Oct 11, 2013

5x03 The Quarterback

"Everyone wants to talk about how he died, too, but who cares? One moment in his whole life. I care more about how he lived."

"He was the first cool kid to be nice to any of us, and he was our leader in here."

"It was the perfect time for a hug. But for some reason I just gave him a bat in the back and that's that. Now he's gone."

"You don't get to stop waking up. You have to keep on being a parent, even though you don't get to have a child anymore."

"I feel more than I know how to express. I'm heartbroken."

"What chance do I have of not being an idiot and hurting people without him around to remind me who I really am?"

"He's dead. And all we've got left is his voice in our head. I'm sorry, but it's time you got to be your own quarterback."

"He was a much better person than I am."

"He was such a good guy. And I never get to tell him. There's no lesson here, there's no happy ending. There's just nothing. He's just gone."

"He was my person."

"The show must go... all over the place... or something."

Sep 28, 2013

5x01 Love, Love, Love / all you need is Klaine

Got to get Glee back into my life! Time flies for an Erasmus student, so this wonderful day arrived sooner than I expected when bidding my farewell to Glee in May. A Beatles tribute had been a long time coming, and at least this first part was just as amazing as a Beatles tribute should be. Mostly because of ALL THE KLAINE but other reasons too. KLAINE THOUGH. It is such a beautiful day.


I thought the beginning of the episode was lovely. A very appropriate way to start the season after Cory's death. It was subtle, yet emotional, and it reinforced my trust that the tribute episode will be done right. When she walks past Sardis and sings 'why he had to go'... I also enjoyed Ioan Gruffudd. You know, I was a big fan of Lancelot back in 2004. Even Daddy Cullen was kind of fun.

Artie has a new haircut, finally! And surprisingly enough, I like him and Kitty. The surprise is that I like Kitty. A new kid. Yeah, still newbies for me, all of them. Luckily there's no other newbie storylines in the episode! Hide Your Love Away was really nice, though. So freaking charming, as Santana would say. And Kitty was very sweet and humane.

I have watched Got to Get You into My Life at least twenty times today. Can't get enough of it! Such a good cover, they sound so great, and they are so beautiful together. The sunglasses. The flirty, goofy dancing. The kiss. The hungry, bodies-slamming-together, please-take-me-now kind of kiss. I am so happy. I need to watch it again.

Figgins, my idol. "I go to church every Sunday, for God's sake!"

Sam! Sam Sam Sam. I love you Sam, even though your hair is totally out of control again. And I still love Blam. Blam is so sweet. Loved how Sam slapped Blaine is the ass and then went on about gay marriage.

Tina! Tina Tina Tina. First, I WANT her dress, the one with the read bottom and stripes. WANT IT. GIVE ME. Also, "Are you crazy, are you insane, good God, have you lost your mind?" Hahaha. 

"Oh God, it's those McKinley nerds."

Sebastian has a new haircut, too. Now he looks even less evil.

I also like Santana and Rachel, the singing waitresses. A Hard Day's Night was SO GOOD! So good.

"Yes, Memoirs of a lame Geisha."

The whole 'Tina has become angry and bitter and she needs help' thing was the only subplot in the episode that seemed loose and random. But I still liked it, because it was about Tina. And there was a hilarious scene where the guys were distracted by chocolate cake, and then Blaine talked in a Paul accent. Loved it. But I don't approve damn Ryder as Ringo. Love Ringo, don't love Ryder.

Brittany is gone. That's weird.

Kurt and Burt in the car! I could watch those two talk for hours. Burt is wearing the rainbow pin.

ALL YOU NEED IS BLAINE UM SORRY LOVE. The proposal was so cheesy but so perfect! A hundred times better than Will's proposal to Emma, because Blaine's didn't include anyone walking on water. How about the fact that Kurt knew Blaine would propose? How about when Kurt said Blaine makes him feel safe? How about the fact that they went to The Spot at the staircase? How about Blaine's perfect speech? How about 'our hand were meant to hold each other'? How about 'all I've ever wanted to do is spend my life loving you'? How about how Kurt just breathes out 'Yeah, yeah'? It's fucking true love! Kurt and Blaine are perfect, Darren Criss and Chris Colfer are perfect in the way they act Blaine and Kurt, this day has been perfect despite the fact that I'm sick and hung-over, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts! Not even my head, even though it really does hurt. Kurt and Blaine are engaged! Klaine is perfect. I love Glee. All you need is Glee. 

The only thing wrong in the proposal scene was the absence of Finn. It's so freaking sad.


I hope the whole season five won't be as good as the first episode, because I will spend the whole year inside, rewatching episodes, rewatching Got to Get You into My Life, and being happy for Kurt and drooling at Blaine. Do you remember when we first met Kurt in the Pilot and he was being thrown into a dumpster? I love, love, love this show.

Aug 20, 2013

(Some of) My favorite musical numbers from season 4

I began writing this post after Swan Song (4x09), which some might argue is too early for a post like this. (And then I accidentally published the post when it was nothing but a sorry little draft. I'm a technology genius.) I listed 18 numbers that I wanted to be in the final 20. My heart was sorrowful, knowing I'd have to cut so many of them in the end. Unless there would only be two good songs during the rest of the season. And that would not make my heart any less sorrowful.

