Dec 4, 2012

My favourite musical numbers on season 1

NB 1! In the name of equality, I thought I'd list my favourite songs from the first season, too. Criteria is the same as always: song, performance and context all matter.

NB 2! In the name of fair game, I decided not to count Single Ladies as a musical number. That would've been number one with no questions asked, which would've been unfair for every other performance with actual singing in them.

NB 3! I've had this post in the works for ages, a tad from being finnished, and today, lo and behold, I am finally finnishing it! (WHAT, it's the second post I'm publishing today. Plus I just wrote a whole post on Dynamic Duets, from scratch. Well that was a year's worth of Glee writing...) I was inspired when Halo/Walking on Sunshine came on in my MP3 player, as I was journeying the grocery store in the beautiful early-winter frost, earlier today. Usually I'd just skip it right away, to listen to something more recent (yeeeeeah, there's not much on my MP3 besides Glee music...), but my hands were busy, so I listened to it. And it made me smile, thinking about season 1, and old school Glee. Yes, season 2, and season 4 so far, and even the later part of season 3 beat the first season in my book, but who doesn't love a little nostalgia!

So, season one. Good times, eh? This was back when Kurt had a crush on his future stepbrother plus he went around making out with Brittany; the big storylines circled around Rachel, Finn and Mr. Schue only; Santana didn't get any solos; Tina stuttered... and THERE WAS NO BLAINE. To think of a time when there was no Blaine. Horrifying. Let's not think about that anymore. At least the musical numbers I'm choosing here are quite waried... Had these numbers happened after Never Been Kissed, they probably wouldn't have made it, because the list would've been too crowded with all things Blaine.

* * *

20. Ice Ice Baby / Bad Reputation

It's fun and catchy and not nearly as bad as you'd expect. Fun dancing. And I hate to admit it but I kind of miss Mr. Schue's rapping.


19. It's A Man's Man's Man's World / Funk

Perhaps my favourite Quinn solo ever. And this was back when I loathed the character! Sure, the coreography of the "pregnant" ladies in the background is unintentionally comical from time to time, and it's a bit embarrassing how obviously fake-pregnant they are, but I support the message and it fits Quinn's story. She also sounds unexpectedly good. I like how she gets a bit down and dirty with that fragile, pretty little voice of hers.

18. Like A Prayer / The Power of Madonna

The Madonna episode is pretty epic, and this is the climax of that epicness. I like that it's not just Rachel, but others get to sing, too. It hadn't been too common thus far. Kurt is like an angel and I love that sneaky little kiss he lands on Mercedes's cheek.

17. Total Eclipse Of The Heart / Bad Reputation

Granted, after I saw the literal version of this song, I haven't been able to look at the number the same way. Still it's a really good cover, and the ballet parts are nice, a refreshing change to the usual performances in the choir room. And I'm a fan of Jesse St. James and his voice here. Even if he doesn't get to sing much.

16. Express Yourself / The Power of Madonna

Yeah! Girl power! The outfits and the coreography rock, and it's just a joy to watch. I always feel empowered after seeing this number. My favorite part is the one with the push-ups.

15. Bohemian Rhapsody / Journey

This is coreographically the most fantastic number Glee has ever done. Also, the editing is awesome. The ruthless killing machine that is Vocal Adrenaline has never looked better.

14. Rose's Turn / Laryngitis

I am also a big fan of the other Kurt solo in this episode. Pink Houses forevah! Haha. Anyways. Rarely does a song fit better in a storyline and for a character that Rose's Turn fits Kurt in Laryngitis. It's still one my favorite Kurt solos to date. As is Pink Houses. Naturally.

13. The Lady Is A Tramp / Laryngitis

 Well HELLO, Noah Puckerman. You can get girls fighting over you for a lot less. This is smokin' hot, Puck doesn't get much hotter than this. With the exception of Fat-Bottomed Girls, maybe.

12. Bad Romance / Theatricality

 Those outfits alone deserve a lot of recognition. In season one scale this was hugely epic and massive. It's fun and entertaining to watch in any scale. This is when I first noticed the amazing voice of Naya Rivera. I love her part. And can't help but appreciate Chris in those shoes...

11. Jessie's Girl / Laryngitis

Finn solos don't get much better than this! Although it's painfully obvious that they named Jesse St. James Jesse St. James just so Finn could sing this song. But that's ok.

10. Halo/Walking On Sunshine / Vitamin D

It's my inspirerer! That's not a word, is it... This was one of the first group numbers that I remember falling in love with in an instant. It's so fun and energetic and cute! Too bad about the doping. (Which yellow dress is your favorite? Mine is Tina's.)

9. Don't Rain On My Parade / Sectionals

This is still the best Rachel Berry Solo to date. It's kind of a legend. 'Nuff said.

8. To Sir With Love / Journey

Before there could be We Are the Champions, there was To Sir with Love. After the first year of Glee club is over, they thank Mr. Schue, because even though they lost regionals, they gained so much in other things. It's one of, if not the most moving scene in whole season one, when each member of the club individually share how being a part of Glee has made their life better. Almost everyone gets to sing a bit, and although (surprisingly), I'm a huge fan of Kurt's part (and his outfit), Santana hits the jackpot here, by tearing up, and showing off that human being behind the cold Lima Heights bitch. Aw. Seriously, good times.

7. My Life Would Suck Without You / Sectionals

This is another big AWW. It's so awesome how, in the coreography, they pay tribute to all the best numbers they had done so far. SINGLE LADIES and all. I want them to do an undated version of this, NOW, on season 4! Think of all the wonderful, awesome numbers they could include! (...Can't get this out of my head now. Come See Me About was kind of close already, though.)

6. Defying Gravity / Wheels

This is when we first got to hear Kurt sing, properly! Also this is the first diva-off, and the one and only for me; any number that has tried to reproduce the scenario after this has failed miserably. Usually they happen between Rachel and Mercedes.

5. Push It / Showmance

How did this dirty little number find its way so up high on my list? It happens to be quite special to me, as this was the first moment, when watching season one for the first time, when I thought, 'hey, this is no High School Musical, not at all; this show likes to get dirty; this is actually pretty cool!' It got my attention. The rest is...well, I think it's pretty safe to say it's history. (Can't talk about this number without mentioning how much I have always loved the moment Kurt highfives Finn and then slaps him in the butt. An idea for My Life Would Suck Without You 2.0.)

4. Anyway You Want It/Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' / Journey

The New Directions have had great competition performances after this (namely, the triumphant Nationals performance), but nothing beats the first regionals. This Journey mash-up is all kinds of awesome. It's practically bursting with energy and smiles and nice feelings.

3. A House Is Not A Home / Home

Before there was I Want to Hold Your Hand and Blackbird (not to mention Not the Boy Next Door), this was my go-to Kurt song. Kurt is channelling his trademark adorableness (again, not sure that's a word), by looking so sad and cute in his Cheerios uniform, singing this song to Finn with all the emotion he was muster. This is another unarguable proof that Kurt should ever only sing sad, slow songs. (Preferably The Beatles, though.)

 2. Don't Stop Believin' / Journey

Well. The Glee anthem. What can I say? You know why it's here. Some prefer the original performance with just the six original members of the club, from episode 1, but this is even more uplifting, so yeah. Haha.

1. Over The Rainbow / Journey

What made season one special? Well, the fact that I am choosing a WILL SONG as my number one favorite. Could not have and hasn't happened since. This performance has everything you can ask from the last minutes of a season finale. There are so many delightful moments, smiles, and loving feelings packed in this number that it should be illegal for being so sweet. This is season one Glee at its best. Plus I have a very personal and passionate love affair with this song.

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