Apr 11, 2013

4x17 Guilty Pleasures / mine: Glee

It's not that I feel guilty getting so much pleasure out of Glee. But you know. It's kind of a guilty pleasure. Many of my pleasures would be considered 'guilty' by a good majority of people, anyway.

Main points this week: Wannabe is officially the worst Spice Girls song. Blaine's hair is incredibly adorable. I  found myself liking one of the new kids. And falling in love all the way with one of the old ones.

So, let's go! What's everyone's guilty pleasure?


Sam's: creepy macaroni art
Blaine's: Blam

Blaine finds out that Sam's been stealing pasta from the cafeteria. He thinks his family is starving, because hunger is a big problem in the country. Like obesity. It doesn't make sense to me, either. That's not the case, however. The case is that Sam likes making portraits of people. Out of macaroni. I didn't know that's a thing. He's done some cool stuff like Emma Stone. He's also done Kurt. Which is really creepy. Why would he do Emma Stone, LeAnn Rimes and then Kurt? Dude.

Sam wants Blaine to reveals his guilty pleasure in return. Personally, I think that Sam making a pasta picture of Kurt is a million times more embarrassing than Blaine's little secret. But Blaine hesitates, and mumbles and then ends up saying that his guilty pleasure is Wham!, the band. That's ok, because it leads to an awesome musical number later on. Tina stops by and Sam makes fun of Vapo-raping. Haha. Oh, Sam. Oh, Tina. Oh, Blaine. My last sources of joy left in McKinley.

Schuester is sick (hurray!), so Sam and Blaine take over Glee club (hurray, hurray!). The assignment is not 'Songs about sweaters', as Brittany was hoping (right, one more source of joy!). So what is it? The title of the episode gives a small hint.

Later on, Sam gets ready to reveal another deep dark secret that has been troubling his poor soul for years. Blaine, ever assuming the best, is sure this is the moment Sam exists the closet and Blam gets to first base. However, turns out it's not Blaine Sam likes, although it does start with B. It also involves lots of ruffles and frills.

We also see Blaine reading a Goosebumps book. Only thing better would've been him reading an Animorps book. I would've died happy right there. Sam keeps insisting that Blaine should reveal the one true guilty pleasure we all want him to reveal. Blaine acts dumb a little while longer.

Sam's hair is getting out of control again.

Then arrives the last Blam scene of the episode, the climax of this weird, weirdly fun, weirdly fascinating storyline that has been going on since Sadie Hawkins. And it's one sweet climax. Maybe the best climax ever, to a storyline that was this dubious. Sam comes to Blaine and says he knows he's attracted to him, but it's okay, because if he was gay he'd be into himself, too. Basically. And he finds the attention flattering. He's so completely okay and not-weirded-out by it. Oh, Sam. I've never loved Sam like I do in this scene. Maybe when he first arrived and made jokes about balls in Puck's mouth. This Sam, here, now, is pretty much the same Sam we met in the beginning of season two. Wonderfully open, confident, unreserved, not a bit judgemental or prejudiced. This was one of the sweetest scenes all season. I want to hug Sam. I want to hug him long and hard, and then share a nice breath mint afterwards.

I think Blam might be my guilty pleasure, too.

Girls': Spice Girls
Jake's: Browns

Brittany invites Kitty to be a guest in Fondue for Two. We learn that the cat's guilty pleasure is Scientology. Kitty's (and everyone else's) turns out to be Spice Girls. That doesn't count, because everyone loves the Spice Girls, and no one should feel guilty about it. I don't!

Brittany speaks with an adorable Spice Girls accent (also known as British accent). Then they find out that Jake is planning on singing a Chris Brown song. Now THAT'S BAD. They have a heated debate, girls vs. Jake, and I must say I'm feeling what he's saying. No, I can't name any Chris Brown song, let alone one that I like, because every time I've been forced to watch him perform I just feel disgusted by the fact that they allow him to perform, and that some people seem to like it when he does. Still, Jake's arguments are pretty valid, and I don't despise him for liking that douche bag's music, because he feel guilty about it. I almost hoped Jake would've ended up doing one of his songs: then I could've determined whether it's just the person that is so repulsive to me, or if it's the music, too.

Jake ends up doing a Brown song, but not Chris. Tina dresses up like a robot girl, and I'm totally amused, even though I don't get it. She chases Kitty down the hall, which is hilarious. Marley pouts, because apparently no one with the last name Brown is a good enough person in her opinion. Maybe she's just intimidated because her boyfriend just turned out to be the hottest person on the planet, who dances better than everyone on the Warblers combined. (I miss the Warblers.) Then they flirt and share a kiss, and I'm amazed, because for the first time in history I find that I like this couple. At least Jake. Because apparently the dude can dance. Boy, oh boy, he can dance.

