Aug 20, 2013

(Some of) My favorite musical numbers from season 4

I began writing this post after Swan Song (4x09), which some might argue is too early for a post like this. (And then I accidentally published the post when it was nothing but a sorry little draft. I'm a technology genius.) I listed 18 numbers that I wanted to be in the final 20. My heart was sorrowful, knowing I'd have to cut so many of them in the end. Unless there would only be two good songs during the rest of the season. And that would not make my heart any less sorrowful.

Turned out there were more than two good songs. In fact, there were quite a few more. This is why you are now looking at a top 25, instead of a top 20. My list, my rules! I'm THIS close to making it a top 30, because the musical numbers have been noticeably good this season. Also, I haven't been writing about the episodes that often (because they have been, again, noticeably varying in quality), so there are many numbers I haven't had the chance to talk about yet.

I put the list together before Cory passed away, and I decided not to tamper with it, even though I kind of wanted to, to honor Finn and Cory. Well, I did move Don't Dream It's Over up quite a bit. But that doesn't count.

If GIFs give you a headache, I'm sorry. They might give me one, too. But they're fun.


Runner-ups: My Prerogative (the dancing...), Beauty School Drop-Out (those heartbreaking looks...), 3 (jamming, Tina sounds great), Let's Have A Kiki (NYC fun), Some Nights (great song), All That Jazz (great Kate), Torn (duet between Rachel and Lea Michele), and a whole bunch of other numbers. I really should've made this a top 50.


25. This is the New Year / Naked

This number would've been perfect had they only filmed Darren from up close, all the time, like in the beginning, because those eyes are so beautiful I want to put them in a jar and keep it next to my bed and stare at them, constantly. I didn't really like this song until quite recently. But now I do, and it's a fun number.

24. Homeward Bound/Home / Thanksgiving

Quinn, Puck, Santana, Mike, Mercedes, Finn. In the auditorium. That's all.

23. Baby Got Back / Sadie Hawkins

Compared to the supermodel "underdogs" of the New Directions, the Adam's Apples actually look like they could be outsiders, which is cool and so refreshing. Except for their supermodel leader, but he doesn't count, right, because he's British and a potential love interest. And Joey Richter doesn't count either.

I've understood that there's been some shady stuff about copyrights of this arrangement that has made many people angry. All that aside, I'm just enjoying the number and the irresistible Adam.

22. Don't Stop Me Now / Diva

Considering all the ingredients, this should've been my favorite number in the history of everything. But, well. It's my 22nd favorite number of the season, anyway. Blaine is freaking hot.

21. Creep / Guilty Pleasures

This is something else, not your typical Glee cover.

20. Mine / The Break Up

It's a bit ironic that I felt for Brittana the most when they broke up. But this is a great song, and like Brittany, it also makes me feel sad.

19. How to Be a Heartbreaker / Feud

First I was a bit shocked when I saw this number. I mean, that's more than a bit questionable context for any song. Prostitution: the Glee edition. Right? The equalist in me is bothered when thinking how they could never do it the other way around: young women throwing themselves at older men for money. Yay, what a great musical number that would be, right, especially when there's that obvious erotic vibe throughout the performance. Still, I can't argue that I don't like this performance. My favorite bit is when they take the elevator up just to dance down the stairs. I really got myself addicted to the original song after I saw this one Glee. And Brody's version is not bad either. Just a tad questionable in the provided context.

18. You Are the Sunshine of My Life / Wonder-ful

This would've probably bored me to death, if sung by anyone else. But it was sung by Kurt, to Burt, so it was nothing less than wonderful.

17. Just Can't Get Enough / I Do

Cute. And I mean, like, dirty cute.

16. Tell Him / Sadie Hawkins

This number wins the award for best choreography of the season. Shared with a Warblers number you'll find when reading on. 

15. Mamma Mia / Guilty Pleasures

Darren's hair. Abba. New York besties. Abba outfits. Kurt throws the hula hoop and Blaine catches it. Darren's hair.

14. I Don't Know How to Love Him / Sadie Hawkins

Back when Sadie Hawkins aired, I didn't expect this number to be among my favorites, come the end of the season. I found it a bit dull, and was first sort of freaked out by Tina's sudden crush on Blaine. Then they very fast grew on me, both the song and the storyline. And, knowing the origins of the song, in this context it makes Blaine Jesus Christ himself. Not a bad parallel, right? Haha. Also, the scene includes very nice slow-motion shots of Blaine's butt. Always a plus.

13. Boys/Boyfriend / Britney 2.0

This is seriously one of my favorite mash-ups, ever. It just works. It's fun and the performance is so boy band. Artie and Blaine make great boy band faces.

12. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go / Guilty Pleasures

This always makes me smile. Blaine and Sam are way adorable. Blam! It is also thanks to this song that I have been going jogging this summer more than ever before. It helped me find a rhythm. 