Turned out there were more than two good songs. In fact, there were quite a few more. This is why you are now looking at a top 25, instead of a top 20. My list, my rules! I'm THIS close to making it a top 30, because the musical numbers have been noticeably good this season. Also, I haven't been writing about the episodes that often (because they have been, again, noticeably varying in quality), so there are many numbers I haven't had the chance to talk about yet.

I put the list together before Cory passed away, and I decided not to tamper with it, even though I kind of wanted to, to honor Finn and Cory. Well, I did move Don't Dream It's Over up quite a bit. But that doesn't count.

If GIFs give you a headache, I'm sorry. They might give me one, too. But they're fun.

Jul 21, 2013

Glee after Cory

On Sunday morning, a week ago, I opened my phone to check the news as I routinely do, and learned that Cory Monteith had passed away. One of my first thoughts was that Glee wouldn't ever be the same again. I know it's shallow to immediately think of the fate of a TV show, but even though losing a real person is of course the most tragic thing, losing a character means a lot, too. The news of an untimely death of a celebrity had never felt more personal to me than they did with Cory, because Glee has played such a special part in my life for years now, and Cory was naturally a huge part of that. Finn was, for four seasons, the leading male character on the show, and although he was never my favorite (and I admit on occasionally experiencing "mild" dislike towards Finchel), he was a core factor in keeping the story together. He was always in the center of Glee. He belonged there. We liked him there. And, as it happens, I liked Finn on season four more than I'd ever liked him before. He was in his element as a leader. He found a direction for his life.

Thinking that Glee wouldn't ever be the same again was a natural thought. It's not only because Finn was a central character, and him not being there will leave an aching gap in the halls of McKinley, the choir room, the auditorium. As I've said a million times before, I love Glee because it's an endless source of joy. How indeed could Glee be the same again? Now, there will never be more Finn Hudson. There will never be no more songs sung by Finn Hudson. There will never be more backstage interviews with Cory. Now, whenever I watch Glee, be it season one or five or eight, I will always know and remember that once a person died when he was only 31, for a stupid, stupid reason, leaving behind friends, family, colleagues, a girlfriend, and lots of fans who looked up to him. How's that for a source of joy... Is Glee now ruined?

I've been watching season one of Glee this past week. On the Sunday when I heard the news I watched the Pilot, and, indeed, it felt weird. The thought that Finn was now gone, that Cory no more existed, that Lea was at that moment living through a horrible nightmare although on screen they were just meeting for the first time, it was all too weird. Now, it's been a week, I'm halfway through the season, and it's beginning to feel more normal. I guess a week's worth of time has worked its magic, and the healing has begun. Sure, I keep tearing up in random places, like in the middle of Papa Don't Preach, just because I happened to think about how there will never be a Finchel wedding, and so eventually they'll have to create a new serious love interest for Rachel. But even if I cried more often than usually, I still found myself enjoying the musical numbers, fangirling when thinking about how next season Blaine will show up and save the sad little puppy that season-one-Kurt is, laughing at Sue's old school insults and fast-forwarding over boring Terri scenes. Like it was just the same as before.

It is sad, so sad and so stupid that Cory died. But we'll still always have Jessie's Girl. We'll have the moment in Quinn's bathroom when Finn is doing silly ninja moves in front of the mirror. We'll have his contribution in all three versions of Don't Stop Believin'. We'll have Finn as Brad in Rocky Horror, and we'll have him as Kurt in Tina's reverse-fantasy in Props. We'll have Finn uniting the Glee club in Don't Dream It's Over. In October, we'll have a tribute episode for Finn, and we'll get to properly say our goodbyes to the character and also to Cory. We'll cry our eyes out, but we'll have closure, and I know it'll feel good. I know letting the character die is the right thing to do, and I trust they'll do it right, in a Glee kind of way.

Perhaps Glee won't ever be exactly the same, but it will still make me feel good. "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened", they say, and although it's an absurdly tall order, I'm choosing to follow the wonderfully cheesy proverb, and try to concentrate on appreciating what Cory gave us via Glee, and also what he got for himself out of Glee. I'll finish this post and I'll watch another episode before going to bed, and I'll probably cry, but I'll also get further confirmation that Glee will always be a source of joy, which is a wonderful thing to have been a part of, and a wonderful legacy.

"C'mon, give me a hug before I go."

Apr 13, 2013

4x18 Shooting Star / ?

I don't know what to say about this week. I'm not writing the usual long, rambling post, because 1) I don't have the time and 2) this was not just another episode. I don't know if it was good or not, but it was definitely the scariest episode in the history of Glee. And not just Glee, on TV in general. Glee surprises you once in a while by being uncharacteristically gloomy; there was Burt's heart attack, then Dave's attempted suicide and Quinn's car crash, but this was something new. I was genuinely scared. And it always comes out of nowhere with Glee. Now more than ever before. I just kept thinking WHAT. WHAT IS GOING ON, this is not Glee. One moment I'm watching a serenade to a cat and thinking, oh god I knew it, this is one of those episodes, and the next it's like some living nightmare and I'm thinking, what the hell is this show I'm watching.