Kurt's: adorable pillows
Rachel's: idiots
Santana's: telling the truth about idiots

Kurt has a billion guilty pleasures. Like the boyfriend arm. I don't feel guilty to say I think I want one of those. I wouldn't name it Bruce, though. I might call it Blaine. Or Captain America.

Kurt+Santana+Rachel have some hilarious bathroom interaction. Apparently Brody dumped Rachel, for some mysterious reason he didn't mention. Santana cheers her up in the true Santana way: by mocking Kurt instead. They sneak up on him and find him in bed with Bruce. Gasp! Haha, I love that pillow.

Kurt shares the love by giving his roommates a pillow each (Santana's is a girl). Santana also wants to share, so she breaks the news about Brody to Rachel. She uses a Magic Mike metaphor, and I approve, because that it a great movie and I mean it.

Rachel and Brody have an official break-up scene, which means we probably won't be seeing him around much anymore. That's alright. Then there is a cool break-up song, almost too cool for the couple that was never really that cool.

Afterwards Santana and Kurt are super adorable and they cheer Rachel up. Cue Mamma Mia! If that doesn't cheer a person up, it's a lost case.


Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. For the love of all the pleasure that is guilty, I adore this number! I keep watching it because everyone looks so damn silly and also adorable as hell. I mean, Blaine and Blaine's hair and Blaine's purple shorts and Blaine's orange t-shirt and Blaine's earring. And the dancing. And all things 80's. The band dudes also look way adorable. Bravo!

Copacabana. It's so weird but I love this number! Maybe it's Sam. Maybe it's that weird... piece of clothing he's wearing. Maybe it's the wonderful lyrics and the tragic story they so bluntly tell. Whatever it is, I'm digging it. As the kid's say these days. I don't really what they say.

Against All Odds. Okay. Blaine and a piano can't go wrong. I love Blaine and I kind of love Blam, I guess, but I find it weird that Blaine sings a song like this to Sam. This is the kind of song you sing to your soul mate, who's currently not with you. In other words, this was such terrible waste of a kick-ass oh-my-god-my-heart-hurts Klaine song. It has Klaine written all over it. For Sam, Blaine should've sang a song about attraction, some sexy song about weird feelings you can't act on. I'm sure there are plenty of such songs. So, song was great but context was all wrong. It kind of hurt when Blaine used Kurt and the break-up as a painfully flimsy cover-up. And it was not the right kind of hurt. Boohoo, Glee, don't be so mean.

Wannabe. I'd been looking forward to Glee doing Spice Girls since forever. Why why why why Wannabe? Why not a good, less worn-out Spice Girls song? Why not Spice Up Your Life or Who Do You Think You Are or even Stop? Also, and I mean this in the kindest, least offensive way possible, I don't like Unique as Emma. I was always Emma! I was a better Emma! Marley is a rather good Victoria, and Kitty's not bad, either. But the song, people. Like the DJ at the only club where I sometimes go to dance, Glee doesn't know that Spice Girls do have other songs besides Wannabe.

My Prerogative. Boom. I think I would name my boyfriend pillow Jake, after all. Holy shit.

Creep. This is quite impressive. I don't know crap about music, but I know that Glee covering Radiohead is quite special, and quite a different deal compared to covering Ke$ha or Tom Jones. I'm saying hooray to this cover, though. Really good job, I think. Also, the song reminds of the Social Network trailer. That trailer is so freaking awesome.

Mamma Mia. More adorable Blaine hair, more adorable than ever. Seriously. That hair... I know I use the word 'adorable' way too much in Glee posts, but if anything has ever been adorable, then it's Blaine's hair in this number. This is a very adorable sweet number altogether, especially the New York part. And Kurt tripping on hula hoops. And then Kurt throws the hoop and who catches it if not Blaine... Oh dear, my heart hurts again, but this time it's the right kind of hurt.


"The macaroni really captures him." It's still creepy.

"We both know that blondes have magical powers, like doing the splits or turning Swedish." Just classic Brittany.

"Come on, this is a safe space. We're on the internet."

"You gave my boyfriend pillow a sex change. That's so sweet."

"Like Magic Mike with happy endings for money."

"Frankly, I am an attractive guy and you are into dudes and if you weren't into me I'd probably be pretty offended." Why can't everyone see it like this? Sam, sometimes I want you to have my babies.



The episode seems so bad. I want to be right. Because that stupid Ryder person sings a favorite song of mine and that's not right. I want the episode to suck.

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