11. Live While We're Young / Thanksgiving

The first time the Warblers redeemed themselves in my eyes, after the loss of Blaine Anderson. I believe this number was as good as it would have been with Blaine singing lead. Well, almost. That last chorus, the choreography... I'm so addicted to it. I kind of want to learn it and hire 20 people, preferably dashing young men in blazers, to do the number with me. I still find it offensive that Glee wanted me to believe the Warblers need to be on drugs to be this spectacular. Screw you. The Warblers rule, period.

10. It's Time / The New Rachel

The song that should've been You'll Be in My Heart from Tarzan. I still can't listen to it without imagining Blaine singing it to Kurt and bitterly thinking how perfect it would've been. Ah, perfect, perfect indeed... The lyrics, and how it's like made for Darren's voice... Anyway. While I keep fantasizing about what could've been, I need to say a few words about It's Time, which wasn't a bad alternative, I have to admit. Blaine has given spectacular performances in that same milieu before, and this is another one. I love the creativity of it: the cups and skipping the rope. Few people look as good skipping as Blaine does.

9. Don't Dream It's Over / Swan Song

My favorite Glee club group number this season. It's melancholy first, then hopeful. And so cute. Winter clothes and fakesnow and all. For me, this is where Finn peaked as a Glee club leader. He brought everyone together and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This is also what I listened to the most when Cory passed away.

8. The Scientist / The Break Up

A great ending to a great episode. And flashbacks. Flashbacks work every time. Glee has some awesome love stories.

7. Don't Stop Believin' / Sweet Dreams

Oh, dear. Way to make us all feel extremely old, and experience a lot aw-those-were-the-days and omg-everyone's-grown-up feelings. Just watch the Behind the Scenes thingy. (And cry because of Cory and  Lea.) I liked the original version in the Pilot. I liked the Regionals version more. And I think I like this version the most. Like an American Idol judge would say, Rachel made the song her own. Although now that someone mentioned that they should've wrapped the whole series up with this song, by performing it together with everyone at the end of the very last episode, I'm suddenly a bit disappointed that they "wasted" it on Rachel so "early" on. Anyway, Rachel's Journey re-enactment is the first one out of four numbers in the top 7 that hold their high position mostly because of their concepts, packed with unhealthy amounts of nostalgia.

6. Come See About Me / Thanksgiving

Speaking of nostalgia... The Unholy Trinity reunites! This is such a joy to watch. It's the only time on season four when Quinn gets to shine, like really shine, like Say a Little Prayer level of shine. This really makes me miss the old gang and the old Glee, and mourn for the shortage of Quinn in the new Glee. Nostalgia aside, this is a fun number, and the flawless teamwork of the Unholiest of Trinities is obviously charming.

5. Dark Side / Dynamic Duets

It was so wrong, yet so right. Nobody wants to see Blaine leave the New Directions, but the Warbler magic is hard to resist, because yes, Blaine really is in his element as the head of the Dalton a capella group. Seeing him flirt with the Dark Side, blazers and all, is a huge pleasure, as long as we know he'll come back in the end. Sebastian speaks the truth about Blaine: "Flawless."

4. Girl on Fire / Diva

Santana is on fire, and the way she sings the song makes me feel that I'm on fire, too. It's so good, and the most important moment in the story of Santana in season four. I listen to this all the time. Constantly. P.S. That gorgeous pony tail.

3. Come What May / Girls (and Boys) on Film

No need to explain this one, I guess. It's perfection.

2. Teenage Dream / The Break-Up

Well. Duh. I remember the wonderfully confused moment when I first watched the episode and he started to sing this and I hadn't been spoiled and I couldn't believe it, it was almost too good to be true, that Blaine would sing Teenage Dream again. But so he did, and it was spectacular. "I wanna sing a song that is really special to me. This is the song that I sang the first time I ever met the love of my life. So, Kurt, this is for you." It's moments like this that always restore my faith in Glee.

1. Don't Speak / The Break-Up

Let's put aside the fact that Rachel will have to do laundry in the morning, because her pillow case will be seriously black. Don't Speak is my favorite musical number of season four, and it was, once again, an easy choice. It's a fantastic break-up song, the cover is so good, and how they shot the scene is quite brilliant. It's great, it's heartbreaking, it's quality drama. I remember when I first saw the bit where they lay down in their beds and there's the genius split screen, I remember I thought, 'The kids have grown up'. High school problems are long gone (even if one of them still is in high school), and they have to deal with stupid, complicated adult problems now. Finchel became Finn and Rachel, and Klaine became Kurt and Blaine. This was the best of season four.


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Let's Have A Kiki oli yllättävän hyvä ja erikoinen valinta! Siitä on tullut kaveriporukassani välitön tunnelmannostattaja. Joku laittaa sen soimaan, volyymi täysille ja yhtäkkiä kova meno kun osataan sanat ja vähän koreografiaa.

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OHO. Katohan. Ei mun tätä vielä pitänyt julkasta :D Oon painellu taas vähän mitä sattuu...