I'm kind of confused right now. I could bitch about the usual things: that the new kids are boring (even Jake because he didn't dance this week), that the Ryder/mystery girl storyline is a shouldn't be the center of an episode like this (because I don't care about him enough and I just know the Katie person will be someone bring and obvious in the end) (unless they reveal it's actually the bass player with the bowl cut or Brad the piano man), that everyone else but Blaine got a nice, emotional moment with Artie's camera (Because I'm a hardcore Klainer and I always look for ways to include Klaine, I found this an enormous waste of a perfect trigger for the final Klaine reunion: They should've made Blaine the center of the story, instead of that stupid Ryder no one (=me) cares about), and so on. But let that be it. I'm confused and I don't know what I think about the episode besides those secondary little details I just happen to cling to. I don't feel like bitching about Schuester, though. In fact, I'd like to apologize to you, Mr Schue, for all the things I've said about you these past seasons. You're a great teacher. And please do rap again.

Obviously that one 10-minute sequence was one of the best Glee has ever done, because it was so different and unexpected and it felt wrong that our cheery Glee universe should suffer for the madness of the real world. Heather Morris did her best acting ever, easily, no doubt. Just thinking about poor Brittany sobbing in that toilet is chilling. Most of the stuff before and after that sequence was kind of messy and all over the place, and 'aaaagh, just let me be a writer on Glee, I'd do it so much better'. I think. I'll need to watch the episode again, concentrating on something else besides 'what the hell, what is going on'.

The Becky thing was obvious from the moment Sue "confessed", but still I think it was a pretty cool turn of events for the character of Sue. Hope she'll be back. She has to, of course.

I have a nasty feeling they will brush this whole thing off like they always do, maybe mentioning it once or twice in the next episode, and then forgetting all about it. I hope not. But anyway, there are only four episodes left, which probably means they'll lose regionals, right? It would serve them right. I'm still a little offended that we were supposed to believe that the Warblers need drugs to be as awesome as they are. Bull! Well, anyway, they'll need a few episodes for all the graduation stuff, so no time for nationals, I assume. So weird the season is almost over. What the hell? Really.

By the way. The pun in the title... Oh, come on. Am I allowed to say I think it's cool? I'm not sure.

I feel so weird. Glee has left me feeling a large number of different feelings in the past, but this is a new one. Well, it's school shootings, and school shootings are one of the scariest things I know. I need a distraction. Glee is my go-to distraction, my guaranteed pick-me-up... so what now? What I'm saying is that I love Glee, because it's an endless source of joy for me, and (even though I completely support the message they're trying to get across (get those laws in order, people, damn it!)), now that they mixed that joyful world with an endless source of anxiety, it feels different, less like innocent, pure fun and more like imperfect, unpredictable reality. Did they just ruin Glee for me? For tonight, I think they did.

I'll finish now, even though this is a inadequate post and it doesn't say enough. Maybe I'll watch the episode again and write more then. But now I need to go to sleep, because tomorrow I need to get my Bachelor's thesis ready, and pack and prepare for crossing the Atlantic again on Sunday. I need to get this taste out of my mouth before that. Ugh, why do I have to feel so much. These damn TV shows and this stupid world, one of these days I'll need therapy, I swear.

"It's a different world from when you and I started teaching. Or rather, when I started teaching and you started doing whatever it is that you do."

Apr 11, 2013

4x17 Guilty Pleasures / mine: Glee

It's not that I feel guilty getting so much pleasure out of Glee. But you know. It's kind of a guilty pleasure. Many of my pleasures would be considered 'guilty' by a good majority of people, anyway.

Main points this week: Wannabe is officially the worst Spice Girls song. Blaine's hair is incredibly adorable. I  found myself liking one of the new kids. And falling in love all the way with one of the old ones.

So, let's go! What's everyone's guilty pleasure?


Sam's: creepy macaroni art
Blaine's: Blam

Blaine finds out that Sam's been stealing pasta from the cafeteria. He thinks his family is starving, because hunger is a big problem in the country. Like obesity. It doesn't make sense to me, either. That's not the case, however. The case is that Sam likes making portraits of people. Out of macaroni. I didn't know that's a thing. He's done some cool stuff like Emma Stone. He's also done Kurt. Which is really creepy. Why would he do Emma Stone, LeAnn Rimes and then Kurt? Dude.

Sam wants Blaine to reveals his guilty pleasure in return. Personally, I think that Sam making a pasta picture of Kurt is a million times more embarrassing than Blaine's little secret. But Blaine hesitates, and mumbles and then ends up saying that his guilty pleasure is Wham!, the band. That's ok, because it leads to an awesome musical number later on. Tina stops by and Sam makes fun of Vapo-raping. Haha. Oh, Sam. Oh, Tina. Oh, Blaine. My last sources of joy left in McKinley.

Schuester is sick (hurray!), so Sam and Blaine take over Glee club (hurray, hurray!). The assignment is not 'Songs about sweaters', as Brittany was hoping (right, one more source of joy!). So what is it? The title of the episode gives a small hint.

