May 21, 2012

3x21 Nationals / zero to hero, just like that

So. Here we are. The New Directions are national champions, and there is only one episode left before the end of season three and the graduation.

(I hope someone caught the Hercules reference in the title of the post. I worked hard to get that creativity out of me.)

What's going on:

 * Nationals, that's what's going on.

What I liked:

+ Santana saying she'll go all Lima Heights if someone doesn't give it their all. Aww. She cares!
+ Seeing the New Directions rehearsing. Actually rehearsing! Something I bet they didn't do much last year. I'm trying to forget that horrifying disaster... (Meaning the whole episode. I'm trying to forget it ever happened. Let's just pretend it didn't. Let's pretend there was no song called Pretend. Pretending. Or something.)
+ Jesse St. James. Aww. Good old Jesse. Being actually good and not a mean, dramatic bitch. And I like how him and Rachel and Finn are acting all mature and sensible. Aww, my babies are all grown up.
+ I've been so fed up with Finchel for the past, say, two seasons, but the moment with the souvenir glass and Finn's optimism was sweet.
+ That they all wanted to win for Mr. Schue. Kind of cheesy, but yeah. They better appreaciate him because he has no life beyond the New Directions.
+ Whoopi Goldberg. Duh. Especially her whistle after the ND performance.
+ The red dresses.
+ When Vocal Adrenaline is performing, and they are so good, everyone in the ND is like, shit, except for Brittany, who's just smiling, widely, because they are so good.
+ The moment between Whoopi, or Carmen, and Jesse, and how she remembers him after all, and Jesse is all humbled and touched and handsome. What? Yeah, he's always handsome.
+ Well, of course I liked that they won. Sure, it's been clear for several seasons now, but it's still nice.
+ How the CONGRATULATIONS thingy is torn down by the trophy when they enter the hallway of McKinley. And how everyone is quiet end then the jocks approach and throw the slushies at them... only it's confetti! Ha! And then they all cheer, and a jock hugs Kurt and everyone's happy and they kiss and hug and drink and an adorable girl asks for Rachel's autograph. And then they all stand and stare at their trophy, and there's that good old tadadadadaddadaddadaddaa music on the backgroud. A big fat aww.
+ That Figgins contributes five dollars to Finchel's wedding.
+ That Figgins says "so called Finchel".
+ How the drummer goes "YEAH!" when Teacher of the Year is announced. Though personally I'm not sure if Mr. Schue deserves to be called that. After all, it was revealed this year that he is incompetent at teaching Spanish.
+ That during We Are The Champions, Will hugs Kurt a little longer than the rest (except maybe Finn). Aww.

What I didn't like:

- Too much Finchel. Ugh.
- How Mercedes is a little sick in the beginning, and that is supposed to create some anxiety and suspense. Oh, I wonder if she'll be able to perform?? Wasted first scene. Anf first scenes are so important! Oh well it got better.
- I wanted actually see some Chicago. At least a glance of my first American love, Lake Michingan. But I guess Chicago is too far from LA, and they spend all of their budget last year in New York. Not that that episode ever happened.
- Acting of that Alex (Unique) kid. And that "Unique might transfer schools next year". Agh. Like I've written in a previous post (which remains an unfinished draft, though), I find Alex's acting so unnatural and awkward, and the fact that he annoyed the heck out of me in The Glee Project doesn't help. And although he really does kick the asses of those drag numbers he's been doing, I so do not want him to become a regular. He's character is far too flamboyant and over-the-top, and I can take him in small doses, but even then it's not all pleasurable. He wouldn't work as a regular. I can watch him perform, just don't make me watch him act. And yeah. I find it somewhat annoying how Glee is trying so hard to address every single type of sexual preference and minority. Like someone would get hurt if their specific preference didn't get a storyline. Sigh. We learned ages ago that being different is hard but it also makes you special, and blah blah blah, okay, next.
- That the New Directions went first, and Vocal Adrenaline after them. I don't get the logic behind this! After the ND performance I was like, "Yay!", but then it was VA, and I was like, "Oh well", and when it was time to announce the winner, I was like, "Well, I already forgot if the ND were good, so I don't really know who should win here". You know?
- The judges. Lindsay Lohan and Perez Hilton. Gah.
- That during Tongue Tied, Mike and Tina kissed, Rory was kissed by two girls, Santana and Brittany kissed, Rachel and Finn kissed (disgustingly long and hard), Will and Emma had sex, but Kurt and Blaine didn't kiss. They didn't even hug. I don't think they even were there. Now that's just bullying, Fox! (Well, maybe they were somewhere, out of sight, having one of their unscheduled make-out sessions. Hah.)

