Aug 16, 2012

My favourite musical numbers on season 3

Here I am again, listing the very best musical numbers of season three. It took long enough, but I call it a great personal success that I'm finally getting it done and am about to publish this. There are worse ways to spend the morning of your day off in China. (Yeah, I'm in China. One excuse for being so dead on the blogging front.)

Again, I'm ranking the numbers based on the song, the performance and the context. It was a tough race and not all my favorites made the list. I'd like to give a special mention for rocking numbers like So Emotional, Survivor/I Will Survive, ABC and Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do, which I really enjoyed watching, and songs like I'm the Only One, Perfect, Here's To Us, Constant Craving, Take My Breath Away and How Deep Is Your Love, which I've enjoyed listening to time and time again. However, as always, sacrifices had to be made. If I had it my way, this would be a top 100, and every song of the season would make the list. Except for Kiss.

Blaine and Santana (and Whitney Houston (and Nationals)) ruled this season. Blaine also ruled last season. I can't wait for him to rule next season, too!


20. Take Care of Yourself / Pot O' Gold

I adore Damian so much. And it's a shame they did not give him more to work with this season, but I have hopes that they might next season. (Strike that. He won't be coming back next season. Boo!) Of the few (yet lovely) songs he got to sing, this was definitely my favourite, the one I've been listening to the most. It's about goodbyes and I have a weird fixation on goodbyes.

19. Starships / Nationals

Now that's what I'm talking about, Vocal Adrenaline! They were unarguably disappointing last year under the guidance of the unarguably brilliant Dustin Goolsby (also known as the funniest character in the history of Glee), but this is more like it. It's no Bohemian Rhapsody, or nowhere near Bohemian Rhapsody, but it's pretty great.

18. Smooth Criminal / Michael

Sebastian's vocals are outshined by Santana's, and she should've sung his parts of the song, but there's no denying that this is an awesome performance. It's so intense and so hot! And so intense and so hot, again! And the cello guys almost steal the whole scene, they're amazing.

17. Red Solo Cup / Hold On To Sixteen

It's so weird that I have this odd little song on my highly prestigious list. I certainly didn't think it would ever make it here when I heard it for the first time. But it has grown on me and I keep finding myself listening to it every now and then. Sam is fun, Quinn is cute, Kurt is funny, and red plastic cups are extremely nostalgic.

16. It's Not Right But It's Okay / Dance With Somebody

Good thing even Klaine has occasional bumps on their perfectly lovely road, since it makes Blaine put on a smoking hot black suit and perform a rocking version of a Whitney Houston song.

15. Somebody That I Used To Know / Big Brother

This song has been playing on the radio far too much, even I know and feel that, and I don't even listen to the radio. Still, Glee's version of the Gotye hit is very good, and what I like the most about it is how they've made it mean something different from what it originally did. Like they did last season with I Want To Hold Your Hand, for example. Props for that! And more props for making me mention I Want To Hold Your Hand.

14. It's All Coming Back To Me Now / Nationals

 This was one of those rare moments on season three when I actually liked Rachel Berry and really wanted her to do well and sing her self-centered little heart out. And she did. My favourite part is when she turns to see Whoopi and simutaniously the music starts getting bigger. I keep getting goosebumps every single time I watch this performance, and every time it's equally difficult to dislike Rachel. Luckily that difficulty ends with the song.

13. I Have Nothing / Dance With Somebody

I admit that this song made it this high mostly because I happen to like Kurt so much. But that's okay, since context is an important factor in my ranking process. He sounds amazing, of course, and Blaine looks like a sad little puppy.

12. Uptown Girl / The First Time

Oh my Warblers. Lucky for everyone else, they didn't get much screen time this season, so they don't get to rule the list this time. I had to include this one, of course, because there's just something about the Warblers, and this is a perfect example of why they deserve so much of my love. They are fun, innocently flirty, and totally awesome.

11. We Are The Champions / Nationals

Let this be the one exception on Glee when there is no time for losers. This may be the most unimaginative choice to celebrate their championship with, but of course it had to be done, and yes, it feels pretty good.

10. We Are Young / Hold On To Sixteen

It's so Glee. And so sweet. They are young and one big happy family. Aww. Enough said.

9. Mean / Props

I'm not sure why I immediately fell in love with this duet and this song. I just love how unexpected this is! Puck and Beiste dueting? What? I like a Taylor Swift song? Um, excuse me? The story behind the scene is moving and inspiring, and I love these two badasses together.

8. Run the World (Girls) / Asian F

Girl power, woo! Although Brittany's campaign and eventually presidency ended up being a piece of lame and disappointing writing, the storyline kicked off perfectly with Brit performing the empowering Beyonce hit. She didn't get enough dance solos this season, luckily that repeat button on YouTube isn't going anywhere.

7. Cough Suryp / On My Way

This is definitely one of the most heart-breaking and powerful moments all season - thanks to both Darren Criss and Max Adler. And Dave Karofsky, of course. It's a really good song, too. Glee often tells stories by editing musical numbers and separate scenes together, but this is in a whole new level. And it's great!

6. Shake It Out / Choke

I really liked Dog Days Are Over last season, but this is I really love. This time Mercedes and Tina get Santana to assist them with the vocals, and, as usual, she steals the spotlight. It's a great song, an awesome cover, and such a moving and powerful context. Beiste is the best. I've been listening to this over and over and over again.

5. It's Not Unusual / The Purple Piano Project

It was a Tuesday in September last fall and I grawled to drool on the TV screen and instantly knew this number would be on the top list come end of the season. And here it is. Blaine is so hot, he's so awesome and there's no way a girl can resist those red pants, those yellow sunglasses and that groove. Also, this reminds me of a good time when Quinn's hair was pink.

4. Not the Boy Next Door / Choke

No, I haven't been playing this track on repeat quite as much as some others, below and above this on the list. But yes, the performance is freaking wonderful and I could watch it a million times in a row and still feel all cheery and proud for my Kurt, because he finally made it: he sang a Broadway song and I loved it! Hasn't happened since Rose's Turn. It's so Kurt, and he shamelessly rocks it, in those deliciously golden pants. Extra points for recycling costumes. First time for everything...

3. I Wanna Dance With Somebody / Dance With Somebody

I keep watching this number over and over again and it's always as much fun. It's pure joy, and it's fun to see Brit and Santana dancing together, and actually singing about "her" and "girl" and "woman". Brittany is amazing, as usual, doing that great, catchy coreography in those heels. I doubt I'll ever get bored with this number.

2. Paradise By The Dashboard Light / Nationals

Yay! It's almost as good as the good old Journey Medley, once upon a time. Even though I didn't love it the first time I saw the episode, it rapidly grew on me, and now I can say my feelings towards the culmination of the victorious New Directions nationals performance are extremely close to love. Sure there is too much Finchel for my taste; but isn't there always too much Finchel for my taste? I'm a big fan of the Klaine and Brittanna moments, and the only thing I'm left missing is a Brittany/Mike dance solo. So yay, New Directions. I approve. Almost like a deserved victory.

1. Rumour Has It/Someone Like You / Mash Off

There was no competition here, none at all. I suspect this has to be number one on the top of everyone's list of season three musical number. I mean, this was something else. Everything about this number is pretty much perfect. It's Adele. Or even better than that, it's an Adele mash-up. It's girl power. Santana and Mercedes sound just gorgeous. Everyone looks just gorgeous. The coreography is just perfect. The atmosphere is just perfect. The looks on Santana's face when she keeps glancing at Brittany are just perfect. I want to give this number an award or something, because it's just so perfect. The absolute best of season three, no questions asked.

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