is an alcoholic, who spends all his money on booze and flannel shirts. He's still married to Terri (hahhaha, so awesome to see her back!), and as he's drunk all the time, he doesn't notice their baby is a doll. Hahaha... Emma married Ken Tanaka and moved to Hawaii. Hahaha, this was so brilliant.

Also, Tina stutters, and dresses all goth again. Becky is the school slut. Rachel works at the school library. Turns out Artie was always the glue of Glee. Um, okay. Whatever you say... No glue, no Glee. Now that rhymed nicely, actually. Artie calls everyone together in the choir room/Sue's craft room, to remind them about what's up in reality. He sings Feliz Navidad, and I enjoy it a lot, because I always enjoy watching Kevin McHale get up and dance, and get a reminder that he's actually pretty hot. But Finn just thinks it's really gay.
Artie is all sad, and the last drop is when he finds out that Quinn never got better after the accident ("Quinn texts and drives in every timeline, Artie."), and she died of a broken heart. Snif! This finally makes Artie realize that the chair is a part of him, and has actually done a lot of good, too.

This was so great! But it should've lasted more than five minutes. I think they should've done a whole episode based on this idea, because there really would've been so much material and ideas to lean on. Awww, just think about all the possibilities! It's a Wonderful Glee, that could've been the title. And then do this Love Actually thing next year, or something. Oh, well, it was fun while it lasted! Moving on.


Burt surprises Kurt and comes to spend Christmas with him in New York. They share some holiday memories, and hang ornaments on the tree, talk about Burt's Single Ladies performance, drink hot chocolate, and it's really sweet, of course. Then Burt says he has prostate cancer, and I'm loading my figurative machine gun and aiming it towards the Glee writers, subtly letting them know what'll happen if they'll ever kill off Burt Hummel. "You've got to hold the people you love close to you no matter what", he says. On that cue (after Kurt gives his father some adorable NYADA merchandise as a present), Burt gives Kurt an address, where he goes to find... Blaine! Shocker!

It's a bit strange that Burt doesn't seem to mind at all that Blaine cheated on Kurt. You'd think he'd be a bit more protective of his dear son, and at least not be the one pushing them back together. Yet... do I mind? You know I don't. This just makes me love Burt Hummel even more. Thanks to him, there will be no missing the most important Glee holiday tradition: the Klaine duet! Blaine is smiling a lot and widely, and it's adorable.

White Christmas is one of my favorite carols. A slower version is what I'd usually prefer, but this upbeat version fits the scene well. It's adorably obvious that Chris Colfer can't skate. I like the moment when they come close to each other and share this adorable eye contact, and then they ki-- Blaine skates away! Hnngh, tease! (What's up with that?) I'm already looking forward to next year's Klaine duet. Right, Glee writers? I'm just polishing my gun here, don't mind me. As long as you don't do anything stupid. 'Kay?

Then they have a "We'll always be there for each other" moment, which is way too cheesy and Finchel-esque for my taste, and I actually almost feel like taking back all those words I said last week about the writers always hitting jackpots with Klaine. They hug, which in Klaine standards is at least third base. Yay? Also, Burt is watching and he's uncharacteristically creepy.

Back at the apartment, Burt and Blaine watch, um, some sports. I don't know what sports team Celtics is. But considering Kurt only is only able to watch the game for twenty seconds before getting bored, I'm betting it's baseball. Ok, I cheated, it's actually basketball. Anyway. Blaine says he'll probably apply to NYADA, and Kurt says that would be great, and I want to believe him, but I'm not sure. But anyways, sorry Kurt, Blaine is of course getting in, because three kids from the same Glee club in Lima, Ohio get in to the most prestigious school in the world within a year from each other like all the time. Then Blaine eats popcorn and looks hot doing it.

Now where was the 'mature heart-to-heart' that they got us all excited with in Thanksgiving?


Back in McKinley, Jake is fighting, as usually. Puck interferes. They decide to go to LA together, and two seconds later they arrive at the Paramount studios. They boast with their Jewishness by singing Oh Hanukah, and I actually like it. Jake sounds great here. I spot one of the Glee writers, Ian Brennan, making a cameo, and borrow the fake machine gun of one of the fake gangsters to make my point about Burt and Klaine even clearer. For Christmas time I am getting worryingly pro-firearm. (And then Connecticut happened and I remembered that one shoudn't really even joke about those damn stupid things that guns are.)

Then the Puckermans get very Jewish tattoos and go hang in some rich lady's house. Puck says he feels lonely, so Jake invites him back to Lima, to have a Christmas dinner with both of their moms. First the moms hate each other for half a minute, then Puck and Jake give a very nice "we are family" speech, and bam, then they are.

Puck says he'll move back to Lima. Ok. I'm actually down with that.


Brittany is getting ready for the apocalypse. Duh? Sam is on board. Brit gives everyone expensive presents and then insults them. Except for Marley, who she thinks is delightful. Sam sings Jingle Bell Rock, but actually everyone is just thinking about Mean Girls, and whatever happened to the fourth one, after Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried became famous and Lindsay Lohan went to rehab(s)? Then Sam gives Brittany "another rock". Get it, get it? It's a ring, and he proposes. Beiste joins them in Mayan star marriage. Sam says that it doesn't matter that the future holds tsunamis and sea monsters for them, because he is with her, and she's his soulmate. Well, aw.

Then it's the morning after of the apocalypse, and it's really awkward because the world didn't end in the end. But Beiste says they are not actually married, so that's a relief. Sam says smallpox is like chickenpox but small. Then they say that they feel empty now that world didn't end, and Beiste is super adorable and claims that according to Google Indiana Jones just found out that the world will end on 2014 instead. Sam and Brit are really happy to have a purpose again.


Mom says no present this year, all the money goes to therapy session to help Marley fight bulimia. Marley sings a little bit of The First Noel to her mom, and it's pretty. Also, they live in a ridiculously big and fancy house, considering how poor they are.

Sue gets them a tree and presents (that Becky didn't care for) and cash. Now they can buy an even bigger house!

How it all came together:

"Does this involve the Glee club singing a Christmas song in the auditorium with snow falling on an elaborate winter scene?"

