Mar 3, 2012

3x14 On My Way / all fun and games, until it's not


Glee had its dramatic, shoking moments in season two, but lately it's all been so safe and predictable and cheery and boring that I'd forgotten that Lima, Ohio isn't a completely tragedy-free zone. Sometimes the cruel and scary real world manages to penetrate the bubble that is our beloved Glee Universe. In the beginning of those two scenes that clearly indicated that a(n attempted) suicide and a car crash were on the way, I kept shaking my head, thinking, no way, not on Glee, this show steers clear of that kind of thing. But, ta-dah! They promised shockers, and they really did give us shockers this time. And oh how I love it!

What's going on:

* With Regionals are approaching, Sebastian tries to blackmail his way to victory by some photoshopped pictures of Finn. Something, however, makes him turn his head and choose redemption, leaving his villain bitch days behind him.
* After his brief but informative encounter with Kurt on Valentine's Day, Karofsky returns to his school, just to find the word 'FAG', written on his locker door with ugly, pink letters. Shocker Number One follows.
* Sue is pregnant. Probably found a way to give birth to herself... Or at least have a baby with herself.
* Rachel and Finn decide to waste no time, and get married right after Regionals. Not everyone approves. Including me. But fortunately they won't go through with the wedding because Shocker Number Two intervenes.

The bad:

- Rachel. Me me me me me.
- I can't get over how weird and disturbing it is that Sue is having a child. Just... no. No.
- Rory likes peanut butter. Ugh! Peanut butter is terrible, and the damn Americas squash that stuff everywhere. Seriously! Haha.
- Finchel is still going to get married. Oh my dear children. Don't. Fortunately, as things turned out, I don't have to run to the church myself, screaming "I object, I object!".
- The Regionals performances were kind of disappointing. Most unexciting competition since season two Nationals. And nothing will hopefully ever top that in being unexciting...
- This could very well have been the last time we ever saw David Karofsky.

The good:

+ Opening with young Barbara Streisand and old Betty White and superbitcy Sebastian. Ah, the art of insults!
+ Karofsky, Karofsky, Karofsky. Everything about Karofsky. It's brilliant that Glee chose to address the issue of suicide; it's a touchy subject, but an important one. I just love when Glee does stuff like this every once in a while. World is again a better place! And Max Adler rocked this episode, like you'd expect.
+ Sue. I might not be a fan of what is happening inside her uterus (which she wasn't even supposed to own: "Don't have the time, don't have the uterus", remember?), but I love that she's softening up. And that she still calls Kurt Porcelain.
+ Kurt after they learn about Dave. Clashing with Quinn (I think they both got a point, even though they got a bit too drama queen-y about it...), and then confessing that he feels responsible.
+ Sebastian. And how he seems sincere but knowing his past you keep expecting a witty insult (like Kurt, "Wait for the punch..."). It is kind of sudden of Sebastian to turn his personality around just like that, but I think it was quite believable. I mean, that was quite the wake-up call for him. (Then I thought, since he's done being the villain now... first, Glee needs a new villain (because Sue seems to have given up the spot, too), and second, Sebastian needs a new role on Glee. Maybe he can still be there to do damage to Klaine, but unintentionally! He would be much more harmful as a nice guy. We'll see.
+ Mr. Schue's speech, his story about his junior year and the things they have to look forward to. That's the Mr. Schue I prefer! I've missed that guy.
+  I love that the Berrys and the Hudson-Hummels were in the audience!
+ Sue and Quinn and their talks. And Quinn's Cheerio comeback number, um, two? Three? Anyways. Yay!
+ Kurt and Dave in the hospital! I thought they might do some horrible scene with all of ND and the Warbles singing some horribly inspiring song by Karofsky's sickbed, but fortunately it was only Kurt, Dave and talk, like it should be. Ah! What a scene. Chris Colfer and Max Adler acted it so beautifully. And yeah. Maybe this was our last goodbye to David Karofsky. He certainly got his redemption. I would very much like to see more of him, but well, we need to let him go at some point. This would be kind of perfect, I guess. I don't know. We'll see.
+ Rachel's dad, Patty LuPone, Barbara Streisand and her own underground mall. And the genius plan to stop the wedding. Haha.
+ The music in the final scene. And the final scene. And the ending. ON MY WAY. BAM! Oooooooh my gooooooooood!!! They can't kill her, right? RIGHT?? I think now is the perfect time to say that for some reason Quinn has become one of my favorite characters this season, and they CAN'T kill her off like that! RIGHT??? Oh well. Let's trust the Glee bubble. No one actually DIES in a car crash inside that bubble... Right...? Anyways. Wow! What an ending! That would've been boring and predictable in any other show, but Glee never does stuff like this! So awesome! Love it! (Still. Don't you dare kill off Quinn Fabray.)