Later on, Sam gets ready to reveal another deep dark secret that has been troubling his poor soul for years. Blaine, ever assuming the best, is sure this is the moment Sam exists the closet and Blam gets to first base. However, turns out it's not Blaine Sam likes, although it does start with B. It also involves lots of ruffles and frills.

We also see Blaine reading a Goosebumps book. Only thing better would've been him reading an Animorps book. I would've died happy right there. Sam keeps insisting that Blaine should reveal the one true guilty pleasure we all want him to reveal. Blaine acts dumb a little while longer.

Sam's hair is getting out of control again.

Then arrives the last Blam scene of the episode, the climax of this weird, weirdly fun, weirdly fascinating storyline that has been going on since Sadie Hawkins. And it's one sweet climax. Maybe the best climax ever, to a storyline that was this dubious. Sam comes to Blaine and says he knows he's attracted to him, but it's okay, because if he was gay he'd be into himself, too. Basically. And he finds the attention flattering. He's so completely okay and not-weirded-out by it. Oh, Sam. I've never loved Sam like I do in this scene. Maybe when he first arrived and made jokes about balls in Puck's mouth. This Sam, here, now, is pretty much the same Sam we met in the beginning of season two. Wonderfully open, confident, unreserved, not a bit judgemental or prejudiced. This was one of the sweetest scenes all season. I want to hug Sam. I want to hug him long and hard, and then share a nice breath mint afterwards.

I think Blam might be my guilty pleasure, too.

Girls': Spice Girls
Jake's: Browns

Brittany invites Kitty to be a guest in Fondue for Two. We learn that the cat's guilty pleasure is Scientology. Kitty's (and everyone else's) turns out to be Spice Girls. That doesn't count, because everyone loves the Spice Girls, and no one should feel guilty about it. I don't!

Brittany speaks with an adorable Spice Girls accent (also known as British accent). Then they find out that Jake is planning on singing a Chris Brown song. Now THAT'S BAD. They have a heated debate, girls vs. Jake, and I must say I'm feeling what he's saying. No, I can't name any Chris Brown song, let alone one that I like, because every time I've been forced to watch him perform I just feel disgusted by the fact that they allow him to perform, and that some people seem to like it when he does. Still, Jake's arguments are pretty valid, and I don't despise him for liking that douche bag's music, because he feel guilty about it. I almost hoped Jake would've ended up doing one of his songs: then I could've determined whether it's just the person that is so repulsive to me, or if it's the music, too.

Jake ends up doing a Brown song, but not Chris. Tina dresses up like a robot girl, and I'm totally amused, even though I don't get it. She chases Kitty down the hall, which is hilarious. Marley pouts, because apparently no one with the last name Brown is a good enough person in her opinion. Maybe she's just intimidated because her boyfriend just turned out to be the hottest person on the planet, who dances better than everyone on the Warblers combined. (I miss the Warblers.) Then they flirt and share a kiss, and I'm amazed, because for the first time in history I find that I like this couple. At least Jake. Because apparently the dude can dance. Boy, oh boy, he can dance.

Kurt's: adorable pillows
Rachel's: idiots
Santana's: telling the truth about idiots

Kurt has a billion guilty pleasures. Like the boyfriend arm. I don't feel guilty to say I think I want one of those. I wouldn't name it Bruce, though. I might call it Blaine. Or Captain America.

Kurt+Santana+Rachel have some hilarious bathroom interaction. Apparently Brody dumped Rachel, for some mysterious reason he didn't mention. Santana cheers her up in the true Santana way: by mocking Kurt instead. They sneak up on him and find him in bed with Bruce. Gasp! Haha, I love that pillow.

Kurt shares the love by giving his roommates a pillow each (Santana's is a girl). Santana also wants to share, so she breaks the news about Brody to Rachel. She uses a Magic Mike metaphor, and I approve, because that it a great movie and I mean it.

Rachel and Brody have an official break-up scene, which means we probably won't be seeing him around much anymore. That's alright. Then there is a cool break-up song, almost too cool for the couple that was never really that cool.

Afterwards Santana and Kurt are super adorable and they cheer Rachel up. Cue Mamma Mia! If that doesn't cheer a person up, it's a lost case.


Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. For the love of all the pleasure that is guilty, I adore this number! I keep watching it because everyone looks so damn silly and also adorable as hell. I mean, Blaine and Blaine's hair and Blaine's purple shorts and Blaine's orange t-shirt and Blaine's earring. And the dancing. And all things 80's. The band dudes also look way adorable. Bravo!

Copacabana. It's so weird but I love this number! Maybe it's Sam. Maybe it's that weird... piece of clothing he's wearing. Maybe it's the wonderful lyrics and the tragic story they so bluntly tell. Whatever it is, I'm digging it. As the kid's say these days. I don't really what they say.

Against All Odds. Okay. Blaine and a piano can't go wrong. I love Blaine and I kind of love Blam, I guess, but I find it weird that Blaine sings a song like this to Sam. This is the kind of song you sing to your soul mate, who's currently not with you. In other words, this was such terrible waste of a kick-ass oh-my-god-my-heart-hurts Klaine song. It has Klaine written all over it. For Sam, Blaine should've sang a song about attraction, some sexy song about weird feelings you can't act on. I'm sure there are plenty of such songs. So, song was great but context was all wrong. It kind of hurt when Blaine used Kurt and the break-up as a painfully flimsy cover-up. And it was not the right kind of hurt. Boohoo, Glee, don't be so mean.