Yes it does. To thank Sue, Marley and the others sing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Artie helped her make it happen. You know, if Artie wasn't in the chair, he wouldn't have helped her, and the would be no nice sing-song to wrap up all the storylines and the episode. Puck and Jake and Sam and Brit join them at Breadstix, and Blaine and Kurt sing along in New York. Sue tears up, so we can check another Christmas tradition there.

So. The first half of the episode was better than the second, like you could probably tell from the amount of text that I just produced. The Artie storyline was so awesome, but it had the potential to be so much more awesome, had they not wrapped it up so hastily and left it so unconnected and random.

The Klaine stuff was great, of course, because it's Klaine, though they actually could've done better there. Or maybe not, maybe I just don't like where the stotyline seems to be heading. I mean, Blaine is still totally in love, that's more than clear in the loving, lingering looks he shot at Kurt during HYMLC. But Kurt! Dude, I don't know what's up! Klaine has never been this awkward. If that's what they went for, great. Praise for Colfer and Criss once more, and oh-ow for what is coming, because it won't be pretty and Klaine fandom will suffer in torturous pain. If it was awkward unintentionally... Well, I think it's safe to say there is some torture ahead anyways. It's gotta get torturous before it gets good again.

How many times did I type 'actually' in this post:



(^I couldn't find anymore nice pictures, so I posted one from the good old days. Actually, those were pretty torturous days, too.) (Make that 'actually' count 23.)

A break. I'm both excited and a bit terrified to see what 2013 will bring us on the Glee front.

Dec 8, 2012

4x09 Swan Song / game over, and what comes after

This is amazing and a bit weird! Is it me or has Glee just been suspiciously good all season long? I find myself enjoying the heck out of every episode, week after week, and there has been no real disappointments so far. Sure, not every episode has been golden (Britney 2.0, The Makeover, and what even happened in The Role You Were Born to Play? New kids stuff, probably...), but there has been no fiascos. No The Spanish Teacher or A Night of Neglect so far! Although, I should know better and NOT say any of this, or at least knock on wood, because next week it's Christmas and we know what happens to Glee on Christmas. The two  forces of Awesome cancel out and thus eliminate each other. (Though the promo for next week's episode looks quite brilliant. We'll see.)

 Like you might have gathered from the first paragraph there, I liked the Swan Song. What did I like about it the most? Easy: BRAD!

P.S. Within five days I have updated this blog more times than during the rest of the year before that. And it's December. We should just thank the Klall (yeah, not calling it that anymore...) in last week's episode, because really, that was the kick in the rear that gave me the spark to start writing on this subject again. And now there's NO STOPPING ME. The world will drown in the surge of my Glee posts!!! Until my enthusiasm calms down again, or changes its focus, or I realize I finally have to start doing something about those zillion deadlines just around the corner. But I'm enjoying the ride while it lasts. (Though my life outside Glee is not enjoying it that much... Yes, there is one; why do you ask?)

* * *

What is up:

* After losing sectionals (!), it looks like the Glee club's year is over. Everyone busy themselves with something else, like shooting Muslims (in paintball). Finn doesn't appreciate this.
* Rachel gets a Golden ticket from Whoopi aka Carmen, and she gets to perform at NYADA's prestigious Winter Showcase. As you can guess, she does a horrible job, and no one is inspired and awed at all. (...)
* And Kurt gets to audition again. And, as you can guess, he doesn't like get in, at all. (...)
* Sam/Brittany is officially on! And I don't know that they're called. Bram? Better than Samtany.

What I liked:

+ How Blaine throws Sam the juice box in the beginning. Blam! That's teamwork, yo. Saved them at least one second and a half.
+ THEY LOST! Yes! That's the way to shake things up! Now I'm just hoping that they don't come up with some lame "ooooh, the Warblers decide to forfeit and the ND makes it to regionals after all" plot twist. This is just the way to do it. They don't need to win championship this year, because they won last year, so all the now-seniors have won it once, and then next year they can win again, with all the younger folk. Yes.
+ ... Although, when Finn says they should start looking forward to their big comeback next year and Sam points out that for some of them there is no next year, and we see Blaine and Artie and Tina and Blaine and BLAINE looking so sad and disappointed, I must say I felt sad with him them. (And now we don't see Blaine singing lead at nationals, like I've fantasized for the past decade or so. Or even the duet with Marley that they were supposed to do after Gangnam Style. Boohoo. Suddenly I'm not too crazy about this turn of events anymore...Oh well, I'll get over it. And Blaine can join the dark side and go win the nationals with The Warblers, if it comes to that! (Not really.))
+ Blaine texted Kurt. Kurt feels bad for Blaine. Happy face.
+ The random cheerleader with the neck collar that has been wandering in the background all season.
+ Finn and Sue's epic battle over the nationals trophy. And that Le Car lives! And how Sue reminds Finn to lower the trophy at the door.
+ Sue imagining where the New Directioners will be after a few months without their precious club. Brittany's destiny was my favorite.
+ "Sugar already bailed." Haha. The choir room looks so sad, without the chairs, the instruments, anything.
+ Tina is kind of bitchy. Yay!
+ The line of cereal Sam laid out for Brit. And how Brit, naturally, followed it. And how Sam knows Brit doesn't eat breakfast on Tuesdays. And how Brit thinks Sam is an underappreciated genius like Einstein and the Spice Girls. And how they sing and dance and are so very cute! It's Barbie and Ken 2.0! I just might like this one better than the original. (Mostly because I was so disappointed when Sam started romancing Quinn, as I had hoped him to be a love interest for Kurt. Haha. Oh, how clueless a girl can be...)
+ I think it was brilliant how directly they addressed the Brittana fandom, about how furious they will be about this Sam/Brit romance. "I'm not scared of them." Well, you'd better! I haven't read any reactions from the fandom, but I can only imagine... They must be burning up piles of trouty mouthed voodoo dolls, figuratively. Or literally.
+ Whoopi Goldberg. I don't bother to elaborate.
+ Artie joined the marching band ("Your costume is ridiculous, it looks like a peacock died on your head"). Haha. Tina and BLAINE joined the Cheerios! Hahaha! (He looks hot.) Wade joined floor hockey team. He can't skate. Haha. And Joe... Hahahahaha. That joke was so horrible, kind of like Kitty's 'kill women' joke the other week, but oh how I laughed.
+ Sam has a HUGE selection of lip blams of different colors in his locker.
+ Aw, Sam and Brit's first kiss! "The lesbian blogger community" can't be too pissed about this, right? I mean, how adorable are these two? So adorable! "You make me happy, Sam" and "I'm pretty nonstop hilarious" and well, that Forest Gump impression was a cherry on top of that adorability (yeah, again I'm using derivatives of the word 'adorable' that don't exist). You know what, until the glorious day that Klaine rejoins forces to make my life complete again, Bram is my new favorite couple! Not that there are many takers for that title at the moment, but anyways. And I just think it's nice that they brought two old characters together, because I'm not really into those news kids just pairing up. Enjoy it while it lasts, Barbie and Ken 2.0! (Wait, it's not their first kiss, is it? Didn't they kiss once upon a time in Blame It on the Alcohol, in the context of that Spin the Bottle game? Yes the did! Ha!)
+ Rachel kissed Brody. Okay. I'm sitting back and seeing what'll happen next.
+ Rachel says that her all time favorite perfromace by Kurt is I Want to Hold Your Hand, and I like her because she's so right.
+ The Finchel phone call was pretty nice. Though not like the Klaine version.
+ Don't You Forget about Me in the background when Finn writes his inspirational email. Ah!