The music:

Cough Syrup. Great! My favorite, definitely. It's classic Blaine, and he kills it. And, of course, what goes on in the background adds to the force of the song. Chilling, haunting, powerful scene.

Stand. Somehow I was extremely underwhelmed with almost every Regionals perfromace this year. The songs and performances were cheesy and forgettable and I was bored. Some might grow on me. Maybe not this.

Glad You Came. Or this. Though this one's better than the first one. I actually like the slower part in the beginning and in the end, but the middle is not that good. Sebastian is a fun character but as the lead singer of the Warblers, he's merely a shadow of what Blaine was.

Fly/I Believe I Can Fly. This could grow on me, I guess. But the rapping was odd. Santana was pretty good and Blaine was just weird. Haha.

What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger). Uuuuugh, all that cheeeeese... At least the promise was kept, and ex-Troubletones got a number for themselves.

Here's To Us. This is actually the only one that afftected me in some way. I'm not usually the biggest fan of Rachel solos, but since they have been surprisingly scarce this season (this was her third solo, besides River and Without You; I checked) I didn't have the "UGH, not AGAIN" mentality when listening to the performance. It was pretty great and there were goosebumps.

Best quotes:

Rachel: "I wanna get married. Now."
Finn: "I have gym."

Sebastian: "It's all fun and games. Until it's not."

Sugar: "There are fifteen of us here, and I'm only comfortable sharing a spoon with about half of you."

Mercedes: "I'm most looking forward to meeting Rachel Berry's children."
Sugar: "I wanna be there to see Sex and the City Part 3."
Santana: "I'm looking forward to the day my grandmother loves me again."
Blaine: "I'm looking forward to marriage equality in all fifty states."
Tina: "I just want a song." (Hahahahahaha, touche, Tina!)
Kurt: "I'm looking forward to watching my dad make a difference in Congress."
Rachel: "I'm looking forward to being friends with all of you for the rest of my life."

Sue: "Quinn, thank you for coming. I know you must be exhausted for singing all those 'u's and background 'a's."

Sue: "You know, I don't think there is a catch. I think I really just wanna help you. That weird? Damn hormones."

Dad 1: "I've got a new plan. I'm gonna fake an epileptic seizure."
Dad 2: "You're not epilectic."
Dad 1: "That's why I'm gonna fake it."


Two months with no Glee! Meanwhile, maybe I'll catch up a little and actually write about the previous episodes, too. Plus there will be a lot of worrying for Quinn Fabray.


Reta said...

Rachelin isät ovat kyllä yksi hienoimmista asioista mitä kolmoskaudella on tapahtunut :D Ja totta, näiden kisojen laulut eivät oikein sytyttäneet. Yleensä kisajaksoissa kisat ovat olleet pääpointti, mutta nyt tuntui että se vain hoidettiin siinä sivussa.
Loppukohtauksen musiikki oli loistava. Se myös jää helposti soimaan päässä ja tekee kaikesta tosi tragikoomista.

Eeva said...

Rachelin isät on todellakin loistavia komiikan lähteitä! Etenkin se silmälasipäinen.

...Ja nyt se musiikki soi TAAS päässä...