Wannabe. I'd been looking forward to Glee doing Spice Girls since forever. Why why why why Wannabe? Why not a good, less worn-out Spice Girls song? Why not Spice Up Your Life or Who Do You Think You Are or even Stop? Also, and I mean this in the kindest, least offensive way possible, I don't like Unique as Emma. I was always Emma! I was a better Emma! Marley is a rather good Victoria, and Kitty's not bad, either. But the song, people. Like the DJ at the only club where I sometimes go to dance, Glee doesn't know that Spice Girls do have other songs besides Wannabe.

My Prerogative. Boom. I think I would name my boyfriend pillow Jake, after all. Holy shit.

Creep. This is quite impressive. I don't know crap about music, but I know that Glee covering Radiohead is quite special, and quite a different deal compared to covering Ke$ha or Tom Jones. I'm saying hooray to this cover, though. Really good job, I think. Also, the song reminds of the Social Network trailer. That trailer is so freaking awesome.

Mamma Mia. More adorable Blaine hair, more adorable than ever. Seriously. That hair... I know I use the word 'adorable' way too much in Glee posts, but if anything has ever been adorable, then it's Blaine's hair in this number. This is a very adorable sweet number altogether, especially the New York part. And Kurt tripping on hula hoops. And then Kurt throws the hoop and who catches it if not Blaine... Oh dear, my heart hurts again, but this time it's the right kind of hurt.


"The macaroni really captures him." It's still creepy.

"We both know that blondes have magical powers, like doing the splits or turning Swedish." Just classic Brittany.

"Come on, this is a safe space. We're on the internet."

"You gave my boyfriend pillow a sex change. That's so sweet."

"Like Magic Mike with happy endings for money."

"Frankly, I am an attractive guy and you are into dudes and if you weren't into me I'd probably be pretty offended." Why can't everyone see it like this? Sam, sometimes I want you to have my babies.



The episode seems so bad. I want to be right. Because that stupid Ryder person sings a favorite song of mine and that's not right. I want the episode to suck.

Mar 8, 2013

4x15 Girls (and Boys) on Film / boys (and girls) do Moulin Rouge

Come what may, I will love Klaine until the end of Glee. And probably a little while after that. Also, Santana is great. And it's a shame that English dude is so lovable, 'cause I'd love to hate his guts.

These are the things I gathered from this episode. It was a movie-themed episode, which is great for someone who loves movies, but not so great for someone who doesn't love Tom Cruise. I'm bored with the structure that I usually use to write about episodes, so I'm trying a new one. See? I'll just write random thoughts as they come to me.

Will & Emma & Finn:

Will sulks and misses Emma and watches movies and has gravity-defying dreams. His taste in movies is quite ancient. Then he announces this year's Mash-Off, which is great, because usually they've come earlier in the season, and I was getting worried. Finn refers to Zero Dark Thirty and tells Will to stop moping and take action. Will didn't see that movie, because it was made after the 1950's, so he says no game. I love you, my fifteen years younger teenage BFF, but no game.

Finn takes action, anyway, and with Artie they dress up as gingers and trick Emma's parents into giving them her current coordinates. Emma's dad says it's stupid how the students at McKinley start to think about college only a week before graduation. I don't agree at all.

They get the address, and Finn convinces Will to make his grand romantic gesture. Will is out of original ideas, so he goes all John Hughes on Emma. That's ok, though, Emma is totally into it, because she's seen Say Anything, unlike some people. Huh? What? Who? Anyway. Then Will shoos the kids away, which is rude, after dragging them all the way there just to do a couple of minutes of swaying. But the adults need to talk now. I don't know what they're saying because I don't speak adult, but I love that Emma is wearing that jacket again. She wore it on season 2. Then they get to gay third base, too. (NB! That means they hold hands. God! What were you thinking?? Read on. I sometimes forget you can't read these posts in the same order in which I write them, so some of the jokes might not work like they do in my head.)

After making everyone super angry by declaring that everyone is a winner of the Mash-Off (that WAS lame, right?), Will excuses himself to the privacy of the hallway with Finn. Finn spills the beans about the Emma kiss. It's nicely acted and scripted, so yay for that.

New Yorkers:

It's snowing in NYC which means no one is allowed to step outside. Right? Which is why in Finland, every year from November to April, we don't step outside at all. We eat fir needles and sleep until the snow melts, and then we are awakened to the spring as we hear the familiar harmonica tune. No, wait, that's Moomindale, not Finland. Anyway. I wish I lived in Moomindale so I wouldn't have to live with all the slush. Anyway. Back to New York.