What I disliked:

- I don't remember when and why Sue Sylvester became the Glee club's mortal enemy again. But I'm sure there is a good reason, though. Sue Sylvester always has good reasons. (She's come around soon. Let's just wait for another Christmas miracle...)
- How obvious and taken-for-granted it was that Rachel got the Golden ticket. And won the thingy. But oh well. That's just Glee.
- "That was different, my dad was in the hospital. Who am I supposed to dedicate this to?" All the world is screaming, BLAINE BLAINE BLAAAAAINEEEE. But no. No meaningful looks. Not even a little flashback. Nothing. Boo.
- I loved Not a Boy Next Door, and Kurt didn't get in. I didn't love Being Alive, and Kurt got in. Whatevs, Madame Whoopi. (Besides, I was kind of painting this picture in my head that fashion would be Kurt's new dream number one, because dreams change and that's cool, and two people from the same Glee club in Ohio just don't get into NYADA within five minutes. Whatevs, Glee. Whatevs.) (This doesn't mean I'm not a little bit happy for Kurt. I'm not made of stone.)
- These things I disliked are sorry excuses for things to dislike.

What I looooved:

< 3 BRAD! Oh my god, that was the most hilarious, most genius, best thing in the entire episode, entire season, entire show! God, I've been waiting for a comment like that for years, always watching the poor orchestra, Brad especially, who's "just furniture", and thinking of the things they've had to live through! All the melodrama and awkward kisses and confessions of love and rejections of love confessions. I feel for you. And now Brad the Awesome has spoken for you! The actor is surprisingly good, too, I don't know why he's wasted all these years playing piano.

< 3 Don't Dream It's Over. See: below.


Something Stupid. Is it a bit of a mean joke that Sam and Brittany out of all people sing a song by this name? Haha. Well, I think it's a sweet joke, if anything. And the number is very sweet, too.

All That Jazz. Compared to the other Chicago duet Rachel performed with a tall, blonde guest star superstar, this was a lot of progress. It's not only that I prefer Kate Hudson to Gwyneth Paltrow and Cassandra July to Holly Holiday, this had much more of the original Chicago feel and attitude and atmosphere in it. The context is also a lot more interesting. The dancing in the number is all kinds of awesome, and those two awesome voices sound quite awesomely together. Bravo for this one.

Being Good Isn't Good Enough. You know, me and traditional Broadway songs don't go well together. I just don't get songs like this. It makes me feel a bit left out, because had I been in that showcase to hear Rachel sing this, I wouldn't have gotten up to applaud until I'd stop yawning and see that everyone else is standing and cheering. Oh, so it was good, right? Whatever you say, I wouldn't know.

O Holy Night. Now this is something I do get. And I'd be the first to give a standing ovation for this performance. I also teared up, just a little bit, when Rachel reached the highest note and they showed Finn back in Lima, packing away that nationals trophy. Should I finally start Christmas and bust out those carols for the year?

Being Alive. There was nothing indicating he's thinking of Blaine, so boo, I didn't like this. Hah, ok, I didn't like it for the same reason I didn't like Rachel's Broadway number. I'm an outsider, boohoo. Of course he sang beautifully but I didn't feel it. But I will listen to it again, and again, and then maybe I get it.

Don't Dream It's Over. Aw! Looooved it. So much. So Glee. Wonderful (fake)snow! Finn rarely sounds that good, and I just always love those moments when they randomly get together and sing. Aww. When they started climbing down those stairs, I got one of those "ooooh, I love these people so much" kind of feelings. Now, more than ever before with Mr. Schue is charge, I get the vibe that is actually a group of friends, rather than a club. Aww. Feels good. I'm totally edging out Schuester here... (I hope they won't build a romance between Marley and Finn (Finnley? Farley? Minn? Mann?). Although, why the hell not?)

Best quotes:

"Why would I want that?"
"Because you're a crazy evil bitch."

"It's not the universe, it's Carmen Tibideaux." (Damn, now I had to check the spelling of her last name.)
"Is there a difference?"

"That's how I felt when I saw Prometheus." I know the feeling, Becky.

"I'm a drug mule at the Lima crack district."
"I was forced to sell my legs to science."
"I'm performing on the bathhouse circuit." (Took me a while to get this one...)
"I'm finance major at Brandeis. Turns out Glee club was really holding me back."

"Sue Sylvester? I cannot thank you enough. I can't tell you how much I hate those kids. Do you know how demeaning it is when they just turn to you and yell 'Hit it!', and you're just supposed to know what song they're gonna sing? I'm free. Free!"

"Some part of me knew the truth."
"About Area 51?"

"Is it because of my lips?"
"No. Your lips are so soft and horizontal."

"I joined the interfaith paintball league, where Christians, Jews and Muslims can shoot at each other safely."

"Can I ask you a question?"
"Oh, The Walking Dead isn't based on a true story, I already checked."

"Rachel, it's Finn, you butt-dialed me again."


Glee, Actually, and that name promises so much.

