Dec 5, 2012

4x07 Dynamic Duets / blazer is the path to the dark side

See what I did there? With the title? Yeah, I'm so clever, and like, so in the know.

I really liked this episode a lot! Even though it almost completely lacked Kurt (and Rachel, but that's not so important), apart from a few mentions of his name. But there was a lot of Blaine, so that's nearly as good, if not as good. And even more superheros! Like, seriously, amazing! If you're into superheroes. And I like The Avengers and Captain America, so I'm totally like a superhero fan nowadays.

P.S. Something happened and I'm just finishing up my THIRD Glee post TODAY. Holy shit! How is this possible? Right, I was supposed to use this time to write my Thesis. So that's how. (And I don't want to publish them all at once, because if there will be another five-month gap before the next post, it'd be awkward.)

What's up:

* The New Directions join McKinley's superhero club. Why? Because superheros are the coolest thing in the universe. That's why, dummy.
* Finn has a challenge to face: his first ever week of Glee club lessons, as a teacher!
* Ryder and Jake, and Marley and Kitty try to learn to like each other.
* The Warblers steal the ND nationals trophy. Blaine Warbler goes to get it back, meets the new captain, wears a blazer, sings a song. In other words, HE'S TEMPTED BY THE DARK SIDE.

What I liked:

+ The superheroes and their super powers. My favorite? Definitely Human Brain.
+ How Blaine takes the superhero thing so seriously, and others don't follow, like Artie calls him by his civilian name, and Tina texts his Night Phone to discuss non-superhero stuff.
+ Becky! She's quite the killer with that intimidating fork.
+ The lap top and the message about the kidnapped trophy.
+ The superhero-ed 'Glee' logo.
+ The superhero-ed transitions between scenes.
+ Tina sniping at Finn about how he should just call Santana to be the 12th member, because apparently she's better than anyone actually enrolled there... referring to the Grease musical, and how Santana snapped the role of Rizzo from Tina. This is why I love Tina this season! Let them hear it! We all knows it's absurd!
+ How awkwardly terrible Finn is as the new Mr. Schue. At first, of course.
+ Beiste is back. Beiste is awesome. The Beast Master is perhaps even more awesome.
+ Sebastian 2.0, the Nice Edition. "Being nice sucks." But still, I was glad to see him. (I even hoped that he'd hit on Blaine, just a little bit, but no such luck.)
+ Hunter the Douche. If he was a superhero, he'd be Captain Douche. I loved the white cat he was petting on his lap. I might be hopelessly not-caught-up on my Bond films, but I have enough knowledge to appreciate this. BTW if Hunter was British he'd be perfect.
+ Finn's superhero rubber boots.
+ Sam's Bane impersonation.
+ Puck ripping of French tourists in the hell hole that is Hollywood Boulevard. Haha, kidding. A little bit. Well. A homeless guy threw up on the Barbra Streisand star, so that says it all.
+ I liked that we (kind of) got to meet that infamous Eli C. Although he seems kind of sissy ("Is it because I don't look at all like my profile picture?"). And seeing Blaine so heart-broken was, well, heart-breaking. I also loved his monologue afterwards, how he explained to Sam that right after doing that terrible guy mistake, he realized Kurt is the love of his life, after all. Snif. He just should've just asked me, first. Damn it...
+ I like Blaine and Sam as chums. Blam!
+ I like Finn as a teacher a lot more than I liked him as a student. Don't come back, Mr. Schue! Let this be a career for Finn!

What I didn't like:

- How Jake and Ryder, aka Mega Studs swing their fists all the time. I get you're super masculine, but not cool. Superpowers should be used for good, or self-defense. (Unless you're Captain America, then you can just go to war, I'm willing to look past that violation.)
- Wasn't as touched by Jake and Ryder's Cryptonite lesson as I was supposed to. A bit boring. Took too long.
 - Marley is a bit annoying. Especially her ditching Ryder and whining because he has the dyslexia thing meeting, and then running to Jake because that's what Woman Fierce would do. Gah.
- That Blaine actually cheated like all the way. I was hoping it hadn't been like that, because that seems too absurd, no matter how lost Blaine was. Now even I have a little hard time forgiving him! (... Forgiven! Get back together!)

What I loved:

< 3 The slowmotion run to the choir room in the beginning. Seriously. Perhaps the awesomest thing ever. Also, I laughed.

< 3 I might be stepping into the Dark Side myself a little bit here, but I loved to see Blaine back at Dalton, wearing that blazer, singing lead. And how the whole sequence was so ridiculously melodramatic, with Hunter's "Present the blazer", and that ridiculous, suspenseful music, and the freaked-out cat. (And even though it's totally awesome and ridiculous, we're still a bit afraid Blaine actually will leave McKinley.)

