Dec 8, 2012

4x09 Swan Song / game over, and what comes after

This is amazing and a bit weird! Is it me or has Glee just been suspiciously good all season long? I find myself enjoying the heck out of every episode, week after week, and there has been no real disappointments so far. Sure, not every episode has been golden (Britney 2.0, The Makeover, and what even happened in The Role You Were Born to Play? New kids stuff, probably...), but there has been no fiascos. No The Spanish Teacher or A Night of Neglect so far! Although, I should know better and NOT say any of this, or at least knock on wood, because next week it's Christmas and we know what happens to Glee on Christmas. The two  forces of Awesome cancel out and thus eliminate each other. (Though the promo for next week's episode looks quite brilliant. We'll see.)

 Like you might have gathered from the first paragraph there, I liked the Swan Song. What did I like about it the most? Easy: BRAD!

P.S. Within five days I have updated this blog more times than during the rest of the year before that. And it's December. We should just thank the Klall (yeah, not calling it that anymore...) in last week's episode, because really, that was the kick in the rear that gave me the spark to start writing on this subject again. And now there's NO STOPPING ME. The world will drown in the surge of my Glee posts!!! Until my enthusiasm calms down again, or changes its focus, or I realize I finally have to start doing something about those zillion deadlines just around the corner. But I'm enjoying the ride while it lasts. (Though my life outside Glee is not enjoying it that much... Yes, there is one; why do you ask?)

* * *

What is up:

* After losing sectionals (!), it looks like the Glee club's year is over. Everyone busy themselves with something else, like shooting Muslims (in paintball). Finn doesn't appreciate this.
* Rachel gets a Golden ticket from Whoopi aka Carmen, and she gets to perform at NYADA's prestigious Winter Showcase. As you can guess, she does a horrible job, and no one is inspired and awed at all. (...)
* And Kurt gets to audition again. And, as you can guess, he doesn't like get in, at all. (...)
* Sam/Brittany is officially on! And I don't know that they're called. Bram? Better than Samtany.

What I liked:

+ How Blaine throws Sam the juice box in the beginning. Blam! That's teamwork, yo. Saved them at least one second and a half.
+ THEY LOST! Yes! That's the way to shake things up! Now I'm just hoping that they don't come up with some lame "ooooh, the Warblers decide to forfeit and the ND makes it to regionals after all" plot twist. This is just the way to do it. They don't need to win championship this year, because they won last year, so all the now-seniors have won it once, and then next year they can win again, with all the younger folk. Yes.
+ ... Although, when Finn says they should start looking forward to their big comeback next year and Sam points out that for some of them there is no next year, and we see Blaine and Artie and Tina and Blaine and BLAINE looking so sad and disappointed, I must say I felt sad with him them. (And now we don't see Blaine singing lead at nationals, like I've fantasized for the past decade or so. Or even the duet with Marley that they were supposed to do after Gangnam Style. Boohoo. Suddenly I'm not too crazy about this turn of events anymore...Oh well, I'll get over it. And Blaine can join the dark side and go win the nationals with The Warblers, if it comes to that! (Not really.))
+ Blaine texted Kurt. Kurt feels bad for Blaine. Happy face.
+ The random cheerleader with the neck collar that has been wandering in the background all season.
+ Finn and Sue's epic battle over the nationals trophy. And that Le Car lives! And how Sue reminds Finn to lower the trophy at the door.
+ Sue imagining where the New Directioners will be after a few months without their precious club. Brittany's destiny was my favorite.
+ "Sugar already bailed." Haha. The choir room looks so sad, without the chairs, the instruments, anything.
+ Tina is kind of bitchy. Yay!
+ The line of cereal Sam laid out for Brit. And how Brit, naturally, followed it. And how Sam knows Brit doesn't eat breakfast on Tuesdays. And how Brit thinks Sam is an underappreciated genius like Einstein and the Spice Girls. And how they sing and dance and are so very cute! It's Barbie and Ken 2.0! I just might like this one better than the original. (Mostly because I was so disappointed when Sam started romancing Quinn, as I had hoped him to be a love interest for Kurt. Haha. Oh, how clueless a girl can be...)
+ I think it was brilliant how directly they addressed the Brittana fandom, about how furious they will be about this Sam/Brit romance. "I'm not scared of them." Well, you'd better! I haven't read any reactions from the fandom, but I can only imagine... They must be burning up piles of trouty mouthed voodoo dolls, figuratively. Or literally.
+ Whoopi Goldberg. I don't bother to elaborate.
+ Artie joined the marching band ("Your costume is ridiculous, it looks like a peacock died on your head"). Haha. Tina and BLAINE joined the Cheerios! Hahaha! (He looks hot.) Wade joined floor hockey team. He can't skate. Haha. And Joe... Hahahahaha. That joke was so horrible, kind of like Kitty's 'kill women' joke the other week, but oh how I laughed.
+ Sam has a HUGE selection of lip blams of different colors in his locker.
+ Aw, Sam and Brit's first kiss! "The lesbian blogger community" can't be too pissed about this, right? I mean, how adorable are these two? So adorable! "You make me happy, Sam" and "I'm pretty nonstop hilarious" and well, that Forest Gump impression was a cherry on top of that adorability (yeah, again I'm using derivatives of the word 'adorable' that don't exist). You know what, until the glorious day that Klaine rejoins forces to make my life complete again, Bram is my new favorite couple! Not that there are many takers for that title at the moment, but anyways. And I just think it's nice that they brought two old characters together, because I'm not really into those news kids just pairing up. Enjoy it while it lasts, Barbie and Ken 2.0! (Wait, it's not their first kiss, is it? Didn't they kiss once upon a time in Blame It on the Alcohol, in the context of that Spin the Bottle game? Yes the did! Ha!)
+ Rachel kissed Brody. Okay. I'm sitting back and seeing what'll happen next.
+ Rachel says that her all time favorite perfromace by Kurt is I Want to Hold Your Hand, and I like her because she's so right.
+ The Finchel phone call was pretty nice. Though not like the Klaine version.
+ Don't You Forget about Me in the background when Finn writes his inspirational email. Ah!