Dec 7, 2012

4x04 The Break-Up / nobody said it was easy

... And it probably wasn't easy, for the Glee writers, to deal with the break-ups of three biggest fan favorite couples in one episode, and then brace themselves for the shitstorm as the all three fandoms of Finchel, Brittana and Klaine come after them for RUINING EVERTHING and taking the PURPOSE OUT OF THEIR LIVES. But they did well! I mean, the writers, don't know how the fandoms are holding up...

I should've written this post when I first saw the episode (the same night I returned from China, so tired and jetlagged; I know my priorities), because now all the FEELS that there were at the time were left unrecorded. But still, I've watched the episode many times, and it's still very, very good. One of the best in Glee history, definitely the saddest in Glee history. BUT still good! I'm allowing Glee to be sad and not-hopeful for once, because they did such a good job with it. Perhaps better than I could expect. I try to get some of those FEELS in this post, anyway.

What's up:

* Love is a battlefield and everyone's losing!

What I liked:

+ How a random girl slaps a random guy's butt in the beginning.
+ Finn called Kurt Little Brother.
+ Finn backpacked in Georgia for a month. Aww. (Maybe he went to Tybee Island! (Never mind...))
+ Brit and Santana's little laundry moment.
+ The Klaine phone call. Again, so real and awesome, even though it's not a sweet moment like the next phone call, a few episodes later. Also, I love the way Blaine says that he misses "messing around" with Kurt. And that comment about holding his breath. Aw, I want to hug Blaine. And we're only six minutes into the episode.
+ I like that Finn realizes so clearly that NYADA and New York are not for him.
+ Finn and Kurt's sad bro talk and bro hug in the morning-after. I want to hug Kurt too at this point!
+ Everyone welcoming Finn back. "Finn Hudson in the house, yo!" "Do you know who that is...?"
+ That Emma just didn't leave her life and her job and move to DC with Will. Go girl. (Although I like DC.)
+ Blaine's I'm Sorry note for Kurt. Aww. I mean, Blaine in a dog house? Aww. Kurt, you're tougher than stone.
+ If you like Virginia Woolf you are lesbian. Haha. I don't think I've ever read any of her books, so I don't know where this assumption derives from...
+ The Brittana break-up. I liked that it was less dramatic than Klaine's or Finchel's. They just kind of took it back a notch. Still, it was really sad.
+ Really kind of liked the official Finchel break-up scene, too. Because it ends in a break-up! Ha! No, but seriously, it was a really nicely written and acted scene.
+ I guess I liked Finn in this episode. I've actually liked him a lot more this season than last, or the second one. Or ever. Go Finn! Being broken up with Rachel is awesome for you!
+ Having been travelling around China before watching this ep, I had no idea what songs they would sing. And there really were a few very nice surprises, if you know what I mean.

What I didn't like:

- Rachel sleeps with her full night-out make-up mask on. Not good for the skin, woman!
- The whole Left Behind club thing. Just no, I don't what any of that in the middle of the episode while my Klaine is breaking up! Come on, Glee! (Kitty has some awesome quotes concerning the Left Behind thing, but I'm protesting and not including them in the post. That'll show them.)
- And well, all the other new generation stuff applies here, too. This is not the episode where I want to hear about Marley ja Jake. Oh yeah, and I didn't even realize that Jake and Kitty also broke up in the episode. I was too busy ignoring them while waiting for more Klaine.
- That Klaine didn't get an official break-up scene. Boo. Although, yeah, it fitted to leave it like this.

What I loved:

< 3 The break-up scene leading to Don't Speak. And sure, all the things leading to that, and what come after, too. It's just really solid stuff. How they deal with the all couples in this episode. Finchel and Klaine especially, since they get the most attention. (Although it's a bit weird and twisted, how closely the two relationships go together: like, they both had sex for the first time on the same night, and now they are breaking up, at the same time and the same place. Oh well. Great for the narrative.) It all seems relatively credible, and giving the writers an approval of this. Nicely handled!

< 3 Kurt's ugly cry. As always.

What is a bit strange:

I never was too broken up about the Klaine break-up. (Kleak-up? Um, ok no.) I mean, yeah, "why should you, they don't exist", right? But considering how passionately I've been following and feeling their story from day one, I should be like barricading myself in my room, refusing all my duties and eating chocolate. (Wait, I kind of do that. Probably not because of the Kleak-up, though. (Fine, I don't say Kleak-up anymore.)) Everyone saw this coming, and Darren and Chris had been saying for ages how they'd love to get some drama in the game. So I had time to prepare, and start liking the idea of a break-up, just because it makes good TV. It's brought us some awesome and emotional Klaine scenes, and no one is unhappy about those, right? And, for the love of Klaine, everyone knows they'll end up together before Glee is done. Someone would get Ryan Murphy assasinated if that didn't happen. So, I'm enjoying the ride, and Blaine's sad puppy eyes, and looking forward to Christmas.

(But... just so that I don't sound too sane: There is a small part of me that is furious that Blaine actually cheated all the way, so now Klaine will never be perfect again, and my god, how friggin' long will it take for them get back together? And they will, right? They definitely will? I really don't want anyone assasinated!)


Barely Breathing. Th song is a bit forgettable, but I like the number anyway. Because it's so depressing and ominous and gloomy! Ooooh, and Blaine, what are you doing?! Poking random guys on Facebook? No one 'Pokes' on Facebook anymore!

Give Your Heart a Break. Baaaah. A really boring song. Skip-worthy. Finn's gloomy looks are the best thing about this number.

Teenage Dream. "I wanna sing a song that is really special to me. This is the song that I sang the first time I ever met the love of my life. So Kurt, this is for you." Need I say more? If you said yes, you can just read my mind, about whether or not I think this is perhaps the most moving and definitely the saddest musical performace in the history of Glee, and whether or not I want to build Darren Criss a shrine and officially worship him, and then give Blaine is big hug after patting Kurt in the back. The miracles that NOT-auto-tuning can do! Seriously. Sometimes I want to kiss Glee.

Don't Speak. I've been rewatching this a lot. Again and again. Not only because this song is just awesome. It's so great, the dynamics, like who moves where and what happens in the background now, and the split screen and all that. I know this will be really close to the top when I'm rewarding best musical numbers of the season. And everyone acts so well here. (It's fun compare their break-up faces in the bed part of the song. Like, Blaine and Rachel have those painful-looking frowns, and Finn is sort of pissed off, and Kurt just ├╝ber sad and cute and beaten.)

