Dec 4, 2012

4x08 Thanksgiving / home for the holidays

It's been about half a century since I wrote a thing about anything Glee-related. Does this mean my Number One Happy Pill doesn't make me as happy anymore as it used to? Nah. I've actually enjoyed season four so far much more than the first half of last season. I'm just busy, and in and out of China, and working, and trying to get school duties done. There's ALWAYS time for Glee, but there's not always time for writing.

 Now, however, I decided to take the night off from all the boring responsibilities, and do some Glee-ful writing! I have to admit I am mostly inspireed to do this because of that one particular scene (noooooboby knows which scene I'm talking about!), but the whole episode was pretty solid, so here we go. Long time, no Glee(-related posts)!

* * *

What's up:

* (Almost) all of the gang is back home for the holidays. They will each get one of the new New Directioners to coach and tutor, in preparetion for sectionals.
* Quinn is being awesome. A little bitchy, which is included in being awesome.
* Rachel and Kurt are taking distance to the lives (and the guys) they're trying to leave behind, so they'll spend their Thanksgiving in New York. Partying hard!
* Marley is feeling weaker and weaker, because that's what happend when you don't eat and just stick your fingers down your throat instead.
* Jake and Ryder enjoy their newly-found broship, and make a deal: one gets the girl, the other gets the stardom. But it's not written on stone.

What I liked:

+ Quinn, Santana, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, Finn! All back together! Aww! I enjoyed Quinn the most, because we hadn't yet seen her this season, and I've missed her. And she has a pretty new haircut. (Although I liked the short one better.)
+ Santana, yapping away about how Finn may finally have an okay haircut, but he's still an idiot, and the Hand Jive number looked more like hand j... Haha, classic Santana!
+ Rachel and Kurt as New York besties are kind of adorable.
+ I am coming to the conclusion that I actually like both Jake and Ryder. Jake ever more, although in the beginning I couldn't see it. It helps that he was crowned as the new Mike. And that he trains... ballet?
+ The Unholy Trinity.
+ How Kitty idolizes Quinn. "Every day I ask myself, what would Quinn Fabray do." Kitty is starting to get my approval, too. Though not as a human being, as a character. Haha.
+ I also kind of find myself liking the flirting between Rachel and Brody. The new naughtier Rachel beats the old one. (Except for the falselashes she wears all the time, day and night...) A welcome change to the damn Finchel.
+ Carrie Bradshaw (or whatever her name is in this one) giving (very good!) advice to Kurt. Their buddy-buddy relationship is a bit much, but that's ok.
+ The Warblers! I'm always up for a fix of those blazers. Although apparently Chubby Warbler graduated. And Asian Warbler. Boohoo! At least Blond Warbler is still there, and Beatboxer Warbler. Still. I miss Chubby Warbler.
+ The epic slaps.

What I disliked:

- Some of Quinn and Santana's fight (except for the epic slaps). It's just silly how they keep making Quinn that unreasonable, messed-up bitch again. Bitch she is, hells yeah and thank god for that, but her going on about how Santana has always been jealous of her... Slow down, girl.
- Not sure of the necessity of that Bible verse. Just thought I'd point that out...
- If that's that for the season, for Tina's moments to shine, I'm really pissed! Tina has been so awesome this season, I've never liked her more. So more Tina, more Tina, more Tina!

What I loved:

< 3 That the Queen Bitch is back! If only temporarily and with some room for improvement.

< 3 The Klaine! The call! The Klall! Um. Anyway! They did it again. I admit to some tearing up. I don't know how they do it... The Glee writers are not often masters when it comes to coherent storylines and love stories that are not cheesy, forced or rushed, so it's a small miracle how Kurt and Blaine just keep hitting jackpots. And it's not only that I blindly worship Klaine. They just always manage to snatch the most realistic and heartfelt moments. This was one of my favorite Klaine scenes, ever! I loved everything about it, from the tones of their voices, to the look in Blaine's eyes and the giggle when Kurt jokes about the mouse, not to mention what they're actually saying. Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, I salute you fine genlemen! Everything is beautiful once again, and I can't wait for Christmas...
< 3 The cliffhangeeeeeer! I love Glee's cliffhangers, because we get quite few of those. Even though Marley's collapse was more than slightly predictable, I didn't see it coming as the moment that would end the episode. Talk about To Be Continued! Could this actually mean that the New Direction will LOSE THEIR SECTIONALS? I would love that, by the way. That would mix things up splendidly.