< 3 Finn mentioned the Avengers! Actually all the superhero stuff should go under 'What I loved'. Just because I loved that they made a superhero episode. And also, besides being awesome, it also makes perfect sense! Of course Finn will teach his lessons through superhero references and Star Wars analogies. And what Sam talks to Blaine, about villainizing, being of the good guys, and the "hero we all know you are" was also really nice and neat and fitting. Not to mention "BLAM!" and "SLAINE!". Seriously, so awesome.

< 3 The episode had so many awesome lines this post ended up like double the usual length.


Dark Side. I'm just going to state the obvious: I love the Warblers, especially with Blaine singing lead, so of course I loved this. And OOOOOOH IT'S CHUBBY WARBLER! I thought he'd graduated, being all AWOL at sectionals. This is a happy thing.

Superman. Kind of fun. I don't know. That's all I guess. The new guys still haven't won me over enough.

Holding out for a Hero. Well, I don't know about the new girls either, but this was so catchy I thought about River Deep, Mountain High. And that's something! Kitty and Marley sound great, the song rocks, and the whip is a nice add to the choreography.

Heroes. Not the best number that could've been the Blam/Slaine duet that reminds Blaine of where he belongs. And going to paint over graffiti was a bit random. But oh well. Nice, anyway.

Some Nights. Love the song! This was a bit like the new Don't Stop Believin' of the new New Directions led by Finn. The red shirts, and all. Marley just annoys me here, again. Still, quite loved it! Very Glee. Modern Glee.

Best quotes:

Because there were so many best quotes in this episode, I'll give you the best of the best first, to avoid best quote inflation.

Best of the best:

"Last night I teared up at an Activia commercial." Beiste! Of course she did.

"I'm Hunter Clarington. I'm the new captain of the Warblers. And I'm not even remotely bi-curious." Might have cracked up aloud... Brilliant... Everyone was thinking about it, anyway.

"I'm Femme Fatale. 'Cause in French that means 'kill women'." Hahahaha OMG, that was just horrible.

"My first idea was pretty bad."
"Worse than Funk."
"Worse than Night of Neglect."
Hahaha. I love when Glee goes all self-deprecating.

"What did I tell you: flawless." And there, Sebastian, you're 100% correct.

(I noticed I started adding every single quote under Best of the best. So I stop now. Even though at least the raspberry hair gel quote should also be here.)

Rest of the best:

"What kind of a name is Ryder Lynn anyway, because it sounds like your parents named you after a cowgirl doll who comes with her own pony." (Actually, Jake, Flynn Rider is the male lead in the 2010 Disney movie Tangled. Ok, maybe his parents didn't name his after a Disney prince who was created fifteen years after him, but just thought I'd point out my wisdom.)

"I persuade you to stop fighting immediately!"
"Freeze, bitches!"

"Kiki, what do you think?"
"I think I'm alive, and you're the machine."

"I think it's just that the Glee club doesn't see me as an adult... Ugh, god, is that what coffee tastes like, how do people drink that?!"

"You know what goes great with a new Dalton blazer? An impromptu song."

"Jesus is the only almighty superhero."
"Nobody asked you."

"Isn't MS a degenerative nerve disease?"
"I thought it was a girls' magazine."

"You sound like Yoda, dude."
"Deal do we have?"

"Kurt was my anchor, Finn, and now that he's gone I feel like I'm floating."

"You need a team that's gonna gel."
"Yes, absolutely! We need a team with a lot of gel. And you're like the biggest part of that."
Hahaha, I love hair gel jokes.

"I don't smell raspberry hair gel, does anyone know where Blaine Warbler is?" See: above.

"He's been taken by the Dark Side."

"Dalton was like Death Star meets Mordor meets Temple of Doom."

Whoa. That was a lot of quotes.

Because we know what happens 'Next', I'll use this space to share some trivia from Glee Wiki instead:

- This is the first episode Will does not appear, leaving Artie the only character to appear in every episode to date. Oh! I thought Rachel had been in every episode, too, besides this one. (Right, she wasn't in The Role You Were Born to Play. Thanks, Glee Wiki!)

- The episode audience was of 4.62 Million viewers, the lowest view count in Glee history, so far. That's horrible! So more people saw The Night of Neglect than this awesome episode?! Travesty!


Reta said...

Tää oli loistava jakso. Kaikin puolin. Tosin en edelleenkään tiedä mitä ajatella noista uusista hahmoista. Ne ovat tylsiä... Ja Kittyn käytös alkaa olla ihan naurettavaa. En saa ollenkaan kiinni sen motiiveista.

Eeva said...

Eipä ei, uudet hahmot ei vielä ainakaan ole mitenkään räjäyttäneet pottia... Ja kun miettii "vanhoja uusia" hahmoja, niin kun Sam ja Beiste ja BLAINE, kuinka ne otti niin avosylin vastaan ja vakuutti heti ekassa jaksossaan. Ei ei.