Mine. I really like this! Sure, it's mostly because the brilliance that is Santana and Naya Rivera. Aw. In moments like this I'm really feeling Brittana!

The Scientist. Great! Everyone sounds great, together and apart (though Heather Morris just isn't a singer). I love how everyone just keep appearing there, one by one, and then they sing together, and oooh, the feelings! Oh god, and the FLASHBACKS. Though why did they choose that horrible slow-mo run scene for Klaine's flashback? Haha. And jeez, Finn and Rachel look so YOUNG!

Best quotes:

"I'm gonna take this down to the park and watch drug deals go down."

"Come on, Finn, they might even sing Don't Stop Believin'. Or something equally uplifting."

"I kind of feel like I'm gonna die."

"The wisdom of Solomon." Artie about Finn's Grease idea.

"The cutest."

"Sad songs make me really sad and I don't wanna be sad."

"You don't wanna break up with me, I'm like a bad Carrie Underwood song once I get going."

"No matter how rich, or famous, or successful I become, when it comes to you, I'm always gonna be that moon-eyed girl who freaked you out at your first Glee rehearsal."


2x06: They meet. 3x05: They have sex. 4x04: They break up. Can we expect a marriage proposal or something in 5x03?

Dec 5, 2012

4x07 Dynamic Duets / blazer is the path to the dark side

See what I did there? With the title? Yeah, I'm so clever, and like, so in the know.

I really liked this episode a lot! Even though it almost completely lacked Kurt (and Rachel, but that's not so important), apart from a few mentions of his name. But there was a lot of Blaine, so that's nearly as good, if not as good. And even more superheros! Like, seriously, amazing! If you're into superheroes. And I like The Avengers and Captain America, so I'm totally like a superhero fan nowadays.

P.S. Something happened and I'm just finishing up my THIRD Glee post TODAY. Holy shit! How is this possible? Right, I was supposed to use this time to write my Thesis. So that's how. (And I don't want to publish them all at once, because if there will be another five-month gap before the next post, it'd be awkward.)

What's up:

* The New Directions join McKinley's superhero club. Why? Because superheros are the coolest thing in the universe. That's why, dummy.
* Finn has a challenge to face: his first ever week of Glee club lessons, as a teacher!
* Ryder and Jake, and Marley and Kitty try to learn to like each other.
* The Warblers steal the ND nationals trophy. Blaine Warbler goes to get it back, meets the new captain, wears a blazer, sings a song. In other words, HE'S TEMPTED BY THE DARK SIDE.

What I liked:

+ The superheroes and their super powers. My favorite? Definitely Human Brain.
+ How Blaine takes the superhero thing so seriously, and others don't follow, like Artie calls him by his civilian name, and Tina texts his Night Phone to discuss non-superhero stuff.
+ Becky! She's quite the killer with that intimidating fork.
+ The lap top and the message about the kidnapped trophy.
+ The superhero-ed 'Glee' logo.
+ The superhero-ed transitions between scenes.
+ Tina sniping at Finn about how he should just call Santana to be the 12th member, because apparently she's better than anyone actually enrolled there... referring to the Grease musical, and how Santana snapped the role of Rizzo from Tina. This is why I love Tina this season! Let them hear it! We all knows it's absurd!
+ How awkwardly terrible Finn is as the new Mr. Schue. At first, of course.
+ Beiste is back. Beiste is awesome. The Beast Master is perhaps even more awesome.
+ Sebastian 2.0, the Nice Edition. "Being nice sucks." But still, I was glad to see him. (I even hoped that he'd hit on Blaine, just a little bit, but no such luck.)
+ Hunter the Douche. If he was a superhero, he'd be Captain Douche. I loved the white cat he was petting on his lap. I might be hopelessly not-caught-up on my Bond films, but I have enough knowledge to appreciate this. BTW if Hunter was British he'd be perfect.
+ Finn's superhero rubber boots.
+ Sam's Bane impersonation.
+ Puck ripping of French tourists in the hell hole that is Hollywood Boulevard. Haha, kidding. A little bit. Well. A homeless guy threw up on the Barbra Streisand star, so that says it all.
+ I liked that we (kind of) got to meet that infamous Eli C. Although he seems kind of sissy ("Is it because I don't look at all like my profile picture?"). And seeing Blaine so heart-broken was, well, heart-breaking. I also loved his monologue afterwards, how he explained to Sam that right after doing that terrible guy mistake, he realized Kurt is the love of his life, after all. Snif. He just should've just asked me, first. Damn it...
+ I like Blaine and Sam as chums. Blam!
+ I like Finn as a teacher a lot more than I liked him as a student. Don't come back, Mr. Schue! Let this be a career for Finn!

What I didn't like:

- How Jake and Ryder, aka Mega Studs swing their fists all the time. I get you're super masculine, but not cool. Superpowers should be used for good, or self-defense. (Unless you're Captain America, then you can just go to war, I'm willing to look past that violation.)
- Wasn't as touched by Jake and Ryder's Cryptonite lesson as I was supposed to. A bit boring. Took too long.
 - Marley is a bit annoying. Especially her ditching Ryder and whining because he has the dyslexia thing meeting, and then running to Jake because that's what Woman Fierce would do. Gah.
- That Blaine actually cheated like all the way. I was hoping it hadn't been like that, because that seems too absurd, no matter how lost Blaine was. Now even I have a little hard time forgiving him! (... Forgiven! Get back together!)

What I loved:

< 3 The slowmotion run to the choir room in the beginning. Seriously. Perhaps the awesomest thing ever. Also, I laughed.

< 3 I might be stepping into the Dark Side myself a little bit here, but I loved to see Blaine back at Dalton, wearing that blazer, singing lead. And how the whole sequence was so ridiculously melodramatic, with Hunter's "Present the blazer", and that ridiculous, suspenseful music, and the freaked-out cat. (And even though it's totally awesome and ridiculous, we're still a bit afraid Blaine actually will leave McKinley.)