Homeward Bound/Home. Just sweet and nostalgic! It was the perfect way to kick off the episode, and boy, did it make me smile.

Come See Me About. Well, duh. A song can't be this Say a Little Prayer-esque and not get a two-thumbs-up from me. So good!

Whistle. The song is mediocre, and not even the Warbler treatment could make it better. But did I enjoy the number? Booyah! Damn those moves! And that Hunter guy is so incredibly douche 100% of the time, it's kind of hilarious.

Live While We're Young. Again, the song is not that good, and the Warblers unarguably lost their biggest merit with one Blaine Anderson, and the good Sebastian is not half as hot as the evil Sebastian (still, yay for Sebastian, for holding back from the dark side!). But, I mean, the moves. With that coreograpy and energy, I say the Warblers got this one. Even though we only got to see one ND number, I'd let Sebastian and Captain Douche win this time. (It's also be great for the plot. And the season structure that keeps repeating itself.)

Let's Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time. So weird! And yet so fun. It's also strange how much I like SJP in this one. Kurt is fabulous, of course, that's needless to say.

Gangnam Style. Well, I loved the Tina of it. Also, Sam in the beginning is golden. And I actually really liked that they did this song, though of course it was inevitable, right? But foreign languages, yay! (I am something of a expert in all things Korean, and I give free consultations, in case someone is interested in knowing what is 'Oppa' or 'Gangnam'. But those are the only two question I am willing to answer.) Admitedly the number didn't rock quite as much as it could've, and it was a bit of a mess, but I guess the magical Finn touch was visible there. Favorite moment was Kitty giving the judge the wink that Quinn was talking about, to "remind him of his youth and what could have been". Haha, outch.

Best quotes:

"I knew it, Mercedes was cloned."

"Hello, White Chocolate?" Sam is such a favorite of mine.

"Sam, toes, bro!"
"Wear some shoes."

"Are you kidding? It was amazing! Have you seen her ass?" Brody about sleeping with Cassie.

"Speak of the devil I knocked up."

"Quinn always was a genius slapper."

"It's Korean, just sing gibberish."

"This computer now belongs to the New Directions."

"When you're done using that turkey as a courtship device, would you put it in the oven?"

"And America is thrilled." Sue when Will shows up.

"It's Thanksgiving, and it's Sectionals, and I miss you like crazy. And I can't stand not talking to you, even though I'm mad at you, because you're still my best friend."

"Kurt, I love you so much."
"I love you, too."



The bitter defeat of the New Directions! Right? Here's to hoping. Is it weird how excited I am about this possibility? Haha.

Also, one more episode and then it's the Christmas ep, sweetly titled 'Glee, Actually'. That made me go aww. Could this be the first Glee Christmas episode that I like?


Reta said...

Ah, ihanaa, tulee melkein nostalginen olo kun bloggaat taas Gleestä.
Mullekin tuli tunne, että entä jos New Direction ei voitakaan! Voisi olla kiinnostavaa. Warblereilla oli niin hienot tanssiliikkeet, että ehkä he voittavatkin!
Klaine. Klaine, klaine... Glee onnistuu pilaamaan melkein kaiken muun, mutta Klainen ne pystyy pitämään jotenkin kasassa. Tässähän on ollut koko syksyn jatkunut storyline, Kurtin New Yorkiin lähdöstä pettämisen kautta mahdolliseen sovintoon joulujaksossa. Ehkä se joulujakso on myöskin ensimmäinen josta pidän. Edelliset jaksot ovat pelastuneet vuosittaisen klaine-dueton avulla, mutta muuten ne ovat olleet tylsiä.

Eeva said...

Jep, en tiedä mikä mulle tuli, kun yhtäkkiä tänään kirjotin KOLME Glee-postausta. :D

Eiköhän ND häviä! Mulla on aika vanhvat fiilikset. Se olis itseasiassa paras juonenkäänne minkä ne tähän vaiheeseen vois keksiä! Ja jos sitten päästäisiin vielä kattomaan kun Warblers jatkaa regionalseihin, jne. Olis jees.

Klaine, Klaine, Klaine, älä muuta sano. Joulujatkoa kohtaan ovat nyt kyllä odotuksen hyvin korkealla!