What I loved:

<3 The episode felt just right. We'd been waiting for this for so long, and it had to be good. Luckily it was. It felt very satisfying.

(Really. Even though the "What I didn't like" part seems unreasonably long. I really did enjoy this episode quite a bit.)


Edge Of Glory. Loved Santana's beginning. The chorus is also really nice. But it's not as explosive and intense and catchy as some other Troubletone numbers have been. I was waiting for them to gear up one more time towards the end, it missed that little something extra. But I love that Tina and Quinn were dancing and singing with them.

It's All Coming Back To Me Now. Wow. Everyone knows Rachel can sing, blah blah blah, but sometimes it takes a Celine Dion power ballad to make us forget how fed up with that voice and her solos we are. This was great, I got tremendous goosebumps, and it was over too soon. I can't help but wonder where all that voice comes from.

Paradise By The Dashboard Light. My huge expectations weren't quite met the first time me and this number came together (I just kept thinking, "Well, this is no Don't Stop Believin'"), but our relationship has grown much warmer with more watching and listening. Sure, there is too much Finchel, but there is also a little bit of Klaine (aww, seriously, that dancing) and Brittana (goosebump moment) and some Puck and a bit of Mercedes, too. ND are not usually huge dancers, but there was some really nice choreography going on. Luckily it was still all over the place, mostly, like it should be, and none of that Vocal Adrenaline perfection crap. No, it is no Don't Stop Believin, and yes, there was too much Finchel, and I would've loved some Mike/Brittany action to be mixed up in there somewhere, but overall... Great. Good job. Way to go.

Starships. Guaranteed Vocal Adrenaline quality! This was great, especially the part where they throw those girls around. Like starships. I might not like Alex, and maybe he is a lousy actor, but he can perform. And he can pull off a she.

Pinball Wizard. Yep, equally great choreography and vocals as in the previous number, but by now I was getting tired of watching strange characters I don't care about dancing around all too perfectly. Yawn, next.

Tongue Tied. Well, aww.

We Are The Champions.Well, aww again. This is possibly the most obvious choice of a song ever, but of course they had to do it. I love that, again, although it's mostly just damn Finchel, Puck and Santana and Kurt and Quinn get their lines too, and the lines all fit their characters. This is such an awesome moment, and I always start tearing up around when Will is hugging Finn.

Best quotes:

"We are entering the Hunger Games of show choir competition." I love how Sue is always so up-to-date with her popular culture references!

"I always go to the yelling place. I have rage."

Jesse about Bohemian Rhapsody: "Most people don't realize I lost ten pounds during that performance."

"The Unholy Trinity. Starting together, ending together. Just the way it should be."  Aww. I do love my Cheerios.

"When it's finally time to have intercourse."

"I've been pregnant now for an indeterminite number of months." Haha. Indeed.

Sue to Emma: "Why do you look different?"

"Mr. Shue, when I met you I was just an annoying Jewish girl with two gay dads and a very big dream. Today, I still have two dads, and I'm still Jewish, and I'm probably just as annoying." True dat.

Well. Not much. Just one tiny teeny no biggie finale... And I should really write about the few previous episodes, because they have actually been really good.

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Anonymous said...

I liked the episode. The best song of the episode was 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light' by far. :) I'm glad that Mr. Schue won Teacher of The Year too because his dedication to ND is amazing!