< 3 Finn mentioned the Avengers! Actually all the superhero stuff should go under 'What I loved'. Just because I loved that they made a superhero episode. And also, besides being awesome, it also makes perfect sense! Of course Finn will teach his lessons through superhero references and Star Wars analogies. And what Sam talks to Blaine, about villainizing, being of the good guys, and the "hero we all know you are" was also really nice and neat and fitting. Not to mention "BLAM!" and "SLAINE!". Seriously, so awesome.

< 3 The episode had so many awesome lines this post ended up like double the usual length.


Dark Side. I'm just going to state the obvious: I love the Warblers, especially with Blaine singing lead, so of course I loved this. And OOOOOOH IT'S CHUBBY WARBLER! I thought he'd graduated, being all AWOL at sectionals. This is a happy thing.

Superman. Kind of fun. I don't know. That's all I guess. The new guys still haven't won me over enough.

Holding out for a Hero. Well, I don't know about the new girls either, but this was so catchy I thought about River Deep, Mountain High. And that's something! Kitty and Marley sound great, the song rocks, and the whip is a nice add to the choreography.

Heroes. Not the best number that could've been the Blam/Slaine duet that reminds Blaine of where he belongs. And going to paint over graffiti was a bit random. But oh well. Nice, anyway.

Some Nights. Love the song! This was a bit like the new Don't Stop Believin' of the new New Directions led by Finn. The red shirts, and all. Marley just annoys me here, again. Still, quite loved it! Very Glee. Modern Glee.

Best quotes:

Because there were so many best quotes in this episode, I'll give you the best of the best first, to avoid best quote inflation.

Best of the best:

"Last night I teared up at an Activia commercial." Beiste! Of course she did.

"I'm Hunter Clarington. I'm the new captain of the Warblers. And I'm not even remotely bi-curious." Might have cracked up aloud... Brilliant... Everyone was thinking about it, anyway.

"I'm Femme Fatale. 'Cause in French that means 'kill women'." Hahahaha OMG, that was just horrible.

"My first idea was pretty bad."
"Worse than Funk."
"Worse than Night of Neglect."
Hahaha. I love when Glee goes all self-deprecating.

"What did I tell you: flawless." And there, Sebastian, you're 100% correct.

(I noticed I started adding every single quote under Best of the best. So I stop now. Even though at least the raspberry hair gel quote should also be here.)

Rest of the best:

"What kind of a name is Ryder Lynn anyway, because it sounds like your parents named you after a cowgirl doll who comes with her own pony." (Actually, Jake, Flynn Rider is the male lead in the 2010 Disney movie Tangled. Ok, maybe his parents didn't name his after a Disney prince who was created fifteen years after him, but just thought I'd point out my wisdom.)

"I persuade you to stop fighting immediately!"
"Freeze, bitches!"

"Kiki, what do you think?"
"I think I'm alive, and you're the machine."

"I think it's just that the Glee club doesn't see me as an adult... Ugh, god, is that what coffee tastes like, how do people drink that?!"

"You know what goes great with a new Dalton blazer? An impromptu song."

"Jesus is the only almighty superhero."
"Nobody asked you."

"Isn't MS a degenerative nerve disease?"
"I thought it was a girls' magazine."

"You sound like Yoda, dude."
"Deal do we have?"

"Kurt was my anchor, Finn, and now that he's gone I feel like I'm floating."

"You need a team that's gonna gel."
"Yes, absolutely! We need a team with a lot of gel. And you're like the biggest part of that."
Hahaha, I love hair gel jokes.

"I don't smell raspberry hair gel, does anyone know where Blaine Warbler is?" See: above.

"He's been taken by the Dark Side."

"Dalton was like Death Star meets Mordor meets Temple of Doom."

Whoa. That was a lot of quotes.

Because we know what happens 'Next', I'll use this space to share some trivia from Glee Wiki instead:

- This is the first episode Will does not appear, leaving Artie the only character to appear in every episode to date. Oh! I thought Rachel had been in every episode, too, besides this one. (Right, she wasn't in The Role You Were Born to Play. Thanks, Glee Wiki!)

- The episode audience was of 4.62 Million viewers, the lowest view count in Glee history, so far. That's horrible! So more people saw The Night of Neglect than this awesome episode?! Travesty!

Dec 4, 2012

My favourite musical numbers on season 1

NB 1! In the name of equality, I thought I'd list my favourite songs from the first season, too. Criteria is the same as always: song, performance and context all matter.

NB 2! In the name of fair game, I decided not to count Single Ladies as a musical number. That would've been number one with no questions asked, which would've been unfair for every other performance with actual singing in them.

NB 3! I've had this post in the works for ages, a tad from being finnished, and today, lo and behold, I am finally finnishing it! (WHAT, it's the second post I'm publishing today. Plus I just wrote a whole post on Dynamic Duets, from scratch. Well that was a year's worth of Glee writing...) I was inspired when Halo/Walking on Sunshine came on in my MP3 player, as I was journeying the grocery store in the beautiful early-winter frost, earlier today. Usually I'd just skip it right away, to listen to something more recent (yeeeeeah, there's not much on my MP3 besides Glee music...), but my hands were busy, so I listened to it. And it made me smile, thinking about season 1, and old school Glee. Yes, season 2, and season 4 so far, and even the later part of season 3 beat the first season in my book, but who doesn't love a little nostalgia!

So, season one. Good times, eh? This was back when Kurt had a crush on his future stepbrother plus he went around making out with Brittany; the big storylines circled around Rachel, Finn and Mr. Schue only; Santana didn't get any solos; Tina stuttered... and THERE WAS NO BLAINE. To think of a time when there was no Blaine. Horrifying. Let's not think about that anymore. At least the musical numbers I'm choosing here are quite waried... Had these numbers happened after Never Been Kissed, they probably wouldn't have made it, because the list would've been too crowded with all things Blaine.

* * *

20. Ice Ice Baby / Bad Reputation

It's fun and catchy and not nearly as bad as you'd expect. Fun dancing. And I hate to admit it but I kind of miss Mr. Schue's rapping.


19. It's A Man's Man's Man's World / Funk

Perhaps my favourite Quinn solo ever. And this was back when I loathed the character! Sure, the coreography of the "pregnant" ladies in the background is unintentionally comical from time to time, and it's a bit embarrassing how obviously fake-pregnant they are, but I support the message and it fits Quinn's story. She also sounds unexpectedly good. I like how she gets a bit down and dirty with that fragile, pretty little voice of hers.

