Apr 13, 2013

4x18 Shooting Star / ?

I don't know what to say about this week. I'm not writing the usual long, rambling post, because 1) I don't have the time and 2) this was not just another episode. I don't know if it was good or not, but it was definitely the scariest episode in the history of Glee. And not just Glee, on TV in general. Glee surprises you once in a while by being uncharacteristically gloomy; there was Burt's heart attack, then Dave's attempted suicide and Quinn's car crash, but this was something new. I was genuinely scared. And it always comes out of nowhere with Glee. Now more than ever before. I just kept thinking WHAT. WHAT IS GOING ON, this is not Glee. One moment I'm watching a serenade to a cat and thinking, oh god I knew it, this is one of those episodes, and the next it's like some living nightmare and I'm thinking, what the hell is this show I'm watching.

I'm kind of confused right now. I could bitch about the usual things: that the new kids are boring (even Jake because he didn't dance this week), that the Ryder/mystery girl storyline is a shouldn't be the center of an episode like this (because I don't care about him enough and I just know the Katie person will be someone bring and obvious in the end) (unless they reveal it's actually the bass player with the bowl cut or Brad the piano man), that everyone else but Blaine got a nice, emotional moment with Artie's camera (Because I'm a hardcore Klainer and I always look for ways to include Klaine, I found this an enormous waste of a perfect trigger for the final Klaine reunion: They should've made Blaine the center of the story, instead of that stupid Ryder no one (=me) cares about), and so on. But let that be it. I'm confused and I don't know what I think about the episode besides those secondary little details I just happen to cling to. I don't feel like bitching about Schuester, though. In fact, I'd like to apologize to you, Mr Schue, for all the things I've said about you these past seasons. You're a great teacher. And please do rap again.

Obviously that one 10-minute sequence was one of the best Glee has ever done, because it was so different and unexpected and it felt wrong that our cheery Glee universe should suffer for the madness of the real world. Heather Morris did her best acting ever, easily, no doubt. Just thinking about poor Brittany sobbing in that toilet is chilling. Most of the stuff before and after that sequence was kind of messy and all over the place, and 'aaaagh, just let me be a writer on Glee, I'd do it so much better'. I think. I'll need to watch the episode again, concentrating on something else besides 'what the hell, what is going on'.

The Becky thing was obvious from the moment Sue "confessed", but still I think it was a pretty cool turn of events for the character of Sue. Hope she'll be back. She has to, of course.

I have a nasty feeling they will brush this whole thing off like they always do, maybe mentioning it once or twice in the next episode, and then forgetting all about it. I hope not. But anyway, there are only four episodes left, which probably means they'll lose regionals, right? It would serve them right. I'm still a little offended that we were supposed to believe that the Warblers need drugs to be as awesome as they are. Bull! Well, anyway, they'll need a few episodes for all the graduation stuff, so no time for nationals, I assume. So weird the season is almost over. What the hell? Really.

By the way. The pun in the title... Oh, come on. Am I allowed to say I think it's cool? I'm not sure.

I feel so weird. Glee has left me feeling a large number of different feelings in the past, but this is a new one. Well, it's school shootings, and school shootings are one of the scariest things I know. I need a distraction. Glee is my go-to distraction, my guaranteed pick-me-up... so what now? What I'm saying is that I love Glee, because it's an endless source of joy for me, and (even though I completely support the message they're trying to get across (get those laws in order, people, damn it!)), now that they mixed that joyful world with an endless source of anxiety, it feels different, less like innocent, pure fun and more like imperfect, unpredictable reality. Did they just ruin Glee for me? For tonight, I think they did.

I'll finish now, even though this is a inadequate post and it doesn't say enough. Maybe I'll watch the episode again and write more then. But now I need to go to sleep, because tomorrow I need to get my Bachelor's thesis ready, and pack and prepare for crossing the Atlantic again on Sunday. I need to get this taste out of my mouth before that. Ugh, why do I have to feel so much. These damn TV shows and this stupid world, one of these days I'll need therapy, I swear.

"It's a different world from when you and I started teaching. Or rather, when I started teaching and you started doing whatever it is that you do."

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Reta said...

Oon niin iloinen, etten ollut spoilaantunut! Aattelin eka että voi ei, onko tää taas sellainen laimea jakso jossa kuullaan kiusallisia tunnustuksia jotka saavat katsojan kiemurtelemaan epämukavasti tuolissaan mutta yhtäkkiä ihan puun takaa kuului ammuntaa.

Tuli kyllä vähän sellainen olo, että tällä tapahtumalla käsikirjoittajat saivat vihdoin tiimin ryhmäytymään, siinä kun on koko kauden ajan ollut vähän ongelmaia.

Kuulemma jaksossa oli ollut varoitus ennen kun se näkyi. Esim On My Way -jaksossa ei ollut varoitusta.