What I disliked:

- I don't remember when and why Sue Sylvester became the Glee club's mortal enemy again. But I'm sure there is a good reason, though. Sue Sylvester always has good reasons. (She's come around soon. Let's just wait for another Christmas miracle...)
- How obvious and taken-for-granted it was that Rachel got the Golden ticket. And won the thingy. But oh well. That's just Glee.
- "That was different, my dad was in the hospital. Who am I supposed to dedicate this to?" All the world is screaming, BLAINE BLAINE BLAAAAAINEEEE. But no. No meaningful looks. Not even a little flashback. Nothing. Boo.
- I loved Not a Boy Next Door, and Kurt didn't get in. I didn't love Being Alive, and Kurt got in. Whatevs, Madame Whoopi. (Besides, I was kind of painting this picture in my head that fashion would be Kurt's new dream number one, because dreams change and that's cool, and two people from the same Glee club in Ohio just don't get into NYADA within five minutes. Whatevs, Glee. Whatevs.) (This doesn't mean I'm not a little bit happy for Kurt. I'm not made of stone.)
- These things I disliked are sorry excuses for things to dislike.

What I looooved:

< 3 BRAD! Oh my god, that was the most hilarious, most genius, best thing in the entire episode, entire season, entire show! God, I've been waiting for a comment like that for years, always watching the poor orchestra, Brad especially, who's "just furniture", and thinking of the things they've had to live through! All the melodrama and awkward kisses and confessions of love and rejections of love confessions. I feel for you. And now Brad the Awesome has spoken for you! The actor is surprisingly good, too, I don't know why he's wasted all these years playing piano.

< 3 Don't Dream It's Over. See: below.


Something Stupid. Is it a bit of a mean joke that Sam and Brittany out of all people sing a song by this name? Haha. Well, I think it's a sweet joke, if anything. And the number is very sweet, too.

All That Jazz. Compared to the other Chicago duet Rachel performed with a tall, blonde guest star superstar, this was a lot of progress. It's not only that I prefer Kate Hudson to Gwyneth Paltrow and Cassandra July to Holly Holiday, this had much more of the original Chicago feel and attitude and atmosphere in it. The context is also a lot more interesting. The dancing in the number is all kinds of awesome, and those two awesome voices sound quite awesomely together. Bravo for this one.

Being Good Isn't Good Enough. You know, me and traditional Broadway songs don't go well together. I just don't get songs like this. It makes me feel a bit left out, because had I been in that showcase to hear Rachel sing this, I wouldn't have gotten up to applaud until I'd stop yawning and see that everyone else is standing and cheering. Oh, so it was good, right? Whatever you say, I wouldn't know.

O Holy Night. Now this is something I do get. And I'd be the first to give a standing ovation for this performance. I also teared up, just a little bit, when Rachel reached the highest note and they showed Finn back in Lima, packing away that nationals trophy. Should I finally start Christmas and bust out those carols for the year?

Being Alive. There was nothing indicating he's thinking of Blaine, so boo, I didn't like this. Hah, ok, I didn't like it for the same reason I didn't like Rachel's Broadway number. I'm an outsider, boohoo. Of course he sang beautifully but I didn't feel it. But I will listen to it again, and again, and then maybe I get it.

Don't Dream It's Over. Aw! Looooved it. So much. So Glee. Wonderful (fake)snow! Finn rarely sounds that good, and I just always love those moments when they randomly get together and sing. Aww. When they started climbing down those stairs, I got one of those "ooooh, I love these people so much" kind of feelings. Now, more than ever before with Mr. Schue is charge, I get the vibe that is actually a group of friends, rather than a club. Aww. Feels good. I'm totally edging out Schuester here... (I hope they won't build a romance between Marley and Finn (Finnley? Farley? Minn? Mann?). Although, why the hell not?)

Best quotes:

"Why would I want that?"
"Because you're a crazy evil bitch."

"It's not the universe, it's Carmen Tibideaux." (Damn, now I had to check the spelling of her last name.)
"Is there a difference?"

"That's how I felt when I saw Prometheus." I know the feeling, Becky.