18. Like A Prayer / The Power of Madonna

The Madonna episode is pretty epic, and this is the climax of that epicness. I like that it's not just Rachel, but others get to sing, too. It hadn't been too common thus far. Kurt is like an angel and I love that sneaky little kiss he lands on Mercedes's cheek.

17. Total Eclipse Of The Heart / Bad Reputation

Granted, after I saw the literal version of this song, I haven't been able to look at the number the same way. Still it's a really good cover, and the ballet parts are nice, a refreshing change to the usual performances in the choir room. And I'm a fan of Jesse St. James and his voice here. Even if he doesn't get to sing much.

16. Express Yourself / The Power of Madonna

Yeah! Girl power! The outfits and the coreography rock, and it's just a joy to watch. I always feel empowered after seeing this number. My favorite part is the one with the push-ups.

15. Bohemian Rhapsody / Journey

This is coreographically the most fantastic number Glee has ever done. Also, the editing is awesome. The ruthless killing machine that is Vocal Adrenaline has never looked better.

14. Rose's Turn / Laryngitis

I am also a big fan of the other Kurt solo in this episode. Pink Houses forevah! Haha. Anyways. Rarely does a song fit better in a storyline and for a character that Rose's Turn fits Kurt in Laryngitis. It's still one my favorite Kurt solos to date. As is Pink Houses. Naturally.

13. The Lady Is A Tramp / Laryngitis

 Well HELLO, Noah Puckerman. You can get girls fighting over you for a lot less. This is smokin' hot, Puck doesn't get much hotter than this. With the exception of Fat-Bottomed Girls, maybe.

12. Bad Romance / Theatricality

 Those outfits alone deserve a lot of recognition. In season one scale this was hugely epic and massive. It's fun and entertaining to watch in any scale. This is when I first noticed the amazing voice of Naya Rivera. I love her part. And can't help but appreciate Chris in those shoes...

11. Jessie's Girl / Laryngitis

Finn solos don't get much better than this! Although it's painfully obvious that they named Jesse St. James Jesse St. James just so Finn could sing this song. But that's ok.

10. Halo/Walking On Sunshine / Vitamin D

It's my inspirerer! That's not a word, is it... This was one of the first group numbers that I remember falling in love with in an instant. It's so fun and energetic and cute! Too bad about the doping. (Which yellow dress is your favorite? Mine is Tina's.)

9. Don't Rain On My Parade / Sectionals

This is still the best Rachel Berry Solo to date. It's kind of a legend. 'Nuff said.

8. To Sir With Love / Journey

Before there could be We Are the Champions, there was To Sir with Love. After the first year of Glee club is over, they thank Mr. Schue, because even though they lost regionals, they gained so much in other things. It's one of, if not the most moving scene in whole season one, when each member of the club individually share how being a part of Glee has made their life better. Almost everyone gets to sing a bit, and although (surprisingly), I'm a huge fan of Kurt's part (and his outfit), Santana hits the jackpot here, by tearing up, and showing off that human being behind the cold Lima Heights bitch. Aw. Seriously, good times.

7. My Life Would Suck Without You / Sectionals

This is another big AWW. It's so awesome how, in the coreography, they pay tribute to all the best numbers they had done so far. SINGLE LADIES and all. I want them to do an undated version of this, NOW, on season 4! Think of all the wonderful, awesome numbers they could include! (...Can't get this out of my head now. Come See Me About was kind of close already, though.)

6. Defying Gravity / Wheels

This is when we first got to hear Kurt sing, properly! Also this is the first diva-off, and the one and only for me; any number that has tried to reproduce the scenario after this has failed miserably. Usually they happen between Rachel and Mercedes.

5. Push It / Showmance

How did this dirty little number find its way so up high on my list? It happens to be quite special to me, as this was the first moment, when watching season one for the first time, when I thought, 'hey, this is no High School Musical, not at all; this show likes to get dirty; this is actually pretty cool!' It got my attention. The rest is...well, I think it's pretty safe to say it's history. (Can't talk about this number without mentioning how much I have always loved the moment Kurt highfives Finn and then slaps him in the butt. An idea for My Life Would Suck Without You 2.0.)

4. Anyway You Want It/Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' / Journey

The New Directions have had great competition performances after this (namely, the triumphant Nationals performance), but nothing beats the first regionals. This Journey mash-up is all kinds of awesome. It's practically bursting with energy and smiles and nice feelings.

3. A House Is Not A Home / Home

Before there was I Want to Hold Your Hand and Blackbird (not to mention Not the Boy Next Door), this was my go-to Kurt song. Kurt is channelling his trademark adorableness (again, not sure that's a word), by looking so sad and cute in his Cheerios uniform, singing this song to Finn with all the emotion he was muster. This is another unarguable proof that Kurt should ever only sing sad, slow songs. (Preferably The Beatles, though.)

 2. Don't Stop Believin' / Journey

Well. The Glee anthem. What can I say? You know why it's here. Some prefer the original performance with just the six original members of the club, from episode 1, but this is even more uplifting, so yeah. Haha.

1. Over The Rainbow / Journey

What made season one special? Well, the fact that I am choosing a WILL SONG as my number one favorite. Could not have and hasn't happened since. This performance has everything you can ask from the last minutes of a season finale. There are so many delightful moments, smiles, and loving feelings packed in this number that it should be illegal for being so sweet. This is season one Glee at its best. Plus I have a very personal and passionate love affair with this song.

4x08 Thanksgiving / home for the holidays

It's been about half a century since I wrote a thing about anything Glee-related. Does this mean my Number One Happy Pill doesn't make me as happy anymore as it used to? Nah. I've actually enjoyed season four so far much more than the first half of last season. I'm just busy, and in and out of China, and working, and trying to get school duties done. There's ALWAYS time for Glee, but there's not always time for writing.

 Now, however, I decided to take the night off from all the boring responsibilities, and do some Glee-ful writing! I have to admit I am mostly inspireed to do this because of that one particular scene (noooooboby knows which scene I'm talking about!), but the whole episode was pretty solid, so here we go. Long time, no Glee(-related posts)!