Santana is moping because she's trapped indoors with some NYADA nerds. The English dude, whose name I can't remember and can't bother to check right now even though I should, is doing some Downton Abbey impersonations, which I find amusing, and I don't even watch Downton Abbey. I should, I know. Anyway, Santana is not amused by the adorable English accent. For your information, I just tried googling 'glee english guy', but I didn't find the name, damn it. But I found out that the actor was in season two of Episodes. I don't remember him from it, but it's a brilliant show, so he gets some points for that anyway. But I'm still lacking a name. Ok, I feel stupid now. It's Adam, right. From Adam's Apples. Oh, woman, you amaze me sometimes.

Back to Santana and NYADA nerds and Downton Abbey. Because Santana is bored she starts to bitch around, and cause uncomfortable situations, which isn't good when you're trapped in one room until further notice. She's awesome for a little while longer, and then Rachel throws a tantrum because she's so stressed out for being pregnant and having a prostitute boyfriend and all that. But Kurt saves the day with Moulin Rouge!, because there is no day that movie couldn't save. Like there's no day the musical number that follows could not save. Oh my god, I mean. Just Can't Get Enough just got knocked down from the stool reserved for my second favorite Klaine duet of all time. And it didn't even have the time to get comfortable.

Santana continues to be both awesome and bitchy (a combination she does best), as Adam - you know, the English guy, whose name is obviously so easy to remember - catches Kurt weeping in the middle of Moulin Rouge!. Silly Kurt, the weeping comes later, you should know that. Santana points out that Kurt and Blaine used to fantasize about singing this song at their wedding. Aww, or what? Then she insults Brody, which is hilarious.

Rachel calls Brody to prove Santana that he is not a drug dealer. She tells him they are watching Moulin Rouge! and Ewan McGregor is about to cry, but he doesn't care. If that means he's not a drug dealer, then at least it means that he sucks.

Then the snow melts, so it's business as usual again. Thus Kurt is making pirouettes. He and what's-his-name-again ADAM have a really sweet and nice chat, and I want to loathe the whole conversation and slap Adam in his Adam's apple or something, but I can't get over how adorable his accent is. Seriously. You truly learn to appreciate British accents only when heard among huge amounts of painfully common American accents. Kurt and Adam take their relationship to the new level, as they hold hands, which is like at least the third base, in Glee's gay couple standards. (See? This is what I was referring to earlier. It's funny if you read this first.) What's their shipping name, by the way? Kadam? Okay, I love that. It's even better than Klaine. It's like a magic word, or a spell, if you put the emphasis on the second syllable. I'm totally turning my coat now. Ka-DAM forever! Ka-DAM rules!

Santana and Rachel have a girl talk. Santana style. So it's actually really awesome. Because she insults Brody first. And then she hugs her. That's why we love Santana, because we know that under all those brilliant, hurtful insults, she really does care. Bless her. Bless her so much!

New kids:

Kitty is pretty funny. But otherwise. Blah. Snoooooore. Oh, oh! Except that Marley is into The Hunger Games. Points for that, sister.


I have a confession, and I realize this probably means I don't get to call myself a film fanatic anymore. I didn't recognize any of these songs, besides the Moulin Rouge! ones. This makes me a bad person, who does not watch enough old movies. I should switch lives with Will Schuester for a week.

You're All the World to Me. I have a feeling this is the first ever Will/Emma duet. Is it not? Is that crazy? I know Brittana fans complain a lot, and Klainers think they have it bad, but those poor, poor Wemma shippers! Really! For 498 musical numbers they waited for a duet. Well, now that they got it, I at least think it's really nice. I always love when they let Emma sing. And I don't mind watching Will dance now that he hasn't been allowed to do that in such a long time. Black and white is nice. I'm just all the time wondering about how they shot that.

Shout. 500! I like that it was Blaine and Brit, and not something predictable like Blaine and... well, Blaine. Haha. I liked the crawling and the dancing on various tables.

Come What May. (I feel I should use a lot of exclamation marks here. Perhaps write the whole thing on CAPSLOCK.) Moulin Rouge! was the first film that I loved, not counting the love that a child has for Disney. I'm talking about the kind of love that a film fanatic has for a film. I've loved many other movies since, some more than Moulin Rouge!, but the Red Mill began it all. Not least because of Ewan McGregor, who was one of the first celebrity crushes I ever had. First, and only ones, really, I don't really do celebrity crushes, they're not my thing. Yeah... So. I was spoiled about Come What May, which is good, for once, because not being prepared for that might have caused some irremediable emotional damage. A bit like the damage that those flashbacks caused me. Flashbacks. A Moulin Rouge! song. Blaine in a suit. Kurt in a suit. Fake snow. Slow-dancing. Slow-hugging. Klaine covering Come What May. I can't even. (I learned that expression on Tumblr, and I think this is an appropriate place to use it.)

Old Time Rock 'n Roll/ Danger Zone. I haven't even seen Risky Business. And I hated Top Gun. But I liked this, anyhow. Blam! My only complaint is that Darren should've been pantless, too. He would've looked adorable. Afterwards Joe is kind of hilarious, quoting Jack Nicholson instead of Tom Cruise. Haha, loser. Like, for example, I am so in the know when it comes to classic macho man movies. Like, you can quote Die Hard to me, and I could totally tell that you are not quoting Rocky or Scarface.

