Mar 22, 2015


A few weeks back I was going through my old posts when writing the Klaine wedding thing. It actually felt really familiar and comfortable and fun to be writing about Glee again. Just like old times! There was a deadline the next day, and once again Glee clashed with my school work! Thank you, Glee! I sort of gave the image in the text that I am super changed and super normal and mature now, and enjoy wine and cheese and opera, and perhaps have taken interest in 16th century German art, as well as become very knowledgeable about quantum physics. Well, as someone who just watched seven seasons of America's Next Top Model in the past month, I feel a bit like a fraud. Don't worry, world. It's still me. And back for one more post. About me. Had to be done.

I started watching Glee in early 2010. I assumed it would be an annoying series, but I had too much free time so gave it a try, and by 1x04 Preggers, and Kurt's Single Ladies epoch, I saw this would actually be something I would enjoy. Push It was cool, too. Season 1 was a very pleasant experience, and I adored Kurt.

However, it wasn't until season 2, as I was looking for something to fill the gaping hole that Lost ending left in me, that Glee won me over completely. Blaine came along in 2x06 Never Been Kissed, one of the episodes I've rewatched again, again, and again. Around the same time I started blogging about Glee, and wrote the first episode analysis on 2x08 Furt. I kept listening on Glee covers on constant repeat, I watched Never Been Kissed, Duets, Born This Way and Original Song over and over again, I went to the Glee concert in London, and listened to Somewhere Only We Know for the hundredth time. I even suffered through Sam's Justin Bieber phase, A Night of Neglect aka the most boring episode ever, and even New York, New York, aka the biggest failure at everything. I thought Klaine was the model of the most perfect relationship imaginable, Heather Morris was one hot mama and Darren Criss was to die for. Chris Colfer was my spirit animal, and I was so proud when he won that Golden Globe. I wore my 'I'm with stoopid' shirt and even the thought of Glee made my day happier.

Years passed, seasons passed, I kept watching and listening, and listening more. Even though my passion towards Glee peaked around the second season, and I kept freaking out over Klaine, and my MP3 was still full of Glee covers. Season 3 was full of disappointments, like the time Ricky Martin was guest-starring, when Schuester sang Kiss by Prince and walked on water to propose to Emma, and when they would always show Finchel sticking tongues to each other throats while Klaine would hardly hold hands. Season 4 introduced a set of awful, boring new characters, but at least the old ones were still present after graduation, and the Break-Up episode remains one of the best episodes of Glee ever.

When Cory passed away I grieved along with the fandom, and 5x03 The Quarterback had be weeping all night in the corner of a dirty little club in Ljubljana. I said Glee would never been the same after Cory, and weirdly enough, that seems to have been the case. Through fifth season, I felt less and less emotionally connected to the show, and I didn't rewatch episodes or blog about the show, not even when the quality of stories and characters went up again on season 6. You can blame the death of a central character, you can blame the writing that got tired, you can and you should definitely blame what's-his-face, the new kid, RYDER, omg yes blame Ryder, the worst most annoying useless goddamn character in the history of everything, or you can blame me for getting old and boring and busy. Whatever it was, so it happened that Glee was indeed never the same for me after 5x03, after Finn died.

This morning I watched the last and final episode of Glee, and there will never be a Glee episode again, no more new covers, so I expect my MP3 to get really boring now, because yes, most of the stuff on it is still Glee music. I cried an appropriate amount in appropriate places, but I don't feel empty or broken or overcome by sadness. I'm not even gonna bitch about anything. It was a solid finale, and I am just really glad about the 2009 part, because it actually made me feel at times like it was 2010 again and I was only getting to know these characters, so ignorant about all that the next five years would hold. Walking on water, fake school shootings, awful original songs, a Blurred Lines cover, useless sub-plots that would never go anywhere, and a stupid, rushed, un-climactic Klaine wedding. And - so so so much glee and happiness.

One comment about the final episode, and then we'll close up shop. Let me quote myself once more. I wrote this in a comment, July 22 2013, about a week after Cory's death, when contemplating the future of Glee, and also, the future of Rachel.

Mietin, että voisi olla melko täydellistä jos Jesse olisi se, jonka kanssa Rachel päätyy olemaan sarjan päätteeksi. Hahmoilla on kumminkin historiansa, ja vaikkei Jesse ole aina ollut se mukavin hahmo, hänellä on aina ollut erityinen yhteys Rachelin kanssa, ja voisin kuvitella, että he löytäisivät toisensa New Yorkissa, jossain vaiheessa ennen sarjan loppua. Parasta tässä on se, että Jessen näyttelijähän on Lean hyvä ystävä. It kind of fits. Onhan se ennenaikaista ajatella tätä, mutta ajatus on nyt päässäni ja toivon että se toteutuisi!

Can I have a moment of smug, and just say... Called it!!! And happy about it. It's how it's supposed to be.

By its very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy, and that is what I have been doing for the past five years. Glee was a great show. Sometimes it sucked and sometimes I was just embarrassed for it, but overall, there will never be anything like Glee was to me. 

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