* * *

What's up:

* (Almost) all of the gang is back home for the holidays. They will each get one of the new New Directioners to coach and tutor, in preparetion for sectionals.
* Quinn is being awesome. A little bitchy, which is included in being awesome.
* Rachel and Kurt are taking distance to the lives (and the guys) they're trying to leave behind, so they'll spend their Thanksgiving in New York. Partying hard!
* Marley is feeling weaker and weaker, because that's what happend when you don't eat and just stick your fingers down your throat instead.
* Jake and Ryder enjoy their newly-found broship, and make a deal: one gets the girl, the other gets the stardom. But it's not written on stone.

What I liked:

+ Quinn, Santana, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, Finn! All back together! Aww! I enjoyed Quinn the most, because we hadn't yet seen her this season, and I've missed her. And she has a pretty new haircut. (Although I liked the short one better.)
+ Santana, yapping away about how Finn may finally have an okay haircut, but he's still an idiot, and the Hand Jive number looked more like hand j... Haha, classic Santana!
+ Rachel and Kurt as New York besties are kind of adorable.
+ I am coming to the conclusion that I actually like both Jake and Ryder. Jake ever more, although in the beginning I couldn't see it. It helps that he was crowned as the new Mike. And that he trains... ballet?
+ The Unholy Trinity.
+ How Kitty idolizes Quinn. "Every day I ask myself, what would Quinn Fabray do." Kitty is starting to get my approval, too. Though not as a human being, as a character. Haha.
+ I also kind of find myself liking the flirting between Rachel and Brody. The new naughtier Rachel beats the old one. (Except for the falselashes she wears all the time, day and night...) A welcome change to the damn Finchel.
+ Carrie Bradshaw (or whatever her name is in this one) giving (very good!) advice to Kurt. Their buddy-buddy relationship is a bit much, but that's ok.
+ The Warblers! I'm always up for a fix of those blazers. Although apparently Chubby Warbler graduated. And Asian Warbler. Boohoo! At least Blond Warbler is still there, and Beatboxer Warbler. Still. I miss Chubby Warbler.
+ The epic slaps.

What I disliked:

- Some of Quinn and Santana's fight (except for the epic slaps). It's just silly how they keep making Quinn that unreasonable, messed-up bitch again. Bitch she is, hells yeah and thank god for that, but her going on about how Santana has always been jealous of her... Slow down, girl.
- Not sure of the necessity of that Bible verse. Just thought I'd point that out...
- If that's that for the season, for Tina's moments to shine, I'm really pissed! Tina has been so awesome this season, I've never liked her more. So more Tina, more Tina, more Tina!

What I loved:

< 3 That the Queen Bitch is back! If only temporarily and with some room for improvement.

< 3 The Klaine! The call! The Klall! Um. Anyway! They did it again. I admit to some tearing up. I don't know how they do it... The Glee writers are not often masters when it comes to coherent storylines and love stories that are not cheesy, forced or rushed, so it's a small miracle how Kurt and Blaine just keep hitting jackpots. And it's not only that I blindly worship Klaine. They just always manage to snatch the most realistic and heartfelt moments. This was one of my favorite Klaine scenes, ever! I loved everything about it, from the tones of their voices, to the look in Blaine's eyes and the giggle when Kurt jokes about the mouse, not to mention what they're actually saying. Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, I salute you fine genlemen! Everything is beautiful once again, and I can't wait for Christmas...
< 3 The cliffhangeeeeeer! I love Glee's cliffhangers, because we get quite few of those. Even though Marley's collapse was more than slightly predictable, I didn't see it coming as the moment that would end the episode. Talk about To Be Continued! Could this actually mean that the New Direction will LOSE THEIR SECTIONALS? I would love that, by the way. That would mix things up splendidly.


Homeward Bound/Home. Just sweet and nostalgic! It was the perfect way to kick off the episode, and boy, did it make me smile.

Come See Me About. Well, duh. A song can't be this Say a Little Prayer-esque and not get a two-thumbs-up from me. So good!

Whistle. The song is mediocre, and not even the Warbler treatment could make it better. But did I enjoy the number? Booyah! Damn those moves! And that Hunter guy is so incredibly douche 100% of the time, it's kind of hilarious.

Live While We're Young. Again, the song is not that good, and the Warblers unarguably lost their biggest merit with one Blaine Anderson, and the good Sebastian is not half as hot as the evil Sebastian (still, yay for Sebastian, for holding back from the dark side!). But, I mean, the moves. With that coreograpy and energy, I say the Warblers got this one. Even though we only got to see one ND number, I'd let Sebastian and Captain Douche win this time. (It's also be great for the plot. And the season structure that keeps repeating itself.)

Let's Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time. So weird! And yet so fun. It's also strange how much I like SJP in this one. Kurt is fabulous, of course, that's needless to say.

Gangnam Style. Well, I loved the Tina of it. Also, Sam in the beginning is golden. And I actually really liked that they did this song, though of course it was inevitable, right? But foreign languages, yay! (I am something of a expert in all things Korean, and I give free consultations, in case someone is interested in knowing what is 'Oppa' or 'Gangnam'. But those are the only two question I am willing to answer.) Admitedly the number didn't rock quite as much as it could've, and it was a bit of a mess, but I guess the magical Finn touch was visible there. Favorite moment was Kitty giving the judge the wink that Quinn was talking about, to "remind him of his youth and what could have been". Haha, outch.

Best quotes:

"I knew it, Mercedes was cloned."

"Hello, White Chocolate?" Sam is such a favorite of mine.

"Sam, toes, bro!"
"Wear some shoes."

"Are you kidding? It was amazing! Have you seen her ass?" Brody about sleeping with Cassie.

"Speak of the devil I knocked up."

"Quinn always was a genius slapper."

"It's Korean, just sing gibberish."

"This computer now belongs to the New Directions."

"When you're done using that turkey as a courtship device, would you put it in the oven?"

"And America is thrilled." Sue when Will shows up.

"It's Thanksgiving, and it's Sectionals, and I miss you like crazy. And I can't stand not talking to you, even though I'm mad at you, because you're still my best friend."

"Kurt, I love you so much."
"I love you, too."



The bitter defeat of the New Directions! Right? Here's to hoping. Is it weird how excited I am about this possibility? Haha.

Also, one more episode and then it's the Christmas ep, sweetly titled 'Glee, Actually'. That made me go aww. Could this be the first Glee Christmas episode that I like?