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend/Material Girl. Firstly, could they have chosen any more stereotypical songs and movies for the girls and the boys? Alright, so I have stated in this post that I love Moulin Rouge! and hate everything with Tom Cruise (except for Tropic Thunder, by the way), but if I was given this task, I wouldn't choose any girly songs from some girly movies. I'd  choose something like that really famous song from The Avengers, and the one from The Social Network when there's the rowing race. Now take that, gender stereotypes! Secondly, another song from Moulin Rouge!, yay! Thirdly, everyone looks very beautiful in the designer gowns and Tiffany jewels that they received from their sponsors for this number only. Fourthly, no more Marley/Alex-what's-his-I-mean-her-name duets. Yes, they sound good, but no more! I need at least a five-episode break. Thank you.

In Your Eyes. I'm concentrating on being ashamed for not having seen Say Anything. I'll fix that. Soon.

Unchained Melody. I dozed off in the middle of it, but then I woke up again, and noticed that even though I don't care for the song or the context, it was really nicely done, editing and shooting-wise.

Footloose. I want a pair of those shoes. The red soles are awesome! The choreography is quite awesome, too. I'll give the number four stars, or a strong B+. If only I gave stars, or grades, which I don't.

Yeah, I cropped the Glee Project kid out of the picture. Not a statement, or anything.


"We should do The Artist so we don't have to sing."

Everything Santana says about Brody. I should quote the whole dialogue.

"If I see one more scene of Satine coughing blood into a handkerchief, I'm gonna start coughing blood into a handkerchief."

"You can't handle the truth!"
"That's actually Jack Nicholson, not Tom Cruise."

"She was freaking out about the wedding and going all AC/DC."


I know there will be a N'Sync/Back Street Boys mash-up, and I completely approve.

P.S. My favorite GIF this week:

Feb 20, 2013

4x14 I Do / happy Promiscuity Day!

Silly Love Songs was a very sweet Valentine's Day episode. The season three one was called Heart, I think, and since all I can remember from it is Karofsky's gorilla costume (that was fun, though), I assume it was quite a boring episode. Season four is different. It's not even that romantic. It's plain dirty. Glee has never been this promiscuous. Do I like it? I do!

After the disappointing Sadie Hawkins, the mediocre Naked, and the slightly better but not yet fully satisfying Diva, I Do was an awesome episode, one I will surely re-watch again and again. Only skipping the numbing stuff with the new kids.

What's up:

* Everyone's back in town for Will and Emma's wedding. (Including Will. He could've stayed in D.C. a couple of more months if you ask me...) It's time to say 'I do'! But does she?
* Finn is upset because he kissed Emma. Emma is upset, too. She doesn't even have a proper pamphlet for Finn.
* Jake wants to impress Marley on Valentine's Day, but can only do so with the help of what's-his-name. The dude who I am becoming more and more positive should not have won The Glee Project.
* Speaking of people who should or should not have won the Glee Project... Emma's niece is a cute blond in a wheelchair. Who doesn't date losers in chairs.
* Santana hates weddings and Valentine's Day, and Quinn's new motto is: A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. Wonder what'll happen?
* Blaine and Kurt's new relationship status is: friends with benefits.
* Apparently what happens in Ohio stays in Ohio, so it's okay that everyone is sleeping with their ex-boyfriends, or their friends, or someone they just met. I'm all for it, so yay sluttiness!

What I liked:

+ Emma. I just generally enjoy Emma a lot, and it was nice that her character got a storyline that isn't being happily engaged to Will. Jayma is great, and she did some pretty solid acting (and singing!) in this episode.
+ IT'S ALI! The awesome wheelchair girl from The Glee Project! Oh, Ryan Murphy, you said there would only be one winner on the second season, and I was a fool enough to believe you. But here is Ali and she's awesome and I so very much hope she'll get more episodes! Let her sing! She's so awesome. Here's to hoping this means that the Muslim girl will come along as well... That would be great. I liked her even more than the awesome Ali. Anyway, Ali! Wohoo! Her mean girl bitch mode is hilarious.
+ KLAINE! Ahem. Read on.
+ Becky, literally throwing those rose pedals around.
+ Artie's legendary dance moves.
+ Tina confronting Kurt about how he treats Blaine. I liked it because 1) the storyline where Tina falls for Blaine is completely believable and a long time coming (everyone at McKinley should have a huge crush on Blaine: girls, guys, aliens, everyone), 2) Tina is awesome with her new season four grit, 3) Kurt is kind of right about Tina's crush being a bit creepy, 4) Tina is kind of right about Kurt being insensitive about Blaine, and 5) the dialogue ends in a hilarious comment about Vapo-raping.
+ Sue's wonderfully unromantic speech before she tosses the bucket.
+ Finchel. Did you get that? I said I liked Finchel. The she-loves-me-she-loves-me-not scene was not nearly as agonizing as Finchel scenes tend to be, and I felt their chemistry and wasn't completely disgusted by it. So, yay. Go Finchel. Just don't get back together because I cannot stand all the elaborate French kissing that would follow.
+ Quinntana. I think that's what they're calling it. Or Quintana. Anyway, another turn of events I had not been spoiled about, and thus didn't see coming... until Quinn and Santana sat together at the wedding and moped about Valentine's Day and men. This takes me back to season two finale, to one of the three good moments in the episode I pretend never happened: Santana says she knows a way to cheer Quinn up (meaning a hair cut), and Quinn says thanks but no thanks, I'm not really into that. Haha. I doubt this will be a relationship that will last or grow to be anything more serious, but I must say I like Santana with Quinn more that I liked her with Brit. Anyhow. The Unholy Trinity has reached a new level of unholy-ness. So to speak.
+ I liked the scene after We've Got Tonite that cut from one hotel room to another.
+ Tina+Blaine+Kurt and the conversation about hagdom.
+ One more thing I didn't see coming occurred in the very last minute. Rachel Berry, you did NOT just pee on a stick, stare at a clock counting up to two minutes, and then sit on the toilet seat, looking bewildered! There's no way they'll actually go through another unwanted pregnancy storyline, so we'll see what happens...