"I'm a drug mule at the Lima crack district."
"I was forced to sell my legs to science."
"I'm performing on the bathhouse circuit." (Took me a while to get this one...)
"I'm finance major at Brandeis. Turns out Glee club was really holding me back."

"Sue Sylvester? I cannot thank you enough. I can't tell you how much I hate those kids. Do you know how demeaning it is when they just turn to you and yell 'Hit it!', and you're just supposed to know what song they're gonna sing? I'm free. Free!"

"Some part of me knew the truth."
"About Area 51?"

"Is it because of my lips?"
"No. Your lips are so soft and horizontal."

"I joined the interfaith paintball league, where Christians, Jews and Muslims can shoot at each other safely."

"Can I ask you a question?"
"Oh, The Walking Dead isn't based on a true story, I already checked."

"Rachel, it's Finn, you butt-dialed me again."


Glee, Actually, and that name promises so much.


Reta said...

Apua, liikaa kommentoitavaa! Ehkä käyn koko postauksen läpi uudestaan.

Joo, olen samaa mieltä, miten Gleen neloskausi on ollut näin hyvä yhtäkkiä? Kolmoskauden loppu oli mielestäni kamala, joten odotukset neloskautta kohtaan olivat alhaalla, joten yhtäkkiä neloskausi on ollut kauhean hyvä. Jopa nämä "huonot" jaksot Britney 2.0 ja The Born you Were Born To Play ovat olleet ihan jees jaksoja.

Brittany ja Sam ovat kyllä söpöjä ja se miten vihaisiin faneihin viitattiin oli todella hauskaa. En ole kyllä nähnyt yhtään vihaisia faneja, mutta ehkä vain siksi että en tietoisesti etsi negatiivisia juttuja gleestä, koska on olemassa gleekejä jotka tuntuvat vihaavan showta ja vain valittavat kaikesta mikä on pilalla.

Musta olisi muuten mukaavaa, jos Wade/Unique saisi vähän enemmän ruutuaikaa. Ainoa uusi hahmo jonka tarina kiinnostaa. (Onkohan jo huolestuttavaa, ettei kiinnosta ns. tavallisten nuorten tarinat enää ollenkaan?)

Mun lempiesitys Kurtilta on kyllä As If We Never Said Goodbye mutta I want To Hold Your Hand on kyllä varmaan kakkosena.

Minä kyllä tykkäsin Being Alivesta. Mulla on kyllä aina ollut ongelma Kurtin showmaisuuden ja rekvisiitan kanssa, joten ehkä pidin Being Alivesta siksi koska siinä oli vain laulu ja se riitti. Mä kyllä ajattelin kokoajan, että laulu on osoitettu Blainelle, vaikka sitä ei siinä suoraan sanottu.

O Holy Nightista tuli ehkä mun lemppari Rachel soolo yhdellä kertaa. Lisäys siihen hyviin lyhyeen listaan joululauluja joista pidän.

Muuten, onko niiden koulun piha nyt heidän uusi harjoittelupaikkansa? Marley nimittäin puhui uudesta kuoropaikasta ja sitten he menivät pihalle... Hmm. (Tykkään eniten noista shippausnimistä Finnleystä. :D)

Eeva said...

Paljon kommentoitavaa sun kommenteista! :D Here we go.

Mä tykkäsin kolmoskauden loppujaksoista itseasiassa tosi paljon, vaikka loppu-loppu jättikin vähän toivomisen varaa. Mutta jos neloskausi jatkaa tähän malliin niin tästähän tulee pian paras ja ehein kausi ikinä! Ohhoh! Ei tosin intoilla vielä, there's still a long way to go and a lot of opportunities to f*ck it up. ;)

Kävin äsken vähän tumblrissa nuuhkimassa ja aika katkeraa meininkiä siellä Brittana-fandomin keskuudessa oli. Ei sillä, että viitsisin tuomita tai mitään, katsotaan nyt mitä ne vielä Klainelle keksii... Luin juuri yhdestä uudesta roolituksesta ja mutinmutinmutin...

Itse en ole mikään kova Unique-fani, lähinnä vaan koska mulla on jäänyt The Glee Projectista niin paha maku suuhun siitä näyttelijästä, enkä jotenkin muutenkaan tykkää sen tavasta näytellä, vaikka esiintyjänä ja laulajana hän ihan stara onkin. Mutta totta puhut kyllä, eipä noiden muiden uusien tyyppien tarinoissa ihan hirveästi tutkittavaa tunnu olevan... Marleyn bulimiakin varmaan kohta saadaan käsiteltyä, niin sitten se on vaan sitä kolmiodraamaa.

Hmmmmm, haluaisin kyllä ajatella että Kurt lauloi Being Aliven Blaine mielessään, koska olisihan se vähintäänkin loogista. Glee vaan ei yleensä tee mitään noin hienovaraista, vaan jos haluaa tehdä pointin niin tekee sen niin ettei kellään vaan jää huomaamatta, tiedätkö?

Ehkä se toistaiseksi sitten on pihalla? :D Vaikka epäilen että kun joulu tulee niin Sue heltyy, tai jotain. (Finnley on kyllä noista toimivin. ;))