Feb 20, 2013

4x14 I Do / happy Promiscuity Day!

Silly Love Songs was a very sweet Valentine's Day episode. The season three one was called Heart, I think, and since all I can remember from it is Karofsky's gorilla costume (that was fun, though), I assume it was quite a boring episode. Season four is different. It's not even that romantic. It's plain dirty. Glee has never been this promiscuous. Do I like it? I do!

After the disappointing Sadie Hawkins, the mediocre Naked, and the slightly better but not yet fully satisfying Diva, I Do was an awesome episode, one I will surely re-watch again and again. Only skipping the numbing stuff with the new kids.

What's up:

* Everyone's back in town for Will and Emma's wedding. (Including Will. He could've stayed in D.C. a couple of more months if you ask me...) It's time to say 'I do'! But does she?
* Finn is upset because he kissed Emma. Emma is upset, too. She doesn't even have a proper pamphlet for Finn.
* Jake wants to impress Marley on Valentine's Day, but can only do so with the help of what's-his-name. The dude who I am becoming more and more positive should not have won The Glee Project.
* Speaking of people who should or should not have won the Glee Project... Emma's niece is a cute blond in a wheelchair. Who doesn't date losers in chairs.
* Santana hates weddings and Valentine's Day, and Quinn's new motto is: A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. Wonder what'll happen?
* Blaine and Kurt's new relationship status is: friends with benefits.
* Apparently what happens in Ohio stays in Ohio, so it's okay that everyone is sleeping with their ex-boyfriends, or their friends, or someone they just met. I'm all for it, so yay sluttiness!

What I liked:

+ Emma. I just generally enjoy Emma a lot, and it was nice that her character got a storyline that isn't being happily engaged to Will. Jayma is great, and she did some pretty solid acting (and singing!) in this episode.
+ IT'S ALI! The awesome wheelchair girl from The Glee Project! Oh, Ryan Murphy, you said there would only be one winner on the second season, and I was a fool enough to believe you. But here is Ali and she's awesome and I so very much hope she'll get more episodes! Let her sing! She's so awesome. Here's to hoping this means that the Muslim girl will come along as well... That would be great. I liked her even more than the awesome Ali. Anyway, Ali! Wohoo! Her mean girl bitch mode is hilarious.
+ KLAINE! Ahem. Read on.
+ Becky, literally throwing those rose pedals around.
+ Artie's legendary dance moves.
+ Tina confronting Kurt about how he treats Blaine. I liked it because 1) the storyline where Tina falls for Blaine is completely believable and a long time coming (everyone at McKinley should have a huge crush on Blaine: girls, guys, aliens, everyone), 2) Tina is awesome with her new season four grit, 3) Kurt is kind of right about Tina's crush being a bit creepy, 4) Tina is kind of right about Kurt being insensitive about Blaine, and 5) the dialogue ends in a hilarious comment about Vapo-raping.
+ Sue's wonderfully unromantic speech before she tosses the bucket.
+ Finchel. Did you get that? I said I liked Finchel. The she-loves-me-she-loves-me-not scene was not nearly as agonizing as Finchel scenes tend to be, and I felt their chemistry and wasn't completely disgusted by it. So, yay. Go Finchel. Just don't get back together because I cannot stand all the elaborate French kissing that would follow.
+ Quinntana. I think that's what they're calling it. Or Quintana. Anyway, another turn of events I had not been spoiled about, and thus didn't see coming... until Quinn and Santana sat together at the wedding and moped about Valentine's Day and men. This takes me back to season two finale, to one of the three good moments in the episode I pretend never happened: Santana says she knows a way to cheer Quinn up (meaning a hair cut), and Quinn says thanks but no thanks, I'm not really into that. Haha. I doubt this will be a relationship that will last or grow to be anything more serious, but I must say I like Santana with Quinn more that I liked her with Brit. Anyhow. The Unholy Trinity has reached a new level of unholy-ness. So to speak.
+ I liked the scene after We've Got Tonite that cut from one hotel room to another.
+ Tina+Blaine+Kurt and the conversation about hagdom.
+ One more thing I didn't see coming occurred in the very last minute. Rachel Berry, you did NOT just pee on a stick, stare at a clock counting up to two minutes, and then sit on the toilet seat, looking bewildered! There's no way they'll actually go through another unwanted pregnancy storyline, so we'll see what happens...