What I didn't like:

- Marley and Jake and Ryder and their oh-so-heartbreaking love triangle. Blah. These guys still haven't won me over. And they've had loads of time and possibilities, you know. Bad! Boring! And it takes precious time away from the stuff I want to watch, like slutty Klaine!
- Brad has come crawling back. I like that he's back, of course, but I feel sorry for him. His life is full of Hit-it!s once again.
- Excuse me? Did they just imply that Brody goes around prostituting himself? Ok. Actually, that's fine. Just more promiscuity in this dirty, dirty episode. I knew this guy was no good!

What I loved:

< 3 Ali!

< 3 KLAINE! SLUTTY KLAINE! Haha. I have my incompetent internet to thank for the fact that I wasn't spoiled about this at all. The connection having been down most of the past week, I had only seen the one promo that showed Kurt and Blaine singing together, but I didn't get my hopes up. And anyway, no matter how high I'd gotten my hopes, I still would NOT have expected to get Klaine heatedly making out in the backseat of a car. Out of nowhere. Just, bam. WHAT? This was not the way I expected to see the boys getting together again. But that's just because I thought Fox would never allow showing two gay guys hiding their boners after a make-out session. Haha.

I loved all the other Klaine stuff, too. It was, besides slutty, also a very sweet reunion: like when Blaine said there will be many many more Christmases and Valentine's Days that they spend together, and when they planned on going to movies, just like old times (and Kurt wore that adorable red jumper), and even though Kurt keeps saying they're just friends, we know it won't last long before their relationship status changes back to what it's supposed to be. Not quite yet, though, I hope, because I've found the Klaine stuff is much more exciting and frequent when the two are actually not together.

< 3 Now, kids, take notes. These things should never be taken slightly, and I am not in any way a supporter of promiscuous behavior, but boy, do I just love that the characters that used to be wimpy children with flat hair and high-octave voices are now running around, making out in cars, sneaking into hotel rooms and pulling their partners' ties and shooting seductive glares while buttoning their shirts. Okay, so I'm talking about Kurt here. But the point is, I like that these characters are growing up.

< 3 Slow dancing.


You're All I Need to Get By. So boring not even the amazingly red tuxedos can redeem the number. Just... These new kids. Who cares?

Getting Married Today. Oh my, so much fun! This is why I love Emma! That is some crazy singing. Unnatural, even. Respect, woman; that must have taken some muscle to pull through. Also, Sue gives some hilarious looks.

Just Can't Get Enough. Hated it! Totally hated it! Not at all adorable and hot, and definitely not my favorite Klaine duet since the one and only Baby It's Cold Outside... The flirting has gotten slightly less innocent over time, hasn't it? Geez. Get a room. (And they do.) I also loved, um, hated everyone's distinctive dance routines. I just can't get enough of my favorite TV couple. Plus Tina is hilarious.

We've Got Tonite. Aka Everyone Gets Down And Dirty! Hahaha, oh man, I do enjoy all the promiscuity. The song is a bit bland, but who needs good music when there's SO much foreplay!

Anything Could Happen. Classic Glee! The tradition of these happy, goofy group numbers that finish an episode go all the way back to Don't Stop Believin', and they're (almost) always so good. They make me feel all Glee Glee Glee! If you know what I mean. And why wouldn't you. The balloons are a bit much, but whatever.

Best quotes:

"It wasn't me." Tina about Asian bird flu. Haha, I love Asian jokes.

"Andrew Garfield is nerdy-hot. You are Steven Hawking's younger brother."

"It's just bros helping bros."
"I love it when you talk fratty."

"Tell me that's not Tina again!"

"Don't say that to Will Schuester, he'll have you sing a stripped-down acoustic version of I Will Survive in front of a choir room full of teenagers with meaningful looks on their faces."

"Today is the day we honor St. Valentine, a man publicly beheaded for defying his government, by exchanging candles and chocolates to nonsensically render the objects of our affection more fat and less attractive."

"Did you Vapo-rape my ex-boyfriend? Don't walk away from me, Tina Cohen-Chang!"

"I saw the old legendary chemistry. I saw two soul mates rediscovering each other."


A break! Again! Whaaat? But in the promo for the next episode there's a little bit of Come What May, and holding onto that thought I will suffer through anything.