Sep 28, 2013

5x01 Love, Love, Love / all you need is Klaine

Got to get Glee back into my life! Time flies for an Erasmus student, so this wonderful day arrived sooner than I expected when bidding my farewell to Glee in May. A Beatles tribute had been a long time coming, and at least this first part was just as amazing as a Beatles tribute should be. Mostly because of ALL THE KLAINE but other reasons too. KLAINE THOUGH. It is such a beautiful day.


I thought the beginning of the episode was lovely. A very appropriate way to start the season after Cory's death. It was subtle, yet emotional, and it reinforced my trust that the tribute episode will be done right. When she walks past Sardis and sings 'why he had to go'... I also enjoyed Ioan Gruffudd. You know, I was a big fan of Lancelot back in 2004. Even Daddy Cullen was kind of fun.

Artie has a new haircut, finally! And surprisingly enough, I like him and Kitty. The surprise is that I like Kitty. A new kid. Yeah, still newbies for me, all of them. Luckily there's no other newbie storylines in the episode! Hide Your Love Away was really nice, though. So freaking charming, as Santana would say. And Kitty was very sweet and humane.

I have watched Got to Get You into My Life at least twenty times today. Can't get enough of it! Such a good cover, they sound so great, and they are so beautiful together. The sunglasses. The flirty, goofy dancing. The kiss. The hungry, bodies-slamming-together, please-take-me-now kind of kiss. I am so happy. I need to watch it again.

Figgins, my idol. "I go to church every Sunday, for God's sake!"

Sam! Sam Sam Sam. I love you Sam, even though your hair is totally out of control again. And I still love Blam. Blam is so sweet. Loved how Sam slapped Blaine is the ass and then went on about gay marriage.

Tina! Tina Tina Tina. First, I WANT her dress, the one with the read bottom and stripes. WANT IT. GIVE ME. Also, "Are you crazy, are you insane, good God, have you lost your mind?" Hahaha. 

"Oh God, it's those McKinley nerds."

Sebastian has a new haircut, too. Now he looks even less evil.

I also like Santana and Rachel, the singing waitresses. A Hard Day's Night was SO GOOD! So good.

"Yes, Memoirs of a lame Geisha."

The whole 'Tina has become angry and bitter and she needs help' thing was the only subplot in the episode that seemed loose and random. But I still liked it, because it was about Tina. And there was a hilarious scene where the guys were distracted by chocolate cake, and then Blaine talked in a Paul accent. Loved it. But I don't approve damn Ryder as Ringo. Love Ringo, don't love Ryder.

Brittany is gone. That's weird.

Kurt and Burt in the car! I could watch those two talk for hours. Burt is wearing the rainbow pin.

ALL YOU NEED IS BLAINE UM SORRY LOVE. The proposal was so cheesy but so perfect! A hundred times better than Will's proposal to Emma, because Blaine's didn't include anyone walking on water. How about the fact that Kurt knew Blaine would propose? How about when Kurt said Blaine makes him feel safe? How about the fact that they went to The Spot at the staircase? How about Blaine's perfect speech? How about 'our hand were meant to hold each other'? How about 'all I've ever wanted to do is spend my life loving you'? How about how Kurt just breathes out 'Yeah, yeah'? It's fucking true love! Kurt and Blaine are perfect, Darren Criss and Chris Colfer are perfect in the way they act Blaine and Kurt, this day has been perfect despite the fact that I'm sick and hung-over, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts! Not even my head, even though it really does hurt. Kurt and Blaine are engaged! Klaine is perfect. I love Glee. All you need is Glee. 

The only thing wrong in the proposal scene was the absence of Finn. It's so freaking sad.


I hope the whole season five won't be as good as the first episode, because I will spend the whole year inside, rewatching episodes, rewatching Got to Get You into My Life, and being happy for Kurt and drooling at Blaine. Do you remember when we first met Kurt in the Pilot and he was being thrown into a dumpster? I love, love, love this show.

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