What I didn't like:

- Marley and Jake and Ryder and their oh-so-heartbreaking love triangle. Blah. These guys still haven't won me over. And they've had loads of time and possibilities, you know. Bad! Boring! And it takes precious time away from the stuff I want to watch, like slutty Klaine!
- Brad has come crawling back. I like that he's back, of course, but I feel sorry for him. His life is full of Hit-it!s once again.
- Excuse me? Did they just imply that Brody goes around prostituting himself? Ok. Actually, that's fine. Just more promiscuity in this dirty, dirty episode. I knew this guy was no good!

What I loved:

< 3 Ali!

< 3 KLAINE! SLUTTY KLAINE! Haha. I have my incompetent internet to thank for the fact that I wasn't spoiled about this at all. The connection having been down most of the past week, I had only seen the one promo that showed Kurt and Blaine singing together, but I didn't get my hopes up. And anyway, no matter how high I'd gotten my hopes, I still would NOT have expected to get Klaine heatedly making out in the backseat of a car. Out of nowhere. Just, bam. WHAT? This was not the way I expected to see the boys getting together again. But that's just because I thought Fox would never allow showing two gay guys hiding their boners after a make-out session. Haha.

I loved all the other Klaine stuff, too. It was, besides slutty, also a very sweet reunion: like when Blaine said there will be many many more Christmases and Valentine's Days that they spend together, and when they planned on going to movies, just like old times (and Kurt wore that adorable red jumper), and even though Kurt keeps saying they're just friends, we know it won't last long before their relationship status changes back to what it's supposed to be. Not quite yet, though, I hope, because I've found the Klaine stuff is much more exciting and frequent when the two are actually not together.

< 3 Now, kids, take notes. These things should never be taken slightly, and I am not in any way a supporter of promiscuous behavior, but boy, do I just love that the characters that used to be wimpy children with flat hair and high-octave voices are now running around, making out in cars, sneaking into hotel rooms and pulling their partners' ties and shooting seductive glares while buttoning their shirts. Okay, so I'm talking about Kurt here. But the point is, I like that these characters are growing up.

< 3 Slow dancing.


You're All I Need to Get By. So boring not even the amazingly red tuxedos can redeem the number. Just... These new kids. Who cares?

Getting Married Today. Oh my, so much fun! This is why I love Emma! That is some crazy singing. Unnatural, even. Respect, woman; that must have taken some muscle to pull through. Also, Sue gives some hilarious looks.

Just Can't Get Enough. Hated it! Totally hated it! Not at all adorable and hot, and definitely not my favorite Klaine duet since the one and only Baby It's Cold Outside... The flirting has gotten slightly less innocent over time, hasn't it? Geez. Get a room. (And they do.) I also loved, um, hated everyone's distinctive dance routines. I just can't get enough of my favorite TV couple. Plus Tina is hilarious.

We've Got Tonite. Aka Everyone Gets Down And Dirty! Hahaha, oh man, I do enjoy all the promiscuity. The song is a bit bland, but who needs good music when there's SO much foreplay!

Anything Could Happen. Classic Glee! The tradition of these happy, goofy group numbers that finish an episode go all the way back to Don't Stop Believin', and they're (almost) always so good. They make me feel all Glee Glee Glee! If you know what I mean. And why wouldn't you. The balloons are a bit much, but whatever.

Best quotes:

"It wasn't me." Tina about Asian bird flu. Haha, I love Asian jokes.

"Andrew Garfield is nerdy-hot. You are Steven Hawking's younger brother."

"It's just bros helping bros."
"I love it when you talk fratty."

"Tell me that's not Tina again!"

"Don't say that to Will Schuester, he'll have you sing a stripped-down acoustic version of I Will Survive in front of a choir room full of teenagers with meaningful looks on their faces."

"Today is the day we honor St. Valentine, a man publicly beheaded for defying his government, by exchanging candles and chocolates to nonsensically render the objects of our affection more fat and less attractive."

"Did you Vapo-rape my ex-boyfriend? Don't walk away from me, Tina Cohen-Chang!"

"I saw the old legendary chemistry. I saw two soul mates rediscovering each other."


A break! Again! Whaaat? But in the promo for the next episode there's a little bit of Come What May, and holding onto that thought I will suffer through anything.


Reta said...

Olin spoilaantunut Klainesta, mutta olin silti yllättynyt, että se oli päätynyt jaksoon asti ja että se tuli niin jakson alussa. Olin ajatellut jotain loppupuoliskoa jossa häähuuman jälkeen he kiiruhtavat auton takapenkille :D Mutta ei. Parempihan se on näin.

Eeva said...

Olisin halunnut nähdä ilmeeni kun Blainen pää tupsahti ruutuun. :D Tuli niin sanotusti puskista.